Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesdays Tribute... Braja

Oh crap!
Tuesdays Tribute was supposed to be about someone elses blog!
So read the one below this one about Snack Bar ladies and get your giggle on...
and stay here for my tribute to one of my faves.
Her writings, her personality, her verve, her love of life, her positivity, her ability to love, her
spirituality all come alive then she puts fingers to keyboard.
She recently had a HORRENDOUS accident that involved her husband, their cab driver and a truck in India, and after many surguries and prayers they are slowly on the mend.
Never let it be said that just because we don't 'see' each other on our blogs, or get to do lunches, or attend each others birthdays, that we don't love each other on the blogosphere, or that we don't feel when one of us is hurting.
Braja and Jahnu (her hubby) accident resonated on the blogs, and we hurt for her, and worried for them, and prayed for them, and cried for and with them.
So much love can come through the written word, which is why it is my favorite form of
expression... especialy for love.
Visit Braja's blog and read her past posts.
An entire world will open up to you. She is on my sidebar, or you can click on her name in this post at the top.
She is exceedingly entertaining, funny, and soulful.
You will love her as much as I do...I'm sure.


  1. What a sweet blog post. I went the other way today. Didn't know there was a theme until after I posted, of course!

  2. What a great idea and I agree, we may not see each other in person, but we still care about each other!

  3. What a lovely post. I will head over there now to check out her blog. Thanks for the tip...

    Happy tuesday!

  4. Hi Girlie!

    You know, I have heard about this site and the terrible accident, but hadn't read much. But because of you, today Im going to.

    Thanks Saundra!


  5. You know how much I love Braja! That was a beautiful post!

  6. It's amazing how we forge these connections through our blogs. I love that it happens!

  7. What a great tribute to Braja! I checked her blog and love it, it's amzing the kind of connections we make throught blogging.

  8. I'm been thinking about her since you did that post a little while back when she had her accident. I hope she's doing a bit better each day.

    Sweet post...

  9. I like how you do this-I wanted to know what happened after the accident-if she is ok. I will check out her blog!!!

  10. I always love finding new bloggers to test drive! :)


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