Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Whew! Busy weekend! I am so not used to it!
Friday night, we all went to the Varsity Football game at Will's high school, fully expecting to just watch the game with the rest of the Freshman parents... just there to show support...
and Lo and behold!!!
WILL GOT TO PLAY! He didn't tell us! We knew he was dressing out, just so the team looked bigger and formidable, and we thought it was all for show... but then, in Half time,
we noticed Will being prepped for play!
It was soo exciting!
The Team won 60-22 and Will ran like the wind and sacked the Quarterback!
It was such fun!
We had the band, cheerleaders, announcers, mascot, and the whole enchilada there.
For JV games, we don't get all those perks.
It was very cool. Very, Very cool.
The next day, we had to move our money from our accounts with failing banks, to other banks that aren't stupid, in between soccer games and my Pampered Chef show in Chino Hills.
That feat was such fun! NOT!
Then we rented movies and vegged in front of the boob tube.
Love Guru was really dumb, and BabyMama was hilarious.
Today, I had two shows at the same time! I loved it!
One was my Sis in Law Tammie, and the other was Sharon.
They all ate well, ordered well, and hopefully will close quickly and neatly.
Hint, Hint!
My niece Jennifer is signing up to be a consultant in Oct!
She loves to cook and knows a lot about my tools already...
so she just has to get on the phone and ask, ask, ask.
Tonight we made homemade pizza. It was yummy and I am exhausted.
Now I get to go do a ton of laundry!
Doesn't my life sound like a dream right out of a Fairy tale?
Yeah, I know... you are jealous of my laundry aren't you?
I get that all the time.
OH! It seems I DID have a witness when the She Devil came a-knocking at my door!
We have a neighbor on our street, who, in the past has not been the kindest gentleman, but kept to himself, kept his lawn perfect, and never made a peep unless someones kid was 50 yards from his lawn. He has since been diagnosed with inoperable Lung Cancer and has recently has a "come to Jesus", and seems to have grown a heart. (We have a colorful neighborhood) Well, he told another neighbor that he saw She Devil marching toward my house, and he kept his ear open on his porch, and he heard every. single. word, she said to me, and wondered what on earth I could have done to deserve that. The other neighbor friend filled him in, and he was disgusted.
And, my next door neighbor found out, having had altercations with the Clueless Wonders in the past, and told Bill that if it EVER happens again, I am to call her immediately. She works from home all day every day. She is NOT GOING TO HAVE IT! she said. They are awful people those Clueless Wonders.
I feel so much better knowing someone has my back on our street. I am home alone a lot.
She says we all have to stick together and make our neighborhood what we want, and I couldn't agree more.
I'm out!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Neighbor Nuisances

