Monday, April 13, 2009

Money Monday Sorta

Before I start this weeks post... I just want to clear the air.
I, apparently, have been "preaching" to all of you about money.
At least that's what one emailer told me. She said, and I quote. "You think you are so savvy. You think you have it all together. You think you have all the answers.. well, maybe some of us like having Starbucks every day, and maybe some of us feel better about our parenting skills when our kids get to 'buy' their lunch instead of bringing their lunch like a loser, and
and maybe we don't mine spending $1200 a year on eating out, if we can afford it, leave us alone! Not all of us have to be penny pinchers like YOU!"
That was just a smidegeon of the filth she wrote. Then she got personal, and I got pissed.
Well... to you Sarah... yes Sarah... I mentioned your name on my blog... piss me off some more and I'll print your last name and your IP Address. ")
If you get your jollies from overspending money in our current economy, and relate your parenting skills to buying your little darlings lunch, and continue to call other children that bring their lunches to school "losers"... please kindly NEVER READ MY BLOG AGAIN!
You are obviously a child yourself, who can't get passed the fact that other people live on this planet too.
I am merely trying to help others, with the knowledge that I learned from others.
I care about my friends and family, and I want them to be able to live well, and have money later on life... not just right now. Living in the now is what got us all into the mess we are in now...
Time to save for a rainy day...
Sarah... remember to flush twice when you brush your teeth.
So... onward and upward.. shall we?
I don't know about you... but my kids are getting older by the second. My oldest is almost 15, and in 6 months he will be taking drivers ED.
With Driver's Ed, comes INSURANCE...
Have you seen how much boys cost for insurance?
Holy Cow!
I thought private school tuition was a lot!
Living in So Cal is even worse. This place is car central. There are more cars than people in LA county, and one look at our freeways proves it.
We only have 2 drivers in our household, but we own 5 cars and one motorhome. 3 of which are actually on our own property. So, yes, we are part of the problem.
Thank God we don't have to buy William a car. We are going to refurbish my old Bronco. It runs great, but it's mint green, and midnight blue would be more fitting a boy.. don't you think?
So we are shopping around for car insurance that won't take us to the cleaners.
Do you have a soon to be driver in your household?
Are you going to buy him/her a new car? or a used one?
Might I suggest a used one?
Save your money... buy a good, larger, car. It's safer in big cars for teen drivers.
I'd rather pay more for gas, than visit a morgue or a hospital room. No, I am not insinuating that that you can't ever be hurt in a big car... but those really small ones... they scare me. They look like a fender bender could kill someone.
I love the law that states they can't have other passengers in their cars under 25.
Best Law yet.
Spend money on good tires, good engine, and good mirrors and windows. Don't waste money on stereos, seat covers and other unnecessary accessories. Just my opinion... I know you didn't ask... I know...
I am sooooo not looking forward to this new venture.
There are a lot of crazies out there, that don't know how to say when... when it comes to drinking and driving. I just don't get it.
I know... this wasn't much of a Money Monday post.
Sarah, the hag, got me upset... I shouldn't have let her.
I'll block her.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I agree.......what a...ummmm, what's the that I can use.....oh yeah screw-tard. I don't know what's wrong with some of these loose cannon's Italian Mama but this is your forum to speak your mind and I say......
    YAY for you for speaking up for yourself and callin it out. I don't know if "they" realize it but lat time I checked this is America. I, you and anyone else can say anything we like. Perhaps rudie-poo commenter should just move on to another blog and be insulting. Some idiot with a brain like her's will appreciate the aggrevation you know?? Well done girl for standing up for yourself :)
    And moving on.........I love Bronco's and a re-did one would be awesome. My kids got bikes with no helments and I told them they were the corvette of the future........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. I personally love you Money Monday posts and who gives a crap what Sarah thinks. You aren't just writing for her ~ b*@%* ~ there are people in the world that don't like to THROW OUR MONEY AWAY!

  3. Preach it sister!!!
    I hope your looney followers don't follow me! Yikes-they sound unhinged! I appreciate all your advice-everyone has the option to take it, or leave it.
    I love your idea about today and drivers-one to tuck away and pull out in ten years when I have teen drivers.
    We don't have the under 25 law, and we need it. My 17 year old nephew is driving, and texting with friends in the car- and his mom only yells at him...that boy would be having privledges yanked if he was mine...Ugh!

  4. You are savvy and wise. And Hilarious. And Italian. What's not to love?

  5. I'm so sorry the monsters are getting to you too. At least she left her name and it wasn't anonymous.

    Brandon and I have been taking about the car situation a lot! Bronson has wanted a smart car since he first learned they crossed the pond. I think they are adorable and smart, but are they safe? I picture him bulldozed over in one of those. So, I agree with you completely, I will pay more for gas. It's worth the peace of mind. He is getting a Toyota 4-runner, used, but safe!

  6. I have 3 boys, only two are driving right now but even at that...the insurance is CRAZY! We did get a discount though since we went through the same company that has our house insurance.

    Oh, and don't let the Sarah's in the world get under your skin. They are not living in the real world.

  7. What is it with you? You get all the goof-nuts! (Not that I want them.) Seriously, you got some haters. And my kids take they're lunch. You call my kid a loser... I'll call your ass grass! Get a life people. I'll take all the help and tips I can get in this economy. Keep it coming Saundra!

  8. Cute kids, cute blog.
    Who cares what some cretin thinks?
    My kid ate 10 things for about 8 years, of which the school served only 2. My son would've starved if he didn't pack a lunch. He was already a walking stick, why waste my $$ on a plate full of food my kid wouldn't eat?
    You do your thang and let naysayers be damned.

  9. Bugger off, Sarah. I've never understood why people read if they don't like it. Talk about being a loser - torturing yourself?

    Man-Child is getting near driving age, too. He's going to inherit my mammoth SUV, (I know, I know but we already have it!), and I'm going to buy something sleek and sexy to replace it. Maybe I'll run over some trolls...

  10. I do believe you give very sound advice. And even if I didn't believe it I would never admit it for fear of the wrath of one Italian Momma Gone Crazy! What are these hags thinkin' trying to go up against someone as world wise and savvy as you... and if they don't like it so much why do they keep coming back!?!

    Must be your natural magnetism.

    As far as having a driver... I won't for about nine more years. I'm hoping there will be some kind of hover car that runs on spit by then ;-)

  11. oh you guys... you are the very best.

    I am happy that my writing incites such good and bad... the bad suck, but at least it hit a nerve... ya know?

    I wonder if Grisham or Patterson or Rivers ever get hate mail. That would be interesting to hear.. don't you think?

  12. You just keep doin' YOUR thing cos that's why we love you so much xxx

  13. I love having a 10 year old car because it's paid off and we just put PLPD on it so the insurance was as minimal as it can be with a young driver.Doing that saved us over $1000 a year on insurance in our state.

  14. Wow! Does this mean you've 'made it' as a blogger if you have a fanatic after ya? ;o)

    You just keep on keeping on the way you do. We all love ya.


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