Monday, March 16, 2009

Money Mondays

This is a new post I am instituting on Mondays, called Money Mondays.
I know.. I'm sooo original.
I love to shop, and spend... but also know when to reign it in...
I want to help others do the same...
So... my first edition of
Enjoy, and ... er... comment... I'm also an attention whore!
I stole this from my other Blog...
*** Times are tough... At least that's what the talking heads have been saying lately. For me? I have always been of the mind that eating out and spending tons of money on ordering in isn't a good use of my funds... I'd much rather have great kitchen tools, or a great pair of shoes for my money, instead of just one meal. Which is why I started this particular blog in the first place... a little over a year ago. Since I know how to cook, I do it often, and save valuable money. We go out to dinner very occasionally, mostly for Anniversary and birthdays. That's it. I even came up with a great way to save my money and MAKE myself cook more often. *** When I felt the urge to just chuck it all, and call the hubby and say "We are going out to dinner", I restrained myself, looked in my cupboards for something to put together for dinner, and made it. I didn't like doing it... I really wanted someone else to serve me that night... but I did it. Yeah, I know... big whoop. You cooked dinner... I know, I know... BUT... I called my hubby back and told him nevermind.. I made dinner... then asked him this question... I said "Bill, if we had gone out... what do you think you would have ordered?" His answer? Prime Rib and all the trimmings. Then I thought of what the 3 boys usually order and myself. I tallied up what dinner out would have cost us that night, and WROTE MYSELF A CHECK FOR $120.00, and DEPOSITED IT INTO A SAVINGS ACCOUNT. That money was going to be used for ONE MEAL! for ONE NIGHT! Even if it was only $50 or $25! or even $15! It still goes into the savings account! We buy nothing on time or credit. Ever. Except our home and new car. Now... it's even easier... because whenever I want to do something 'easy' and pay for something I can already do myself.. I pay myself what it would have cost. Do you know how nice it was to walk into a store and choose the Front Loading, NameBrand all the bells and whistles, WITH THE STANDS, brand new washer and dryer set and PAY CASH, OUT THE DOOR FOR IT? We don't bat an eye when the boys say they need new baseball stuff, or new shoes for this or that... our Do It Ourselves Fund is right there and waiting for us. *** My reason for this post? Do yourself and favor and look at your finances. Do you eat out EVERY DAY at work? Do you bring home dinner in a bag more nights than you care to admit? Does the Pizza Deliver Guy know you by your number and first name? Are you a Starbucks or Gourmet on the Go coffee person? Add those things up for one month. Go ahead... add them up. When you've done that... look around for what you have to show for the money you spent. Probably just some burger wrappers, empty coffee cups, and styrofoam containers from a left over lunch sitting in the fridge. Now... here is the hard part. The next month... DON'T DO WHAT YOU DID THE PREVIOUS MONTH. At all! PAY YOURSELF, IN A BIG FAT CHECK, TO YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT ALL THE MONEY YOU SPENT THE PREVIOUS MONTH... and make your own coffee, plan your meals ahead of time, and brown bag it to work... for a month. I bet you will be more than happy to spend that probably $500 on something other than paper, styrofoam, and stir sticks. *** I urge you, my friends... take charge of your finances, and spend the money you work so hard to earn on things of LASTING VALUE! Purses... shoes... LOL, furniture, tuition, classes, sporting equipment, family trips...etc... *** No, I am not saying eating out is bad. It's not. Lord knows I want to do it every night... but... it's just not feasible these days. Be kind to yourselves... eat around a table, not in the car or on the fly. Even if its only for 15 minutes. Share the time together.. and spend the money you save wisely. *** This has been a public service announcement from Saundra... for Money Mondays *** Please comment on how you save money! I love to learn too!


  1. Told you that you could write a book. It would be timely, truly! Loved your advice and you are right when you really look at where your money goes you can easily save money. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. We don't buy anything on time or credit either but we used to. We don't have much extra though to play with. Such is life. At least we're not accruing debt.

  3. We cut up all our credit cards years ago and haven't looked back. Your idea for saving the funds you didn't spend on a night eating out is a GREAT idea! Think I'm going to steal that one starting this week when I have the urge to call the pizzeria and spend $50 on ordering in. I know I can make that pizza dough myself and save a bundle and everyone gets the toppings they want. Great and timely post. :)

  4. I really need to to this! We eat out way to much! Hubby is an awesome cook and loves to do it but we find ourselves in a rush and just pick up the phone way to much...

  5. I am actually going to try that starting tomorrow seeing as I didn't go shopping or bring my lunch today. However, I have given up soda and drink lemonade or water (free). This saves money on purchasing the cans of soda and the extra money that they charge you.

  6. We are supposed to save our money?? This weekend I needed to buy 14 hats from Charlotte Russe (for the school performance) and I asked for a discount and got it! It was only 10% but every little bit helps.

  7. I usually make enough at dinner time so that my husband can take leftovers to work for lunch the next day, which he prefers anyway.

  8. I'll cook but will you come do the shopping please? Oh shut up...I know.

  9. With three little boys-eating out is NOT fun, or worth it-Today, you are talking to the choir-but I look forward to this series...My husband and I were broker-than broke in the year 2000. We had five jobs between us-but we learned so much that we can apply now that we have our kids:
    No credit card debt
    Eat in
    Save, save, save-keep a savings account

  10. What a great idea! I do most of the things you mentioned except we do eat out occasionally. But bringing lunch to work is a key to save money. I also go to the dollar store and get stuff there before I go to the regular grocery store.


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