What. A. Day.
It's not even over and I am ready for bed.
I will try to tell it all without too much confusion...
but suffice it to say that the "lady" down the street came to my house and threatened me today and threatened my children.
Remember last month when I wrote about the kid that was arrested for being drunk and running up and down the street, and I called the cops?
Well, that wonderful family gave my phone number to the arresting officer as the contact number for the juvenile deliquent.
His Parole Officer called my house today, looking for the Mom.
I gave the PO the grandfather's number, and told the PO to tell the grandfather to tell the Delinquent's Mom not to use my number for anything again.
An hour or so later... she was at my door, pounding in it, ringing my doorbell like crazy.
I saw who it was... took my time and answered the door.
I counted about 30 F bombs in her fantastic speech.
She assumed that I have been the one calling the cops the last 5 times they were there.
I wish I had been the one... but I wasn't. Oh how I WISH it was me.
The last time I called was the big incident in the middle of the night.
So she came over and told me she was gonna get us.
I called the cops, and the cop made me out to be the bad guy. He said he may have to arrest me based on her story if she decided to say that I was the one that threatened her... I was flabbergasted. She came, she threatened, she turned around and left.
I didn't get to speak a word.
I am going in for the restraining order tomorrow.
They are the drug dealers, they are the ones that steal cable, and their neighbors electricity, they are the ones that defecate on their neighbors yards, and dump their trash in the park across the street, and play their music in their cars until our ears bleed, and their kids are the ones with suspended licenses for drunk driving, and 14 yr olds drinking underage.... and I AM THE BAD GUY!?!?
Apparently it is a crime to watch out for our neighbors and try to protect a neighborhood from trash and drugs.
I am just trying to do what is right. Some people in the world are proactive and take an active part in trying to protect what is left of common decency. Others are old and scared and need to be taken care of, and still others claim they hear no evil, see no evil, so there must be no evil.
Whatever... what me and my two neighbors do now, will eventually help future neighbors and all our neighbors kids.
I feel like the cop wanted me to just sit idly by and let her come to my property, and threaten me and my family and just poo poo it away.
No... not gonna do it. I wasn't raised to just pretend nothing happens.
I wasn't raised to "always be nice, and don't cause waves" or to "protect your own, let everyone else fend for themselves". I HATE THAT MENTALITY!
We are all in the world together, and sometimes you have to speak up!
So the officer that made me feel like a felon, just left her house a few minutes ago.
He tried talking to her right after he showed up to get my side... but SHOCKER! She didn't come to the door, for her father in law or the officer!
But she answered the door just now, and she is flailing her arms around and yelling at the cop.
I'm sure I am the one that did all the threatening!
I never got a word in at all!
She yelled, and walked off. I almost laughed at her, but refrained. I went directly to the phone and called the cops, and then called her father in law and let him know what she did.
He just said stuff like
"Oh, I am so sorry that happened." "Oh, she isn't well in the head".
"Oh.. she did?"
He was useless.
He walked over to her (his) house and tried to talk to her, and she played gone.
I feel like there is no help here in our fair city.
If you are drug addict... WELCOME!
If you are good citizen? Hmmm. you look suspicious!
Don't call too much or you will look like the bad guy!
God forbid we get trash out of our little city... but no, I don't think so!
I asked the Grandfather why he doesn't just evict the idiots, and his answer was...
"Well, I would, but then I would have to take care of the kids, and I don't want to do that"
Juuuust perfect.
So now we have to live with the filth because Grandpa doesn't want to take responsibility.
Oh! The future looks so bright for our kids!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My new Game!

I found the MOST awesome site to do stuff with words, and names and just any text!
I put my kids names in, and a bunch of things about them like...
hard working
Why did I repeat Johnathon's name? Because the program used on the site, recognizes important words and makes them bigger the more you use them!
You'll see what I mean when you start playing with it!
It is so easy, its ridiculous!
You can use your own colors, fonts, whatever!
Go try it!
You'll ADORE it!
I am going to make these in frames printed on great paper for Christmas for everyone in my family!
You know how much I adore the written word.
It will do as many words as you wish. Make sure you have nothing else to do for the night, and play! It is awesome! I only allow myself 10 minutes of playtime a day... or I would never leave this computer!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm back from Vegas!

What fun!
We are back!
No, no pictures... I totally forgot to bring my camera.
So all I have are my memories.
We shopped, ate, gossiped, shopped some more, giggled, laughed, just had a wonderful time!
My Mama even had fun!
She was the life of the party!
She took such good care of us!
We met lots of new people, talked to everyone, and fed strangers!
Yes, we fed strangers.
My Mama's Cinnamon cake was the hit of Polo Towers.
My best friend Mari is 40 now, and some guy at the mall just up and kissed her right in the middle of the mall! OUT OF THE BLUE! Then he swing danced with her!
Completely random!
No, I did not plant him there!
I wish I had... he was very cute! but unfortunately, also very drunk.
She did look kinda fabulous that night.
I hadn't driven to Vegas in about 6 years, and it was nice, just being with my Mama on the ride.
We got to bond and talk girl talk and just be.
I forget how much I like my Mama.
I got on her last nerve last night, when I refused to stop talking in a New York Bronx accent, and an old Jewish Mutha accent.
I finally got a giggle out of her, and then I stopped.
She had a blast last night. At dinner, she played one $2 round of Keno and hit 5 out of 6 numbers and won $170 bucks!
Today, we deposited that money at the store Sur La Table!
It was her first time there, and she christened it well.
I came home with 4 huge bags of kitchen goodies.
Yeah, I know... I sell the stuff... but not the stuff I bought!
I can't wait to use it all!
I'll take a picture of all my stuff!
I broke my baby toe this morning, on our way out of our suite. I went to open the door for the bell boy, and hit the couch foot and snap! out went my baby toe.
It hurt so badly I think I cussed in 3 different languages.
This morning the boys had soccer games and they both won, and Will's won his football game on Thursday, and they won on Friday too!
It was a winning weekend all the way around!
Tonight, I heard William on the phone talking to...gulp... GIRLS!
So now the phrase I yell all over the house at random is...
"William... who's your number one girl?" to which he is required to reply..."You!".
Oy vay.
My heart just broke again.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vegas Baby!

