Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordful Wed.

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yes, my son does his homework everywhere... there's so much of it... he has to!
Will's school is just around the corner... so I had a friend drop him off so I could feed him too.
Alex, my middle boy, was umping a Farm baseball game.
Ugh... I did these backwards again! Oh well... this, above, is my Johnny, posing in his 'model' pose for me. He won a coloring contest at Famous Daves BBQ and we attended the winner's dinner last night. His eyes are huge... aren't they? If I had had a girl... she would probably never get such big eyes.
He was pretty darn proud of himself. This is Wilbur... he needn't have worried...we don't eat pork... This was the winning picture. He added the verbiage and the flames on the guitar.


  1. look at both of those boys eyes... beautiful!

    yyyuummmm... Love Famous Dave's corn bread rolls...mmmm....

  2. Those big eyes are gorgeous. Both my girls have big brown eyes. Hope all is well with you!

    Great picture too. I loved the flames on the guitar.

  3. Thank you all... I need to go back and edit a few things... I posted this last night at midnight and scheduled it for this morning... so I can now tell how tired I was.

  4. Those are great pics. Your boys are so handsome.

  5. Yummy Famous Dave's! We don't eat pork, either. But, we can definitely get down on some brisket and smoked chicken!

  6. Congrats to the drawing boy!!!
    His eyes are so beautiful-my boys have the longest eyelashes, and I always wonder if we had a girl if she would have had some...probally not!!!

  7. What great smiles your boys have (and lashes - So not fair!)


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