Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Venomous reader's been reading me again.

Just an FYI... I am going to turn on my No Anonymous Commenting...
It seems Tonia from Fontana is such an avid reader of mine...
that she can't get enough of my
"goofy A** Family" and has taken to reading me at 3 in the morning.
Isn't that funny? She told me my kids are too attached to me.. and here she is, totally addicted to my blog! Hmmmmm...
She visited 7 different labels, and spent over an hour here...
She isn't welcome to comment any longer...
So if anyone is an Anonymous commenter... so sorry, it won't work.


  1. How sad:0( It seem like Tonia really needs a family of her own to become attached to!

  2. Some people never learn.

    Maybe its an addiction? She needs her Saundra fix. But, I agree with Sandy... its sad :-(

  3. I have someone that reads my blog all the time too - someone whom I am no longer friends with that makes comments here and there (but she tries to make them annonymously as if it was someone else). Funny. Guess she doesn't know I can see it's HER.

    Sorry you have that too! Never any fun!

  4. Okay...this is is totally going over my

    Did she leave you a rude comment but signed in as anonymous? But, you were able to find out who it was???

  5. I did that on my Autism blog. The ugly commentor just made up a blogger profile...fake of course.

    My post was on Jon and Kate Plus 8.

  6. Damn I missed all the fun! I owe you some big love after how you handled my troll! Where does she live? I will go egg her house for you!

  7. What's it like to be so popular?! Totally understand. Not the popular thing... but the turning on the "no anonymous comments".

  8. well lady, I am new to your blog and i love to read about your beautiful family. :0) .... I never turn on the "anon" .... I am obnoxious that way. GOD MY HOUSE IS MESSY!

  9. Geez. That's all I can say.

    I love your blog. :)

  10. Hey- now some times I read and have no time to comment but I love it here- but I check out about 30 blogs each day, so sometimes I'm on the run and have no time to lay one down.

    I can't believe someone would bother to leave a snarky comment rather than just NOT RETURN and STALK!

  11. wow! I just found you yesturday. Can I ever relate to the "blog stalking" thing!
    It happened to me in December. It seems I developed an *admirer* and he would read up to 80 pages a day and spend hours reading me.
    Wanna know what's super creepy?
    He opened a blog and started writing PORN stories about me!

    It really got bad to the point I had to close my blog....and start my new one.

    sounds like there are many loons in blog land!

  12. Shoot no more anonymous comments. Now who will we make fun of. I guess we can still make fun of Tonia since she is reading the comments. Less fun but I will manage.

  13. OMG!! I hear the horror stories.
    I don't think I've ever been cyber stalked, but
    people are weird, so anything can happen.
    I love your blog, but I don't have hours to spend here..although if I did..maybe.;-)

  14. What is wrong with people....GRRRRRRRRRR i mean i get my share of ick comments but then my content is controversial...

    i am sorry you have had to do this

  15. She is addicted to you. Understandable, but creepy.
    Everyone wants a piece of Saundra!!!

  16. What about those of us that are addicted to you but you know us by name?

  17. I'm addicted, but I'm harmless. How could I say bad things about someone who can only give advice on how to handle all these boys?

  18. I'm sorry, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't children SUPPOSED to be attached to their mother? Isn't that called SURVIVAL!?!

    I love your crazy A** family, and I mean that in a totally good way ;-)

    BTW, how do you know how long she's been here and what not? Just curious :-)

  19. I'm not always able to post on your blog. I don't know why!!! I'm not a stalker! I'm just an idiot girl who wanders over here from time to time!

  20. Ok, Mama-Tell me how you know this-I have creepy family members (by marriage of course) that know all my business, and figure they must be a-reading...How can I figure it out? E-mail me, do you still have mine?
    Good for you!!

  21. Oh brother! Those negative nellies are obnoxious. I'm glad you turned it off.

  22. Wow maybe it isn't so bad that I don't have a lot of followers...By the way your sons are soooo handsome. I also have three boys and then like a fool had a baby girl at 100 years old and now life is REALLY someone would have a hayday with me!

  23. Too funny!!! How can you tell if someone visits your blog but doesn't comment? I am interested! lol

  24. Man it's a scary world out there in the blogosphere - good luck with your stalker (and good idea to turn off anonymous comments!)


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