I am off to Vegas! for my friend Mari's 40th Birthday Bash!
There are 7 of us girls going, and we are all ready!
I called to confirm our suite in my timeshare and everything is ready!
I've arranged for special treats for each night we are there during turndown service!
My friend Annie had wine glasses engraved to commemorate the occasion.
They say Mari's 4oth Vegas Bash then our individual names on the foot of the glass.
I need to go out and buy a big white T shirt for Mari so we can all decorate it for her, as a night shirt with all our sweet dreams wishes on it.
So naturally, as every woman does before leaving for a couple of days... I am getting more done in 24 hours than I ever have in the last 6 months.
I prepared meals ahead of time, so Bill doesn't have to think, made lunches for the next 2 days,
scrubbed the floors, the toilets, windows, watered the garden, done every single piece of laundry,
packed, and am now getting blogging done for the next couple of days.
Nah... I'll wait to blog when I get home.
I haven't driven to Vegas in years. I usually fly. How long does it take by car?
I'm very impatient.
I'll add more later... my laundry is done.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Manic Monday

Well, right now I am supposed to be at our local Market Night.
Needless to say... if I am typing this... I am not there.
Alex blew chunks in class today, and Daisy is not acting right, so I have 2 sick patients today and I just couldn't leave.
I was all ready to go too.
I sure hope they don't drop me from the roster. Today couldn't be helped.
I asked Alex if he was embarrassed he heaved in the classroom, and in true blue boy form he said "Heck no! They're lucky I got to the trash can in time, I was ready to blow!"
When I asked why they didn't call me he said it was only 2o minutes before carpool and also I'm always saying they can't miss school unless I see them cough up a lung, and he didn't see a lung... so he didn't ask them to call!!
LOL! That kid! It's so true!
I'm not the "Mama, I don't feel well enough to go to school today" pushover.
Show me the lung! Hee hee!
Worst. Mama. Ever.
He is feeling better now. He is helping Daisy push fluids.
She isn't eating, so she needs to stay hydrated.
I'm also not a dog-in-the-house girl, but today, she has been in with me all day.
She hasn't moved.
Poor little girl.
Have any of your seen the Oprah on today?
I am not one of her biggest fans, but as I was looking through the mish mash of all the things taped on my DVR, the internet predator one caught my eye.
I "watched" it while cooking dinner tonight and I was completely astounded at what I heard and saw. Watch it. Not with kids in the room.
It's heart breaking but very important.
My kids have NEVER been able to spend the night at ANYONE'S house, ever (except grandparents) and now my resolve is more so.
Oh. My. God.
I am probably going to remove all pictures of my kids from my blog, and only show feet and hands and the backs of them.
I have already made a rule for myself to be responsible and never post a picture of someone else with out their permission, especially children, but now, I won't be posting anyone else, I don't think.
Watch it and tell me what you think.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dog Day Afternoon

