Saturday, April 4, 2009

What sucks.

I. am. so. tired.
Snack Bars Suck.
They really do.
We pulled in a ton of money today though.
Snack Bars still suck.
Boys won their games.
My teen workers did a great job.
My board members staff was great too.
The weather was perfection today.
Snack Bars Suck.
I get a day off tomorrow.
No food shopping.
No soda shopping.
Just laundry.
Who ever thought I would be excited to do laundry?
Snack Bars Suck.
This looks like a poem.
But none of it rhymes.
I'm just too tired to type too much.
I should have taken pictures of my home away from home.
Snack Bars suck.
oh God... imagine if I had a real job?
All the blog fodder I'd create for myself?
I'd have to go private so I could mention
my bosses name with curse words ahead of it.
Snack Bars still suck.
I'm done now.
Too tired to think.
I hope I dream of something other than
Crabby patties, and Sour Punch Straws.
Those things suck.


  1. Ooh, I spent my teenage years in a baseball snack shack!! Woo! I hated it so much I loved it!! I feel your pain. Just wait til you start dreaming about chili and frozen hotdogs.

  2. You indeed are a great mom for enduring Snack Bar duty, it gives me the creepy crawlies LOL..

  3. Aww... you're such a good mama! And the next time the snack bar lady is rude to me I will just remember your (horror) stories and walk away! *Big Bloggy Hugs*

  4. You poor thing!!! Some parents are just crazy....and MEAN! Ignore the morons and keep on, keepin' on. Your boys know how awesome their Mom is!!!!

  5. Someone sounds a little tired!!!
    I know you really love it because you are doing it for your boys....LOL

  6. I only have one question....

    Does the snack bar suck?

    Sorry, my lame attempt at a joke.

    Seriously, snack bars need moms like you!

  7. Hey did you know that snack bars suck? Just informing you!


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