Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sleepless Saturday

I haven't been sleeping again. The Human Snore Machine has had a cold,
and his breathing (and snoring) have doubled during the night.
Such fun.
BUT!!! Because I couldn't sleep one night, and didn't feel like typing, I went to the TV for comfort, and I got some!
I found a fabulous new show on HBO called
"The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency"
What a beautiful show.
I could listen to the lilting accent of the people of Botswana for days and days.
I love Jill Scott, she plays the lead.
Check it out if you can... it's funny, tear jerking, heart warming, and just an overall delight.
William's Spring Break ends tomorrow, and Alex and Johnny's begins.
No great plans... we have baseball practices and games, and so does William, and of course, I have the Snack Shack thing going on, so no vacation this year.
This was the first year they didn't have the same Spring Break anyway.
It's okay, we have our new bedroom and bathroom addition to look forward to, our new pool resurfacing, and a new roof to do... it should keep us pretty busy.
We just need to get our taxes in, pay those puppies, and get it over with, and get on with livin'.
I have a date with my washing machine.
The house is empty, they boys are all at the baseball park, and I have the house to myself.
Sanitary cycle... here I come.
Oh... I lead SUCH a glamorous life!
Have a lovely holiday all!


  1. Exorbitantly glamorous ... I hope you're wearing spangly things during this sanitary cycle :))

  2. This was our year of separate spring breaks too. To be honest, I kinda liked having them home at separate times :)

    By the way, I will have the house all to myself, a week from Monday, at least until 3 pm. So dear, you are not the only one with a glamorous life ;)

  3. Oh, I h-a-t-e it when I can't sleep...especially if it's because of the "snore machine" :)!!

    BTW- i love reading your snack bar stories!! Today my best friend came with us to the t-ball game; she went to the snack bar for a hotdog and a drink....and guess what-- she tried to give them her ATM card!!!! When she came back and told me, I was like "why would you think that a little league snack bar would accept cards....?" (and of course, i thought of you too when she told me...hee-hee!!!)

  4. I have the same sleep issues but my husband hacks all night cuz he smokes all day! I swear one morning I am gonna wake up with his lung on my face! It is sooooo nasty.

    I can relate to the laundry bitch thing too. All If ever do is clean, who would have thought that my 3 sons would change their clothes hundreds of times a day like girls!LOL

  5. I hope you enjoyed your Saturday. I felt like I wasted mine away pretty efficiently myself - I certainly needed to do laundry but that never got done... lol.

    Happy Easter! Hope you've got something special planned ^_^

  6. Did you have to mention taxes? I was enjoying the post until you reminded me. Ugh.

    Hope you are enjoying the Easter holiday!

  7. Do you do laundry wearing an evening gown? Ultraglam, Baby!


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