Whew! What a fun, eventful weekend!
We had a very successful soccer game on Saturday for Johnny, he won 5-1!
He made two of the goals himself... so he was beaming!
Then it was off to the Varsity game for ACA at Webb in Claremont.
It was scoreless until the 5th quarter in overtime, and WE WON!
Will dressed in his jersey and supported his team on the sidelines.
It was fun!
AND! as an added bonus, someone recognized me from my other boy's school and we got to talking and she booked a kitchen show! and I never even mentioned I did PC... she asked me if I was the one she sees in carpool all the time with PC on the back of my car! Such fun!
I just love new clients!
Immediately after the game we drove over to Mari's for her 4oth Birthday Bash.
We had a blast!
I was the DJ for the evening... with my little Ipod blaster.
Jack is getting better everyday... but now our dog problem is with Daisy.
This morning, when we woke up and went to feed the dogs, we noticed blood all over the patio floor. We checked the dogs, and Daisy's right leg, her neck and her chest all had gashes in them. Something got to her in the middle of the night.
She was barking incessantly at 6 a.m. and we just shushed her... we were tired from the party the night before, and they bark at every animal, or stranger that comes within 50 feet of our property, so we thought nothing of it, we just wanted her quiet so she wouldn't wake the neighbors.
We felt really badly when we saw the blood.
Bill is awesome with dogs, and he fixed her up, but she is in a lot of pain.
This is the second time I have cried for my dumb dogs this week!
I washed her dog bed, changed her dressing Bill gave her and made her a nice dinner.
She just whimpered. Poor little thing.
Oy! I can't take any more sick or hurt dogs!
Bill thinks a Possum got to her. Or a raccoon. I was thinking coyote, but he said she wouldn't be here at all if a coyote got to her, and neither would Jack.
So tomorrow, she is taking a trip to the vet.
Tomorrow night is also Market Night again!
So, that's where I'll be!
Come see me!
I'm going to go watch a new show called Fringe that I taped.
My hubby is waiting on the couch for me!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Night Football

Friday Night Football is back!!
Just like when I was in Drillteam!
Only now I'm the MAMA!
William started tonight and the team
WON 42-0!!!!
It was beautiful!
William sacked the QB in the first 2 minutes!
He was so fired up!
He got to wear his spirit shirt to school today, and he got his number "68".
It was all very exciting!
He texted me during his bus trip to the game, he was really ready to hit someone and not get into trouble for it.
We celebrated with a dinner out.
It was a great way to spend a beautiful, cool evening out.
Before all that... Mama and I catered the Fohi Football team again.
This time it was Lasagna... miles and miles of lasagna.
I now officially hate lasagna.
We made 12 trays of it.
22 loaves of garlic bread, and 12 pounds of salad.
I'm pooped.
We won't be having pasta for a very, very long time in this house.
So tomorrow its Soccer, and the Varsity Football Game, and my best friend Mari's 40th Birthday Party! Next week I take her and our friends to Vegas for the weekend!
I have some fun surprises planned.
I can't wait to take pictures and post them!
Whoever said "What happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas" wasn't talking to me or my camera!
Sunday, I have a show.
This weekend is full. Yeah!
Have a great one!

I never said I was a photographer...

Last weeks scrimmage. That's him in the middle. Okay. i forgot to turn on the flash. My new camera does it automatically. Maybe I should have forgotten this old camera about 4 years ago?
Yeah... I suck at the aperature thing, Sue me. That's my baby somewhere in there! Tonight is an actual real game. We are playing an all boys Boarding School in Claremont. Yeah, I know... but we have to play schools with the same number of students. The cool thing is, all the boys get lots of playing time, offense AND defense, and there aren't many benchwarmers. Let's hope we pulverize 'em. I am so excited! William just has to ace a vocabulary test, and then we are in football mode! Academics before Athletics... Wish us luck!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I remember 9.11.01

