Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday's Plinky Prompt

I Loved this one.
Oh... to be a superhero!
Okay... first let me describe my bodacious superhero body...
125 lbs
Strong with Angela Bassett or Michelle Obama arms
Long, thick, jet black curly hair.
(yeah, I know... I sound like Wonder Woman)
High Cheek bones.
Size "C" cups... that DID NOT SAG... EVER!
(non sagging boobs would be one of my super powers, mine would never sag, and I would be able to "lift" all my friends "girls" with my mind, but don't ever piss me off... or you'd be scratching your "girls" around your ankles... just sayin')
Green eyes.
Legs, armpits and upper lip that never needed shaving or waxing
My costume would be a cute jogging suit, so I could move freely when kicking villian butt.
My super powers... hmmm...
I would DEFINITELY be able to fly. No question.
I would also like the ability to heal people...
I would be able to read my kids minds... oh... er... scratch that.. maybe not... better not open that can of worms... forget I said that.
I would also like to be able to build anything I needed, furniture, cars, boats, houses, etc...
Since I would be able to fly, I really wouldn't NEED a car or transportation... but I would use it anyway... you know.. to show I'm down with my peeps.
I would drive a 1966 midnight blue convertible Mustang, and a 1976 Cadillac Barritz Convertible... white, with tan suede interior. No.. not at the same time! Duh!
My insignia would be a gorgeous, calligraphy "D" for Diva or Domestic Diva.
or maybe an "SS" for Superhero Saundra, but very swirly and lovely... in purple, of course.
When anyone needed me, it would shine in the sky like Batmans, or you could just text me at
1-800-superhero and text the word "Diva".
No charge for the text.. of course.
My superhero lair would be a tropical island, with perfect weather year round.
My cabana boys would all look like Matthew McConahottie, Tom Selleck, and Johnny Depp when dressed as Jack Sparrow. Yum. Oh yeah... Clooney too.
I would put all the worlds villians on a deserted island, all of them together, so they can hash themselves out. They would get all the worlds disease. So say goodbye to Amadinajad, Bin Laden, Castro, Chaney... oh... did I say that one out loud? hmmm....
Thus freeing up jails and all that money can go toward finding cures for Cancer, Aids, Heart Disease etc...
Oh, I'd also be able to eat without gaining an ounce.
Great superpower huh?
I think Sandi over at LuckyThirteen Plus One has that super power!
What would SuperHero YOU look like?
Oh how I wish I knew how to do a Mr. Linky that works...
Comment please... I'm curious what super powers you'd have!


  1. I like the one about being immune to calories. I would want invisibility and telekinesis. Flying would be awesome!

  2. The superpower I need most right now Is the one that gets kids to sleep all night long so I can.

  3. You're costume is purple... you're cool! It's my fav color too!

    You picked some awesome powers. I think I'd want to know when someone (my kiddos) is lying to me. Most of the time I can tell, but it's starting to get harder.... or they're getting better!

  4. you make me laugh. Today I just want the superhero power to get everything done on my list...maybe getting off this computer would help!!

  5. Any superhero that can get rid of Cheney is my favorite!

  6. Love it!!!
    I am with you on leg, armpit, and upper lip waxing-My super power would be to be hair free for life...

  7. Honey, you would not have Michelle Obama arms if you were 5'10" and 125 pounds. :) I'm 6 feet tall and at one point I weighed 126 pounds and let me tell you, I was a stick figure.

    My super power would be endless energy. :)

  8. Wow, you about covered it with the superpowers thing.

    I'm with Michelle, I'd like endless energy.

    Until then... I'm going to take a nap!

  9. LOL Saundra! Yopu crack me up!
    My superpowers... I need to think on that! But reading my kids minds might be a bit scary!

  10. Someone who cooks like you is my superhero. Forget the 125lbs and 5ft 10...i know people like that who are not heroic :) I love YOU. xx

  11. I'd want to be like Flash Gordon, get to where I need to be in an instant! Whoosh! Whoosh! I'm there!!!


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