Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bachelor..Jason, Deanna, Melissa and Molly .. Ugh!

Oh. My. Gosh.
I want to adopt Melissa and make her my daughter.
I feel ssoooooo sorry for her.
This show is full of trainwrecks, sleazoids, actors waiting for their break, and just all around
weirdos and stalkers.. but Melissa... Sweet Melissa was one of US!
Just a normal, sweet girl, lookin' for love...
Albeit... on a TV show for Cripes sake... but lookin' for love nonetheless!
Before I start my rant... I have a couple of things to say to Molly, AKA, Molly the Makeup Molester.
Molly... this...
Aren't they pretty? All shiny and new... and you know what? Anyone can learn to use one!
You just put one on your hair and you move it DOWNWARD, so all that crap at the back of your head
isn't all knotted up like you just got out of bed, 14 years ago!
OH! And this?

This, above is a TEAR... those fall when someone BLINDSIDES you with the fact that you aren't the one chosen... One "cries" when one gets hurt or doesn't know ahead of time what's coming.

People tend NOT TO SHED TEARS when they know well ahead of time what is happening and can be prepared for it... for ratings.

Just thought you'd like to know... Molly. Little FYI.

Oh, sweetheart... your eyes are really gorgeous... but we can't see them with all that 80's makeup you have one! Less is more... Less. is. MORE! Eyeliner is called eyeLINER for a reason... it's not called eyecaker!

And... you poor thing... you poor lost thing... YOU WORE A FREAKING PONYTAIL TO THE


During your interviews... you looks so adorable in your hair down, BRUSHED, and tame, and it looked so cute during your little acting job with Jason on the couch tonight.





Well Deanna made her triumphant return. YAWN! ZzzzZZZzzZ

Pulleeeeze tell me I didn't waste all those hours of watching this crap for THAT!

She did look gorgeous... and she did need to kinda redeem herself a bit... (I'm easy)

It was all scripted... You could totally tell. She just needed to save face, and to look human in the hater's eyes. She lost alot of fans when she broke up with Ski-boy.


I must tell you all.. I did a lot of Fast Forwarding. I just couldn't sit through all the nauseating parent talk. And holy Frijole!

Did you see the Molly STRADDLE? Holy Cow! All that was missing was theBow, chicka, bow, bow music! But... she was the only one to spend the night with him on their first date! Her Daddy must be SO PROUD!


So... forget the Final Rose thing. It was all a ruse. It had to be. Reality Steve was right.

He chose Melissa for ABC, for ratings, for a 'season unlike any other season on the Bachelor"

They needed the ratings. They are a losing franchise.

Melissa was ALL CLASS on that stage. She was BLINDSIDED and she GAVE IT TO HIM GOOD! and she was AWESOME in the limo ride home, a woman with the world at her feet... knowing she would come out of this a better person. What would have made it better?


She got the shaft, and she didn't deserve it.

Stupid Jason could have done it in private, broken up with Melissa, and asked Molly out in private... but NO! Trainwreck TV is all about RATINGS at the expense of human decency!

Molly and Jason aren't that good of actors. It was all scripted that ATFR. Molly... if she had ANY self worth at all... should have let him sweat it out! She CAVED!

I believe it's because of what Reality Steve said all along... that Molly and Jason were seeing each other on the weekends he wasn't seeing Melissa. They were just playing the puppets for ABC execs to make some TV "magic". They went along with it... and Karma is a B*&%$!

Tomorrow night during the "special" ATFR, Melissa is supposed to phone in, not show up, and say she has moved on. Yeah Melissa!

They are going to announce Jillian as the next Bachlorette... but I think it should be Melissa.

This whole thing is just horrid... really bad form... even for a TV company.

Bad Form ABC... Bad Form.

Shame on your Jason... for choosing to do it on TV and not in private.

Shame on you, you jerk off.

You aren't a jerk for falling out of love and changing your mind... that happens... big deal...

Shame on you for not putting your foot down and doing the decent thing, and not shaming an innocent person like that. Molly better hire a food taster... you two aren't to be trusted.


  1. OH I WAS soooooooooo waiting for Melissa to SLAP HIM!!!!! Nasty prick... oops, sorry. :-/
    Anyway, it was all blah blah blah... and I was thinking "I would have cracked him one and walked out" Hows that for ratings.

    The Deanna thing was terribly LAME! Sheesh. They (abc) made it seem like he was crying over her and he could have cared less.

    If they really wanted ratings then abc would have had Molly turn Jason down. He had his chance and he lost it. AND I totally agree with you about the chickachickawowwow... holy hotcakes batman!!! Greasy, and I'm not referring to the body oil.

    You made me laugh with all your comments on the show... see you tomorrow.