Today brings with it a multitude of memories for we Americans.
Today was a day I held my children tighter and didn't send William to school on 9-11-01.
The only day he has ever missed that wasn't an illness.
I remember waking up, and Bill calling me from a rooftop at John Wayne Airport, asking me to quickly run to the TV and turn it on. He didn't know why all the planes were grounded, the noise was deafening from all the jets, and he needed to have some information so he knew what to do with his crew.
I turned the TV on and fell to my knees.. stunned. Instantly crying, shuddering at the horror.
A plane had flown directly into one of the Twin Towers.
I ate at the Windows on the World restaurant at 107 stories high in August 1990 in the North Tower. I remembered taking the elevators up... up... up... so high my ears popped numerous times.
We were above the clouds.
They were so high, one could never see the top while being at the bottom.
It was like flying... only more serene. No noise.
I remember how quiet and wonderful everything was up there. I remember thinking this must be what being a bird feels like.
I remember seeing the sheer magnitude of how many offices and people worked in these two awe inspiring buildings.
They weren't pretty to look at. Lots of grey and concrete. The windows at the restaurant were long and lean, in between the metal pillars left laying bare at the bottom after the tragedy.
I was at in the Towers prior to the 1993 bombings.
After those bombings, I remembered thinking... "There's no way any of those people knew what was going on down there" It was just so high up.
I could NOT believe I wouldn't be able to take my children to those towers. I couldn't believe a plane took them down. I wanted to believe no one saw the planes coming.
I remember how long a trip it was to get up and down on the elevators. Minutes and minutes, and switching elevators. I was sick to my stomach at the memory of people scrambling to get from one office and building to another, under normal conditions. It was gut wrenching to even fathom what it must have been like on 9/11.
I remember thinking how I understood the peoples decision to jump off the building before it comsumed them. They wanted their lives to end on their own terms. No one was going to take that decision away from them. I remember someone saying at the top of the Empire State Building that if you dropped a dime off the top of it, if it hit the ground it would bore into the concrete a foot down. The towers were so. much. taller.
We've taken our kids to Ground Zero twice.
Twice, they marveled at how... in middle of the extremely chaotic Financial District of Manhattan, everyone speaks in hushed tones at the site, in reverance to those fallen.
Even babies were miraculously quiet... like God spoke to them and asked them to be quieter.
The pace of walking slows, hands are involuntarily raised to mouths in shock.
We saw it raw, with remnants remaining, and the following year, concrete was covering the remnants and progress was made to rebuild.
Names... so many names engraved on metal.
So many pictures of that awful day.
The Fire Station #10 forever immortalized as it was that day.
All my relatives from New York have never been to the site. It is still too raw.
So many different nationalities at the site. Many people praying, many people crying, many people silently cursing.
May today be a way of always reminding us to say I love you, hug tighter, be nicer to one another. Not just those of us here in America, but those that are different from us.
Let's not blame an entire race of people for the actions of a few evil, vile humans.
Love one another.
If we all did that, none of this would ever happen again.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, he's fine! Took Jack to the Vet, got an Xray of his leg and hip, got a cortisone shot, and waited for the results all day.
Dr. Wilds called to tell us what we already knew.
Jack THINKS he's a Doberman.
He's what he calls a "fence runner". And he certainly is.
Jack runs our fence every time a meter reader comes by, and barks and tries to bite any intruder he doesn't recognize. Jack's body isn't made to do that.
Jack's body is made to prance, sit, look adorable and skamper.
But nnnoooo! He lives with us!
Mama is a pitbull, so Jack thinks he has to be too!
We are so relieved he isn't cancerous or arthritic.
He MAY need surgery if the Cortisone shot doesn't help him in the next week.
He is still dragging his entire back of his body. It is so pitiful to watch. Really gut wrenchingly sad. He is so dang adorable!
Daisy was very happy to have her hubby back. She licked his head for a really long time.
It was really sweet.
She is much nicer to Jack than I am to Bill. I should take lessons from my dogs. Ha ha!
William is so happy now. We all are.
We bought some special treats for Jack and Daisy for their ordeal.
New leashes, new cushions, new shampoo... you know... the good stuff.
Dog dilemma over...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Our hearts are breaking.
Jack, our one eyed dog... isn't walking.
We noticed him literally dragging himself by his front paws.
We are taking him to the Vet tomorrow.
He doesn't seem to be in pain.
When we walk up to him, he wags his little tail, tries to lick you, and smiles.
I had to break the news to the boys that we may have to put him down if they can't fix him.
He is truly the sweetest dog I have ever met.
We adopted him with one eye, his previous owner's Pitbull ate his other eye, so he has been through a lot.
Jack came into our family as a "husband" and companion for our girl dog, Daisy.
They actually love each other.
When one of them is at the vet or not feeling well, the other stands vigil.
Once, I had to take Daisy to the vet for her shots and grooming, and Jack stood at the slider, looking into the house, like a stone, did not move, flinch or anything until she came home.
When we bathe her, he paces back and forth breathing in forcefully until we are done.
Then his breathing goes back to normal. When it's his turn for a bath, she just sits patiently by the bucket, licking his face.
If it were a cartoon, you would see little hearts floating up into the air.
William, my big boy, came home, scooped him up, and broke down crying. Jack is his dog.
My heart broke into pieces.
Jack just licked his face, like he was saying it was okay.
I hope we don't have to say goodbye to such a sweet dog.
We'll never be able to find another one like him.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Manic Monday

