Monday, April 20, 2009

Name Brand or Generic? Does it Matter?

In answer to the title of my post... "It depends."
Am I right... or am I right...
Certainly, we can all attest to buying Generic or Name Brand Groceries...
Most of the time... generic or STORE BRANDS cost less...again I say MOST of the time.
I know people who would rather die than buy anything generic.
Me? Not so much.
There are a lot of great store brands out there that taste and function the exact same as name brand. But like anything and anyone else... there are a few things that I don't or don't want to buy generic.
1. Toilet Paper. "Nuff said.
2. Foil... generic stuff tears all over and is hard to get out of the box.
3. Toothpaste... I just won't buy generic toothpaste.
4.sandwich bags, ziplock... generic leaks and tears easily
5. Shampoo... hey, my Mama is a hairdresser...she won't let me... so she brings me the gallon sized Paul Mitchell or Joico or Goldwell.
But buying most items generic is a great way to save money, and one shouldn't be embarrassed to buy generic. Have you tried the Kirkland Signature brand at Costco? It is AWESOME!
I will ALWAYS buy the Kirkland brand if it's offered. It's ALWAYS dollars cheaper than anything else, and it functions and tastes great!
How about Smart N Final? Get a free SmartVantage Card and it saves dollars... not cents.
I also like their generic brand of goods. Virtually no difference in flavor or function...
Some grocery store brands are great. Try them. Your wallet will thank you!
Make a deal with yourself this month, to buy as many generic brands of the products you use, and put the money saved into a piggy bank for something you want to save for.
Watch how fast it grows.
Here is a list of my favorite items to purchase store brand
Paper Towels
Glass cleaner
Coffee (ground)
Coffee filters
oil (veg)
vinegar (white distilled)
OJ(our store brand is better than national brands.. hands down)
and so on, and so on...
I rarely spend more than $100 at our local supermarket for groceries, for my family of 5, three of whom have hollow legs and eat 24/7.
Costco is another story...but I always end up buying beach towels, batteries by the billions,
and cool shorts and shirts for the men...
The prices are awesome on the grocery items, so it doesn't hurt the wallet to buy the other items
once in while.
What items are your MUST HAVE name brand, and what items can you get generic and be fine with?
It really is a great way to save a little money, and buy something of lasting value instead of food and other groceries for too much money. I'd love to see your lists!


  1. I agree about buying generic or store brands. It definitely helps with the pocketbook. Coming form SITS to say Hi!

  2. My family loves the kirkland brand of gatorade(they say the name brand is too salty). I won't use the store brand soups. They aren't as creamy or as tasty.

  3. Wow....only $100?? Is that every week? Geez, I wish I could get my grocery bill down that low.... I usually spend about $150-$175 every week; but I do buy mostly name brand things!!

    Hmmm... I think I will be switching some things to store brand!!

  4. Hi. Just visiting from SITS. My husband is from an Italian family too! I'm from No. Georgia myself. So, when our families get together it's like Deliverance meets the Sopranos! :) Good to "meet" you.

  5. That is funny, I buy generic brands, but there are some things I won't buy generic.

    I have heard that many of the generic brands are made by the name brand companys and have seen blind taste tests where people prefer the generics over the name brands.

  6. I can't do generic cereal. Cheerios are not just cheerios. Generic cheerios taste like cardboard.

    I do LOVE generic medicine though. I don't buy Tylenol or Motrin...I buy acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Same EXACT thing, dollars less.

    OMG I just discovered smart and final a couple of weeks ago...why oh why had I never gone there before?!

  7. My husband was a name brand peanut butter guy-I made him do a taste test with the store brand, and wouldn't you know he liked the store brand better??!!
    I always buy store brands-except boys jeans-I will pay a bit more for reinforced knees....It is critical!


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