    PS I honestly only watched so I would get everything you were talking about ;-)

  2. I loved it when Melissa called him a bastard. Call them as you see them honey.
    If he was that attached to both women he shouldn't have chosen either. You do not ask someone to spend their life with you IF you do not believe they are the ONLY person for you. ... and cry OMG he can cry and did you see him glance at the camera before he started emoting? Two faced ... immature ... self centered ..I could go on but I have to go to work.

  3. Spot on again. That was terrible, low, and rude. He went from hero to ZERO in 2 seconds flat.

    She should have slapped him as she called him a bastard.

  4. My heart just BROKE for Melissa... how she kept it together so well, I dont know... I would have totally been in his face AND I would have kept the ring!!!

    I feel so bad for her because she thinks she did something wrong... I think the world just wants her to be happy... she totally should be the next Bachlorette...

    UGH - the jerk! I feel badly for Ty! Melissa is there at the Holidays & now he's with Molly? what is that poor kid thinking?

  5. I was watching it-but then my husband walked in and needed to vent about work-I muted the TV as he was dumping Mel...poor timing on my husbands part!!!! I missed it!
    I think it is so crazy how they all poor out, " I'll love you forever, and ever..." but change their minds so quickly...
    Glad I am out of that world of dating-even if he made me miss the finale...Ugh!

  6. I don't think Melissa would want to be the Bachelorette though, after what Jason put her through, she is not going to do a tv show again.

    Last night was annoying! I am so glad it's all over with, well with the exception of tonight's, but Idol is on, much more important.

  7. I watched the Bachelor for the first time last night and really liked Melissa. Molly has a blank face, it reminds of Ferris buellar the teacher...Jason just did the same thing that Deanna did to him and what about his child, he obviously like Melissa better. Whatever that is why I hate ABC....

    How do you take word verification off???

  8. I guess Reality Steve was right!!! But what a CREEP Jason is...geez, I lost any ounce of respect I had for him (and I really did like him at first)!!!
    I will watch tonight...but only because I want to hear Melissa tell them to F off!!

  9. I loved everything Melissa said. I kept saying, "You go girl!" Her whole idea on his decisions being based just on feelings... how he stole her first and only engagement... how he strung her along this whole time... everything. She was so great in standing up for herself and giving it to him.

    Molly, however... really? Why would you take a scumbag back after he dumped you, proposed to another girl and then changed his mind? Not to mention he's been divorced once and been "in love" with Deanna, all in the past year. The dude's got problems, and now those are her problems, too.

    He kept saying "All we have is today." No, you big self-centered asshole, you have your whole life with this person. You better think things through before you start ruining people's lives!

    And to think he's raising a son. Bringing all these random girls in and out of this young child's life. He's not going to know stability if it slapped him in the face.

    I just can't believe it. It's complete BS, really. Jason just wanted one more "straddle" from Molly because Melissa probably wasn't giving "it" to him. Stinkin jerk. Always thinking with the wrong head.

  10. I was hoping what Reality Steve said wasn't true...

    Great post, I'm linking to you today!

  11. Came over from Just a Mom to read your recap....I haven't watched the show since Trista. (loooonnnn time)

    And last night got caught up in the show. I actually teared a little when he picked Melissa and then got sick when the next segment implied something not nice was gonna happen. On TV. I actually turned it 5 minutes into the show.

    GREAT recap!

  12. I was/am so pissed!! They could have had him do this little "trick" to Natalie...or someone like that...but Melissa? Come on.....not cool...cot cool at all!! Melissa will be better off without you scumbag!! And you Molly....YOU can always keep in mind....YOU WERE NOT PICKED 1st for a reason!! lol

  13. Good thing the TV got its popcorn protection yesterday!!

  14. Okay, saw at Mamakat's you were jonesing for bachelor trash talk. I got some for you.

    P.S. I hate, hate, hate Molly's crappy ponytails. I thought it looked cute when she was curling it and it was down and then she went and f***ed it all up.

  15. That was totally a ratings ploy and pretty disgusting. I didn't for one second believe that was the first time they'd seen each other (he and Molly) since that fateful day.

    The part with Deanna was so dumb. It was so scripted and awkward.

  16. He's an ass and there is nothing he can say tonight to change that.

  17. Oh shame I dont get this show. Tell me, why are your ankles all swollen, what have you been up to?

  18. And I love that Erma Bombeck quote - that is so true. She had some good ones hey?

  19. You said it! I couldn't agree with you more. Shame on them. I also think it is all a "ruse" too. (BLATTTTT!!!)

  20. I only watched a few snippets of this show, but I find all the drama surrounding the ending like a car accident that you can't turn away from.

    Who in the heck is reality Steve??


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