What a whirlwind of a day!
A lovely friend came over today for lunch.
It was so nice chatting with her!
Thanks Holly, for being such great company!
Then it was off to get the boys...
Homework, soccer... and I decided I would try to bake.
Bad idea.
Oh Bread... yeah, I do that. I tried baking cookies for their lunches.
Who am I kidding!
A baker...I am not!
I abandoned the idea when I learned I didn't have any vanilla in the house.
My Mama is going to have a skin cancer removed from her nose.
Keep her in your prayers please.
So weird. She is NEVER, EVER, EVER in the sun... and she had skin cancer cells.
I used BABY OIL AND OLIVE OIL to sunbathe when I was a teen, and I get my moles checked all the time, with no problems.
Poor thing.
Oh! What am I doing on here! I have Pampered Chef host packets to make!
If any of my hosts are reading this... your host packets are going in the mail tomorrow morning!

My camera was found!!!

I am soooo happy!
They are bringing it to the school today!
I am sooooo thrilled!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

Actually, I brainfaded and forgot it on the bleachers at the scrimmage on Friday Night.
I didn't realize it until today, when I wanted to download my pictures on my Easyshare Docking Station and saw that it wasn't there.
I tore my house up and down... but I really think I just left it sitting on the bleachers.
So stupid.
Thank God I didn't have a bunch of pictures on it. I only had about 10. Since I started blogging, I empty my camera once a week, so I don't have pictures in limbo.
I am going to call Rubidoux High School tomorrow and check and see if anyone turned it in and has a conscience. I don't have much hope... I would like to, but I am just too skeptical for that nonsense.
Sooo, in the face of minor adversity... I bought a brand new camera today. Mine was about 8 years old, and this one has all the bells and whistles of the 21st century.
So it should be here in a day or so.
If I get my old one back... William will take it.
My cut of the catering job my Mom and I did just about covered the expense. I was saving it for the trip to Vegas... but I'll just have to cut something else out.
I still feel sick about leaving that camera. I do not do things like that at all.
I WAS going to post pictures of Will's plays he made and some cute cupcakes my Mom and the boys made on Friday Night... but alas... they are either in Lost & Found or someone else's possession.
Last night we went to the Drive in. I made Meatball Calzones, salad and sandwiches for dinner, and they ate the cupcakes for dessert. We ate behind our car, on a table with chairs all around.
We had a proper dinner at the movies, like we always do. We forgot the tablecloth this time, but we won't forget next time.
We saw Disaster Movie, and The Mummy. Disaster Movie is NOT for kids at all. All those movies are stupid, but this one took the cake.
The Mummy was good. Brendan Frasier is so nice to look at.
At that was our evening.
Quiet, nice, but hot, and me with no clue my camera was missing, totally oblivious to that little factoid.
We'll see what my phone call turns up tomorrow.
Wish me luck.
I'm going to give a $50 reward for the camera... so maybe that will sweeten the deal a little.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scrimmage is not the same as game...

I'm dumb... I didn't know last night was just a scrimmage until we got there...
We did a great job, they never scored on us, and we scored once, but there were 4 teams playing at the same time. Pretty cool, but not a game by any means.
Will got to play 4 times. He held his guy...never let him pass... and apparently that's what he was supposed to do. I... am clueless.
Yesterday was a nonstop day. From 6 am to 10 p.m. it was go, go, go.
I cooked 20 lbs. of pasta yesterday, and make garlic bread out of 25 loaves of bread.
If I see ANY pasta for the next month, I will scream!
The Fohi Football team ate very, very well yesterday!
It was so weird seeing my old High School again. So much has changed! It looks like a prison more than the school I went to. Back in the day, we had no fences, off campus lunch, no security guards... so sad how schools need those things now.
So last night was fun, and exciting, and eye opening. We were the only private school there, and there was some taunting going on... like, behind us, a bunch of kids from one of the other high schools were saying stuff like "Oh Jesus! Save us! Those kids from the other schools are hitting our babies! Jesus save us!" I was pissed. So I slowly turned around, looked the hoodlums in the eyes and said...
"You know... Jesus is the perfect one... I still make mistakes, and occasionally slip up and dish out what is given right back... kindly keep your comments to yourselves or I'll take it up with your parents, whom I am sure never raised you to speak or shout such things in public, and if they did, then they should be slapped and ashamed of themselves."
They promptly moved their little butts away, and shut up after that.
As soon as we got there, two other schools were taunting each other, and a collision took place and 3 kids were taken away by ambulance.
We were incredulous! Totally bewildered! There were parents right there just watching the fighting! So stupid!
Oy! And the language! Girls saying F this and F that like it was the word "the"!
I was very happy about our little school after seeing that.
We were in Rubidoux.
I feel another stupid parents speech coming,... hold me back!
Alex and Johnny both won their soccer games again today. It was hot, but still nice.
They played well.
Will is reffing today as well. I guess he doesn't need sleep.
So tonight, we are off to the Drive In.
Have a great night!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

