Monday, April 27, 2009

Plinky Prompt Tuesday

What's the worst way I've ever dumped or been dumped?
I chose this because I've always kinda felt guilty about the way I treated boys when I was growing up.
I was fickle.
It drove my Mama insane!
She could NOT understand me.
I would pine over a boy, write his name all over my book covers, pass by his classroom so he could see me, find ways to "bump" into him, smile... the whole shebang.
Then... when I found out through the grapevine that he liked me... I was done.
The thrill was gone.
On to my next conquest.
Harmless in the beginning, when I was first starting to notice boys as suitors and was able to actually talk to them without giggling and rushing into my house.
But as I got older, and the boys got more mature and more ready to express themselves with their lips and seemingly other parts of their bodies... I got nervous... but still... I wasn't nice some of the time.
One boy... in particular... I was in 11th grade, so was he. He was a great football player, and I was in the Drillteam. Someone told me he liked me and I decided to give it a shot and see if I could withstand going out with a boy and liking him back for an extended length of time.
He was exceedingly polite, sweet, he drove, was tall, not ravishingly handsome, but cute,
and looked at me like I was the Only Girl in The World. Everyone liked him. He was a good guy.
He found out that I was going to an early morning Swap Meet one Saturday and offered to drive me there and take me shopping. We had fun, flirted, he bought me silly trinkets I touched once,
we shared a shake, and a couple of times we held hands for a few minutes.
He wasn't my first date, but he was a good date.
We talked easily, and he walked me to the door that morning, and leaned in for the kiss.
Ugh! It was AWFUL!
He moved his head in these crazy circles that made his lips slosh all over my mouth.
When we were done kissing, he pulled his head back in this huge, bright smile.
He was giddy.
I knew it wasn't gonna last from that second on.
But did I tell him right away?
That would have been the right thing to do.
I didn't major in 'right thing to do' when I was a teen.
I... did the next best thing on Monday morning at school.
I avoided him.
Like the freaking plague.
Turns out he was waiting for me that Monday Morning all ready to let me wear his letterman jacket, and he had a flower for me.
I parked my car in another parking lot.
I avoided him for 2 days.
Then I got a letter from him.
At the very top, he had written in quotes 'Let the Music Play" by Shannon, my favorite song at the time, and one he had purchased while we shopped and repeatedly played over and over for me on our way home. (I know... I was SUCH a jerk)
The letter was long, and asked what had happened, why I was avoiding him, did he do something wrong, won't I please talk to him...he was falling in love with me... blah, blah, blah.
The love thing threw me. I got mad at that.
How do you love someone after one date! At 16!
He was waiting by my car on day 2.
I couldn't avoid it.
I told him it wasn't going to work out.
No less that 10 people told me how awful I was the next day.
I got "How could you do that to such a nice guy!"
"You do know he is on the football team right?"
His parents did not like me after that... and rightfully so.
I didn't get asked out again by anyone for a long time after that.
Shortly after... my good friend ended up dating him for over a year,
and we became good friends too.
At my 10 year reunion... he came over to me... and whispered "Let the Music Play" in my ear, and flashed me a huge smile. Then he asked to see pictures of my kids, I only had two at the time.. Alex was only 9 weeks old.
I apologized to him that evening.
He told me he appreciated it, and was hoping I would say that someday.
No worries... Karma is a real $&%*#
I got my just desserts a few years later when I was smitten with a long time friend, who had been smitten with me since I was 11. He and I shared a night of making out on my front porch when I was 19. When he left at 3 a.m., I was sure we were an item.
But no... he told me a few days later, on that same porch, that the feelings he had over all these years, that had not been reciprocated... were not there any longer.
I was heart broken.
I deserved it, though.
Last year, his wife and daughter came to a Pampered Chef show at my house.
She had heard all about me.
I don't like it when my reputation preceeds me.
She was a sweetheart.
I have learned my lesson.


  1. I love your stories :) You're a star. And yeah, karma bites :))

  2. I can relate! Loved this post. A kiss means everything, if it isn't in the kiss forget about it.
    There's a boy I used have a great big crush on and we met over the years at parties or get togethers, we never dated but we always made out when we had a chance! The chemistry is still there when we meet, it's like we both start to heat up around each We're both married and feel that what we had was special and we are happy that we still feel that feeling when we meet. We often wonder if we would have that feeling if we had hooked up permanently...probably not!

  3. but... that was really good that you apologized to him, i really dont think many would have... so still, kudos to you!

  4. Isn't it always a chase until you find the right one?

  5. That sounds so familiar. I was a mean girl in my teen years too. Great story.

  6. I was mean as a teen and it hasn't gone away. Great story!

  7. I also broke up with a bad kisser in high school. His MOM called me and begged me not to dump her darling son!!!
    (Even back then, I knew that was some kind of crazy...)

  8. Mmmmm... so when do we get a "how I met my husband" post? Hope I haven't missed it.

  9. At least you ended up better off in the end ;) (we can only assume you married someone with a far better kissing chemistry!) On that same vein, it might not have been karma all along, whatever happened to fate?? :P

  10. Love the Pics of Bill's birthday! Looks like you had a great time. If I see him in the shoes, I will be calling him Captain Neon! Everyone needs a superhero name right?

    Great writing. Fun memories of High School. Aren't you glad it's over? I wouldn't trade now for dating any day of the year. Nice to be more secure with my heart. :oP


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