Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mamakat's Writers Workshop

MamaKat's Writers Workshop!
Come play! It's the best!
The prompts
1. If I gave you $400 dollars today, what is ONE thing you would spend it on and why.
2. What are your kids talking about?
3.Tell us about a local news story that's all the buzz right now.
4. Share some blogging advice.
5. Tell us about the time at the playground when that thing happened.
1. I would have to spend the $400 on new shoes for the boys. I am actually gonna have to do it whether MamaKat gives me the $400 bucks or not. These kids KILL me in shoes! KILL ME! They need new shoes every 3 months, like clockwork!
It's the weirdest thing!
For William, we don't even call them shoes anymore... we call them CANOES!
You can literally take a vacation on one of those shoes! They are huge!
I have tried the uber expensive $200 shoes, the ultra cheap shoes, the made of elephant skin shoes (not really), rubber shoes, leather shoes, pleather shoes, EVERYTHING!
It doesn't matter. All the shoes end up holey, blown out messes.
I have tried buying them 3 pairs a piece, to even out the wear... nope... doesn't work.
So, before next week, when Spring Break is over, they will all need new shoes AGAIN!
We just bought some in January!
What else would three boys talk about... baseball and GIRLS!
3. Local news story? I don't watch the news at all. But what I read of the news... our economy is still in the toilet, a young Angels player met an untimely, horrific death, (very, very sad... he was 22)
and our local school district named our new High School a stupid name that needs to get changed... but I am focusing more on getting the drug dealers off my street, I care about the name change, but I care about my kids living in a drug free neighborhood, and being able to walk to the park without having 40 yr old Mom's yell obscenities to me and my kids, while she is high... much, much, much more. Just because you live in a lovely community, doesn't mean drugs don't exist... it just means they can afford more of them.
4. Blogging advice... hmmm... hate word veri, and I don't like it when people have cuss words in their titles.
Because then that cuss word ends up on my blog roll, and I try not to have that on my pages.
In the text of their post is fine... if that floats their boat...but the title should at least stay neutral.
My playground story is way too long.
Now if I'd been asked about Snack Bar Stories... THAT'S an entirely different thing!
More on that on Friday! Sheesh... there are some doozies!


  1. I hate when bloggers put curse words in their titles, too. It's like HELLLLO my mom reads my blog!! She doesn't need to see those words!

  2. I agree on the cussing in the titles. No need for (really not much need for cussing period!)
    My kids need new shoes too, I dread buying them!

    Stopping by from MamaKats.

  3. Love these prompts - and how you answer them! LOL!

    I agree about the swear words in the title - and also - with great gusto - about the word verification... so unnecessary and time-consuming...

  4. So what did they call the high school that needs changing? Hooligan High? ;o)

  5. I wish you could tell us what the name of the high school is but of course, you can't for privacy reasons. Our high school is named something other than the name of our town but I am so grateful. I hate the name of our town.

  6. My kids have the opposite problem. They have the smallest slowest growing feet on the planet. My son had to get the smallest spikes they make to play baseball and they are a little big. Often times, I have to by the same size shoe again because the foot hasn't grown but the shoes have bit the dust.

  7. Visiting from Mama Kats...

    Re: Shoe Problem: Open-toed Crocs. I don't think you can destroy those things if you tried.

    And here's to eliminating word verification!!!

  8. I am not a fan of swearing-
    The shoe thing....It gets WORSE?! I buy way too many for my boys and in one recess, they are ruined!!!!
    Oh boy, I can't wait for the teen years-not!

  9. Oh, I love snack bar stories...bring them on, mama!!
    And I know what you mean about the shoes... I spend too much money every couple of months because they are all growing so fast!! Thank God for Payless and "buy one get one 1/2 off". I dread the day when they get old enough to want name brand stuff...

  10. I feel for ya on the shoes. Now if it was you who got to buy new shoes every three months, then you would be on to something!

  11. Yes, these were good prompts! Sorry about all the shoes!

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  13. You crack me up! You have an adorable family...I (so far) only have 1 boy...funny to read about what I have to look forward to. For sure verify-shmerify has to go!

  14. I hate it when people swear in their titles too. Or in the name of their blogs. But I can't take my faves off the blogroll. I'd miss them all too much!

  15. I'm just starting to learn about boys and shoes. What's with that? Never experienced that with my daughter...

  16. Now I am wondering about the new high school name. Do tell! Let's not even talk about kids shoes right now. I bought Elijah two pair yesterday and after three stores I never found a size 10 shoe for Zay. Tired of searching and trying on!!! Come join in Friday High Five! Topic for you: Top 5 Snack Shack customers I could live


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