You know what... I've noticed something to be true in my 40 years on planet Earth.
A while ago, I read a statement that I hoped would ring true in my life, it kind of resonated with me, and ruminated in my mind for a while before I actually had my personal epiphany.
The statement was...
"80% of of everything we worry about, never comes to fruition."
When I first read that I was like... "Yeah, right!"
Because, I am a worrier from waaaaayyyyy back.
So ridiculous!
But recently... I've learned to just let go, and repeat that mantra in my head. Over. and Over. and Over again. (I'm a slow learner).
Lately, I've been worrying whether or not William will burn out with all the practicing, and studying and just everything. You know what? I'm going to let him say when he's had enough.
No, he won't quit... he loves it... but he'll let me know when he needs more time to study, and not have me hound him about going to bed. He's a big boy now...he's doing fine.
He told me the other night that if I worry, it makes him worry... and he isn't worrying.
That told me something.
It told me to just let it go.
He's fine, and he is doing well, and he likes his teachers, and they like him, and he loves his new school and he has all brand new shiny clothes, and he's okay. I have to keep repeating that to myself over... and over.. and over... (remember... I'm a slow learner).
This year is probably the biggest transition I've ever encountered with my boys.
It has really affected me.
I learning to deal with it.. but it is soo very difficult to let go and Let God... so to speak.
I have always been in such control of them and met their needs so quickly, and it is really difficult to let my little birds explore on their own a little more each year.
It's like a little piece of me tears off and withers the more autonomous they become.
God knows I want them to do well on their own... but I feel like just yesterday I was cooing at William and feeding him with a baby spoon... and here he is, about to play his first football game tomorrow night, his voice is as low as Bill's and he is 4 inches taller than me.
I'm. NOT. Ready.
I'm not! I'm not! I'm not! (picture 4 yr old stomping foot here)
My BABY is going to play his FIRST football game tomorrow night!!! HOLY FREAKIN' COW!
Do I need a prescription for Valium?
Hey Adrian... got anymore of those nice nice pills you took for your tonsilectomy?
Put one in an envelope for me? FedEx... please?
Oy Vay!
Wish him luck and send lots and lots and lots of prayers of safety and triumph!
Okay... I feel much better now.
No more worries...
Yeah... who am I kiddin'...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Whatcha doin' Wednesday

