Monday, March 9, 2009

Dancing with The Stars.... Oh my Stars!

Since my Sweet Melissa is going to be on the show now... I felt it important to exchange my
Monday Night Trainwreck TV spot for something a little less trainwreck, and a little more
dignified, and what's more dignified than a bunch of overpaid, underdressed, tight around the "package" wearing dudes, and fake hair wearing women, gyrating and shimmying to
covers of some great music!
So... Monday's for the next few weeks will be filled with Dancing with The Stars Recaps and opinions.... yes opinions... from me...
Well, simply because it's my blog, and it makes one reader I have REALLY, REALLY mad when I blog about TV shows. Hee hee!
So... my DVR has been taping the show for about 45 minutes now, and that is ample time for me to be able to watch it in record time by skipping every single commercial.
I'll be back with a Recap on how Melissa did, and if anyone faints, pulls a groin muscle, loses hair, or losses their temper with the stupid judges...
See ya soon!
Okay.. show is over... I have successfully voted for my faves... my Daughter Melissa, Shawn Johnson, and Belinda Carlisle, and Steve Wozniak.
More on them later...
The judges... Bruno needs an enema. Plain and simple... DUDE... IT WAS THE FIRST NIGHT... CHILL!
Cariann- I hate when she laughs AT people. GROW UP!
Len... well...he actually did better than usual tonight.
A little bit of Trainwreck hit the airwaves when Li'l Kim dedicated this dance to her
"Federal Penitentiary Home girls" ... Yeah... class personified in that one.
Being the Go-Go fan I was and currently still am... GO BELINDA!!! She looked lovely!
Laurence and Edyta - I don't know who he is... but Edyta is who I am coming back as in my next life... Holy crap that woman has the BEST body imaginable!
JackAss Steve-O... did a good job. So glad he is sober. I didn't watch him in his JackAss days, but will happily watch him now that he is sober and dancing.
Who is Gilles? I don't know... but he sure is cute... and I love Cheryl!
I thought Julianne wasn't coming back this year... that's what she said last season... but I love her, and her honey is adorable... and that they are dancing together is so cute!
Let's hope they don't break up over it.
Holly who? Who cares...
Rodeo dude Ty and Chelsie from (SYTYCD) fame... he did a great job for being a manly man.
Mark Ballas. and Shawn Johnson... there were great... she is such a little spit fire...
Any Olympian with her class is top notch in my book!
Steve WozniaK and Karina - the Teddy Bear is back... and his attitude is wonderful.
I hope he lasts a few weeks. Nerds are people too!
David Alan Grier and Kym - He... he... well... I got his humor... but I don't think a lot of people did. That could hurt him.
Poor Denise Richards... Max is so hot, and so taken, and she cried... ON THE FIRST NIGHT!
Please... show some restraint!
Ahhhh. My Melissa. Did you see how beautiful she looked and danced? Did you see those developee's! Her arms, her hands... her extension?
Simply stunning.
I cried baby crocodile tears when she danced... I am so stupid!
She is a divine girl. I sure hope she doesn't turn into a vapid, conceited, money grubbing
whore... like the rest of Hollywood!
Tom Bergeron... his comedic timing is so succinct.. so on par, he is scary.
MY FAVORITE part of the evening was when he said...
"Message to Jason... two words... "people skills".
I've loved Tom for years and years... but tonight... made me love him more!
So...there you have take on the evening.
It was a fun time. I cleaned my kitchen, washed dishes and made school lunches as I watched.
It helped make the time go quickly.
Too bad the show is on ABC...
I wish CBS or NBC would buy it.
ABC left a bad taste last week.
Nuff said...


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you are going to do a DWTS recap. I thought about it but I'm just not that organized..see my current post for examples!

    Shawn Johnson did awesome and I knew that Chelsea looked familiar! Thanks for bringing that back to me. All in all, a good first night. I think this will be a good season although I can't stand Denise Richards. There is just something so fake and kinda mean about her. Bleck.

  2. Oh my gosh... I was totally cheering Melissa on too - she looked FANTASTIC!!!

    And I LOVED David Allen Grier.. everything about him makes me laugh!!!!

    And Mr. Apple... I too hope he hangs in for a bit - he needs a little fun outside of computers!!!

    Totally agree too - Bruno was a butt!!

  3. I love me some Chelsie, but I fear she won't get in the competition long because of her partner. Just loved her on SYTYCD. I think they put her on there to be the next cute hot blonde dancer when Julianne is done after this season.

    I love Lacey too, but again...partner issues.

    Edyta is my girl crush. That woman is HOT HOT HOT.

    I think Shawn is going to do really well in this competition. She did a great waltz!

    Maks and Katrina will be off planning their wedding soon because neither will be on the show long with Steve Wozniak and Denise Richards as their partners!

    Last but not least, I thought Melissa was one of the BEST dancers of the night. I can't believe she learned that routine in two days when the rest have had 4 weeks to practice. I really hope she stays around awhile....

  4. Lil Kim and Denise Richards are my ones to cut. I try hard to like Denise, but sometimes she just rubs me the wrong way-
    I will be watching this with you!

  5. going into the show...I wasn't sure what to think of Melissa. She said she wasn't going to do reality tv ever again. Then I heard she was on there. I was kinda pissy. Show started...Lil Kim...there is just no words. Well maybe one...Ghettofied. LOVED Steve Wozniak but I DO NOT like Karina SmirnoffIce. Denise Richards. Not a fan. LOVED David Alan Greer. LOVED that hot dude with Cheryl. He was pretty good too! Who the heck is he though?

    But I must admit...Melissa ended up being my favorite! :)

    Maybe I should recap on my own page instead of yours! Heck...I think I will! Sorry for the novel! :)

  6. I haven't had a chance to watch this yet, so thanks for the recap. They were talking about it this morning on GMA, so I got to see a little of Melissa's dance and she looks great. The one that is dancing with Cheryl, I think he was in The Sex and the City movie.

  7. Ok...I am totally cheering for Melissa.... I swear those ABC execs really "know" what they're doing huh?? I wonder if they had this all planned out from the start..... hmmmm....?

  8. I love Melissa's dancing too. It was beautiful! I couldn't love reality tv more.


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