Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Final, Final Bachelor, Jason and Molly

Oh Jason...
Oh studio Audience...
It's is SO not that he changed his mind. Whatever... that happens... we have all done it one time or another. So what... you get hurt, you hurt the other person...YOU AREN'T MARRIED...
you can choose whomever you like.
The problem... Jason and studio Audience...
He could have done it like all the other bachelors have done, and broken up with choice
#1 and dated anyone else... AFTER THE SHOW IS FINISHED!
With class.
I was flabbergasted that some of the audience said he had integrity...
Integrity is shown when you publicly dump someone and a few seconds later, act all lovey
dovey with #2?
Wow... I gotta to check my definition of integrity again... I think I have it wrong!
I believe Reality Steve when he says that the ABC execs told him to do it this way, for ratings.
I wonder how many zero's it takes to lose ones self respect.
How many zero's did it take for ABC or Jason, or Chris Harrison?
How did they go home to their families, knowing that this was a total Trainwreck
and they were instrumental in it?
The one highlight of the evening?
Molly's hair was not a horrible mess. It was actually nice!
The Bachelor is done... and STeve was correct again... Jillian is the new Trainwreckette!
I like her..but I also like Jason at one time.
I thought he didn't have a price...
Ahh.. naivete'!
Melissa... call me... I'll fly out to Dallas and we'll do lunch and diss on Jason and voodoo doll him!
Consider yourself lucky.
No one wants to me married to a man that is capable of nationally dumping someone like that.
I wonder how much the audience was paid to be "positive" and just "slightly annoyed" at Jason, but not so "pissed off" that ABC looks bad?


  1. When the host was in the audience and asked if anyone was mad I fully expected you to jump out of nowhere, tackle him, grab the mic and let Jason, abc, host, and all involved have it. I'm talkin' rippin' them a new hole, but instead some faux angry mouse of a woman stood up and said...nuthin'

    At least its over. :-p

  2. Heya! My first time on your blog. I love your blog. Its fabulous. Stay sassy & fabulous. It keeps 'em guessing. I will be back. Ciao.
    ~ Secret Diary

  3. let me know if Melissa calls - I'll totally join you girls!!! I want to just hug her & tell her she's beautiful & so not worth Jason & his loser self!

  4. I could not even bring myself to watch it last night. I am so upset with the things they are doing now a days to get the ratings! So they did not get mine!

  5. I missed it last night, and although I was a little disappointed, I figured there wasn't going to be anything nearly as bad as his catastrophe last night. Seems I was right.

    Well, Molly fixed her hair, that's pretty big news, I guess. I'll have to dig up some pictures from that.

  6. I missed last night, but I find it hard to
    like Jason after this.

  7. I almost got sucked into watching that last night but turned it as i knew you would update me!!!


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