mmmmm..... Just got back from my Pedicure, eyebrow mow and fill.
I fell asleep during my pedi. So embarassing, but oh so refreshing.
Then I hit this little hole-in-the-wall cheapo store next door to our Staters, and bought up all their Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf tea they had. That stuff is normally $10 and I got each tin for 99 cents! I think I bought 50 tins, but, now I won't need to buy tea for at least 6 months! Since I drink Iced tea every single day... it was worth it.
My Iced Tea Pot was recently ruined by one of my kids, and I decided not to replace it. I just make the tea by hand in a huge Quick Stir Pitcher and it takes up so much less time, and ice!
My favorite tea right now is the Apricot. It is to die for...really good!
I am having a hard time getting back in to the "homework hell" that is back to school.
Will's schedule is so long and tiring, he is up until midnight doing homework. He goes to school at 7:45 and isn't home until 7:30, then it's dinner, shower, wash his uniform and pads, and hit the books. That kid has absolutely no down time at all.
Kathy, is your son dealing with the same thing?
The only good thing is that he has no time to get into trouble, ask to go to parties, or even slack off. I try to help him as much as I can, as far as getting his uniform and stuff done, but he has to do his homework himself.
(Don't even get me started on Mama's that actually do their kids homework for them! I want to ring their necks!) Yes, it happens an awful lot, too much. You have no idea how many closet
"helper Mama's" that do all their kids term papers, and written homework.
They have no idea how detrimental that will be to their kids down the line. They are clueless.
As long is little Billy gets an "A"!
Bill is supposed to come home today. I'm surprised he isn't home yet.
The week went by really fast.
I leave for Vegas in a couple of weeks for my best friends 40th birthday in my suite!, yahooo!
My Mama is coming too!
It'll be nice to spend some one on one time with her.
Oh... Bill's home... I just heard the garage door go up!
See ya!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School Days... School Days, Good ol'e fashioned rule days!

Johnny... 4th Grade, all of a sudden into Football. I just adore Big Brother Envy!

Alex, 6th Grade, Student Council, informed me his entourage was waiting at school, we needed to hurry up. Ahh, modesty and humility were not in the genes with him!

My Men. Holy Cow! They look so much older!

Doesn't Johnny's football look real? It's a Trompe'lei'l (sp) on a shirt.

So... today was the day! Johnny was so excited he could hardly sleep! He practically leapt out of the car! I came right home and opened a bottle of wine! Kidding! I'm kidding!I spiked mycoffee with Bailey's instead... kidding again!

I don't have any Bailey's.(Note to self... buy Bailey's) Again... kidding.

I baked 3 loaves of bread, cleaned my kitchen, cleaned out the freezer, did 2 loads of laundry,stamped my PC catalogs and am right now sitting here with color on my hair! Life is good! After I lose the ten years my gray hair gives me, I am going to start on a tasting menu for a client. It should be fun, just a tiny portion of everything we will make for their event so they can make suggestions on how they want it prepared.

Well, I need to go "Wash this gray, right outta my hair! Oh Yes, I'll wash this gray right outta my hair!" and be the young girl of 40 again in no time!

Have a lovely day!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day 2008

Happy last day of the summer before school's back in!
My absolute favorite Holiday!
Right this second... I am listening to my least favorite album... maybe you've heard it?
It's called
"Mom, my brother is hitting/touching/looking at/breathing/walking/talking/existing
I just HATE that song!
It's been playing over, and over, and over, and over at our house all summer, and I just can't wait to get rid of it!
Well, 5 seconds after the song plays, the "Sweet laughter of kids playing and having a good time" song gets played too, but not as often as the former song.
I think I would rather listen to sewage seep than listen to that awful song.
But now... my house will be devoid of that song for a heavenly 7 hours a day.
Ah sweet bliss, thy name is school.
My Mom and I have started our own catering company. All the licenses and such are under way. We just got a gig with Fohi to do the boys Football team away games every Friday night!
So exciting!
I have a few other irons in the fire too, so wish us luck!
No, I'm not leaving PC. I could never do that, and I'm pretty busy with it too, but it has become so second nature to me, I needed a little more of a challenge. Something else I can, pardon the pun, sink my teeth into.
Bill has been gone for the past 5 days. We've gotten a lot done. We organized and purged our huge armoire out in the back patio, cleaned the garage, did all the laundry in the house, including all the drapes, bedspreads, rugs, linens, bed pillows etc..., purged the kitchen... again... I just got my shipment of brand new PC tools, and needed to make room...
Tomorrow I will tackle the hall towel closet.
Then I will be ready for fall.
Hey, did I tell you!
I know... I can't believe it!
I still have to pinch myself!
Life is good! Very, very good!
How early do you think is too early to drop the kidlets off at school?
4 a.m. too early?
How about if I drop them off with a breakfast burrito and a pillow at 4 am?
Do I ACTUALLY have to stop the car?
Or can I safely just cruise on in at 10 MPH and yell JUMP!
I know... I know... Worst. Mama. EVER!
I've heard it all before.
Who are we if we don't have our senses of humor!?!
It's the MOST wonderful time.... of the year....