Thursday, April 30, 2009

Snack Bar Stories Episode 5

Another Week
Another incident.
This week was a doozie!
More parents giving me lip
City selling our land and 2 fields from underneath us
City cutting our water and power to the two fields prematurely...
Such fun!
The good news? I only had to be there 3 nights this week, not five!
I'll start with the incidents I was actually present for.
Remember a couple of weeks ago, I said I was only hiring a select few teens and all...
well, one Mommy got HER panties all in a bunch when she realized that ...
A. I did NOT call her daughter for an interview (I never told her I would)
B. No, she could not just send her daughter in there to work, and tell her daughter to push herself in the door if she had to... cuz Mama wasn't gonna pay the $20 to some stranger.
yes... I had to have another "come to Jesus".
This Mama sidled up to me... hit me on the shoulder ("hit" not tap, mind you) and said these words to me...
"Hey... I thought the people in the Snack Bar were cut and dry... only people you hired... no kids under 14, no exception. What are the little brats doing in there, jumping around?"
To which I replied...
"Excuse me? That CHILD jumping us and down in there is doing so, so he can get a bag of sunflower seeds down SO HE CAN SELL THEM FROM HIS CART!!
And furthermore... lady... NEXT YEAR, when YOU take over the Snack Bar and you do all the running around, and stocking, and printing, and shopping, YOU CAN HAVE ANYONE YOU WANT IN THERE! It'll be YOUR show lady... and maybe then, you'll realize how important it is to have just a few hands in the till, instead of every Tom, Dick and Lucy's! YOU can have your angels working for you, since you seem to be a much better Mother than I am."
She said...
"Oh really? You think you can just talk to me that way?"
I said...
"Yep... and I think I just did. I don't answer to you... maybe next year you can get your daughters application in before the first half of the season is over."
She said...
"Well, you make it seem like the Snack Bar is running like a well oiled machine, and I see kids jumping around in there."
I said...
"I have a number to a good Otolaryncologist, have your ears checked... You didn't hear me so well... excuse me... I need to go check on my staff and tell them "Job well done" and "Keep Selling"...
She stood there, watching me, with her mouth open... then she went to her seat.
You know what? I saw her at that window more than anyone else... and my son Johnny told me he tried selling her what she wanted from his cart and she said to him..."I don't buy from brats".
Yeah.. she had better never order food when I am in there... that's for sure.
I hope I see her again next week.
She and I are gonna have a little chit chat.
Maybe I'll tell her we don't sell to B*&%$&!!!!!
Saundra's gonna have FUN!
The City sold two of our fields to our new High School, but failed to tell us until 4 days before our Opening Ceremonies. Nice.. huh?
So we are scrambling around... trying to accomodate everyone, get in as many games as we can...
and for the most part... we have a great group of parents that have gone with the flow really well. But there are a few... you know there is always a few... that DRIVE ME UP THE WALL!
One coach... asked me... no less than 5 times in one day.. if our schedules are up to date...
THEN he asked someone else... RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, and kept doing it all day long on Saturday. So last night.. he shows up... and low and behold... what is his question?
Yep, except this time... he has the schedule printed up and highlighted.
We have told him time and time again that we all need to be patient and flexible, and to take it one day at a time. Nope... not good enough for him... SO HE SENDS HIS TEAM MOM to ask me...
She is clueless as to what he has been up too, so I take pity on her and fill her in.
She was mad. Lol!
He must ask 500 doctors for a diagnosis for a common cold.
So, now we have no water or light for the fields... THAT THEY AREN'T GOING TO TOUCH UNTIL AFTER OUR SEASON ENDS!!! But we can't use them anyway.
Makes so much sense huh?
On the bright side... my teen girls I hired are taking ownership of the Snack Bar, are doing really well, are following direction well, and are learning new skills.
They send me little text messages that they love me, and they got asked to Prom.
They are so sweet.
One calls me Mamado, (deux) for Mama 2.
I figured out why God didn't want me to have girls... and I am soooo fine with it.
I am VERY, VERY, VERY protective of those little ladies... and they aren't even mine!
I wish I could post a picture of them...but I won't.
Maybe I'll take one of their hands.
yeah... I'll do that.
We are still getting 50's and 100's... I don't get it.
People return a churro because they dropped it, and want another one... for free.
Really? So if I bang my car door on a wall, do I get to take it back to the dealership for a new one too?
I mean.. if a kids drops it, especially if I see it... I'll give them another one...but a grown adult?
But they try... oh.. do they try.
Some try multiple times a night.
Good grief.


  1. Haha, next time you should offer to dust the dirt off for them and run it under the water faucet!

  2. Aww...Mamadeux :) I love it...Bellamama :) or is it Mamabella? which is correct? Cos that's what i wanna call you :)

  3. You are so patient!!!! Oh my - I would have lost it with the whole snack bar thing a longggggg time ago!

  4. I love these stories...I'd be sitting near the snack shack instead of watching the game..what a trip!

  5. i love these stories too... if we only all knew what went on at our snackbars... lol! happy friday!


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