Friday, April 10, 2009

Snack Bar Stories week 2

Snack Bar Stories
Week 2
Can also be titled...
"Holy Crap... what have I gotten myself into!"
You've all been to Little League Snack Bars... right?
Not exactly a culinary hub... ya know?
Not too many CIA graduates working in them... okay?
(For those who are kitchen impaired CIA = Culinary Insitute of America)
So why is it... WHY IS IT... that so many people expect freaking
NACHOS to be a gourmet party in their mouths?
I. Don't. Get. it.
Some dude walks up to the window... orders a nacho... chips with globs of melted cheese.
Not brain surgery by any means.
2 ingredients.
Easy Peasy.
We oblige.
He takes a bite. He shoves the Nacho back under the window and says...
"Isn't there anything else you can put on this to make it better?"
My answer in my head? "Yeah buddy, what would make it better is a medallion of Lamb Chop, with mint jelly, some mashed potatoes, fresh homemade bread and a lovely salad of mixed micro greens in an orange vinigrette."
What I actually said?
"Ummm.... you ordered Nachos... we gave you Nachos. What else do you want on 'em. If I have it, I'll be happy to oblige."
He said "Oh I don't know... some chopped onion, cilantro, fresh shredded beef etc..."
My answer..."Oooohhh.. you want NACHOS CULINARIO FANTASTICO! Why didn't you SAY so? Sure I can do that for you! Hang on just a sec. I grab some paper, and proceed to give the guy directions TO THE NEAREST GOURMET RESTAURANT that serves the masterpiece he wants, and ask if he'll bring one back for me too!"
He says "Aaaahhhh... You are funny! I was just kiddin' ya!"
I was not amused.
I pictured his face on every ball my kid hit.
I am trying to run a tight ship.
I have hired a group of ladies that are fantastic young ladies.
They are courteous, hard working, prompt, and lovely.
Unfortunately, the last one brings lots of young boys to the windows... 'just to chat' and ask for free food. My girls do not oblige.
Last night, while I was watching my son Alex's baseball game, a boy who applied a few nights ago to work in the Snack Shack walked right up to me and proceeded to bombard me with
questions like this.
"Ummm... Mrs. Whatever your last name is... (yes, he said exactly that), ummm... I applied
to work in the Snack Bar, and I want to work in there right now.. so.. ummmm. can I go in there and work?"
My reply... "My name is Mrs. Shaver, and I already have a full staff in there, plus two parents and a board member. I don't need anyone in there right now... these girls are here every night, and they show up early. I have about 15 people on my list, and you are one of them, and I'll call you when I need you, when we have more games scheduled and such."
His answer to me...
"Uh! But I put my application in! You accepted it! Will I EVER get to work in there? Can I work for free? For community service? That's NOT FAIR! How come THEY get all the work and time!"
My answer... "Kind sir... they get the work because they show me respect, and don't talk to me in this manner... AND they learned my last name before talking to me."
He put his head down, proceeded to call me a "b*&^%" and walked away.
Yeah... I'll call him alright.
2nd time in two weeks I've been called that name.
I think I'll buy a great big "X" stamp and start stamping the front of the Snack Shack with "x's"
and when someone asks why they are there, I'll tell them
"That's how many people we lost when they complained about the Snack Shack, poor people... we just don't KNOW what happened to them!... may they rest in pieces... PEACE! I mean PEACE!"
There were more incidents... but I'll save them for episode 3.
So that was my week in the Snack Shack.
I didn't have to work so hard this week. My fellow board members started their shifts
and it went well. I also have a friend that goes in there every day at 2:30 and starts prepping all the stuff... what a Godsend she is.. THANK YOU EILEEN!
More next week.


  1. That story of the guy with the nachos cracks me up. At least you know how to handle them!

  2. Geez Louise! That's just craziness! If one of my boys EVER talked to someone like that, they wouldn't be allowed to see the light of day for a looong time.

  3. Oh Boy!!! It keeps getting better and better...or worse and worse. I cant wait for #3

  4. That snack shack is a nightmare.

  5. ok i am nominating you either for Mom of the Year or Hell's Kitchen LOL.......

  6. I love how you turn these episodes into vignettes worth reading/laughing over!!! Thanks for introducing me to the Blog World! I found you after following the GrandTerraceHighSchool blog. You are SO welcome for the help in prepping. Just call me the sous chef (sp?)!!! Eileen

  7. You crack me up! Hey b&*&@ can I work in your snack shack too ~ seriously! I think those customers and snack shack wannabe employees have lost their mind! Good thing you have a sense of humor! I think once football starts I will hug the staff and talk BEHIND their backs so they don't blog about MY craziness!! lololol

  8. Saundra you're hilarious :) "I pictured his face on every ball my kid hit." :)))) you go girl :))


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