Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

It Wordful Wednesday Time at Angies Place... just click on the pretty blue flowers to see more pictures to cure your voyeuristic tendencies... like I do!
He's 14, and sometimes we like to pretend he is still our itty, bitty baby. He indulges us, but as you can see from his face...he only does it because he loves us.
William obviously has my Italian coloring... even in November.
Bill loved the position of his arm in this one... I just love him... period.
Alex, eating his Icee at Will's game...wearing his ACA hat...since he's going there next year, he likes to make sure he shows school spirit. I had an adorable picture of Johnny at the game, but there was another child in the picture, and I don't post pictures of other peoples kids without consent... and I'm to lazy to crop this morning. Happy Wednesday!


  1. No matter how big they get...I'm going to want to pull them on my lap now and then! Love his expression!

  2. You realize he's going to kill you for that hugging one right? Or at least run screaming if you ever show it to any of his friends?

  3. Awww, I love that at 14 he will still snuggle!


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