Saturday, March 7, 2009

Small Talk Six!

Today at
it's time for Small Talk Six...
Today's question is...
Name 6 places I'd like to travel to, if I had someone trustworthy to watch my kids and pets.
Truth be told... I don't travel anywhere without my kids usually.
Unless its for business... then they stay home.
If we go somewhere fabulous... we buy 5 tickets... that' s just how it is.
Children learn soooo much when they travel. It changes them, makes them more aware of how big the world is, and helps them to accept new and different things more easily.
My kids first started traveling by plane by the time they were 4 months old.
Now that they are 14, 12 and 9, they remember the times we took them to Alaska on a cruise, or to Italy to see my family for a month, or to Niagara Falls and Toronto to see more family,
or to New York City to experience the city for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
Our next trips we will be going on are...
1. Back to Italy... but from Rome to Switzerland, this time
2. Bill and I have both been to Hawaii, but the kids haven't. So we will be going to Hawaii.
(Bill and I went when we were younger and didn't know each other)
3. Greece
4. New Orleans
5. Puerto Rico
6. Washington D.C.


  1. I so wish I had remembered DC...that would be an awesome trip!

  2. Sounds like fun! There are so many places my parents took us when we were younger and I don't remember it at all. I'd say they were lying, but they had photographs.... and there wasn't PhotoShop back then! :-)

  3. Oh I'd love to go back to Italy!!! I left you an award on my blog! Stop by to collect if you'd like!

  4. What!?! No trips to Northern California???

    Just kidding. All your choices sound great.

  5. How fun! We make it to Chuck-E-cheese every few weeks. That is about as far as we can make it with everyone!


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