Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wordful Wed!

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It's Wed. So now its Wordful Wed time!
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My Gladiolas are coming in! 6 years ago... I planted one Gladiola I received as a gift...

Now... I have more than 100! From one bulb!

It has been a week of goodness... Queenie Jeannie made and mailed me this AWESOME card!
It's going on my office bulletin board so I can see it all the time!
Thank you Jeannie! I love it.. and you!
Spring has sprung at Casa De Shaver. This is my mini peach tree. This is my mini nectarine tree. In the corner is my 3 variety apple tree. And THIS... this is the face of a child that just found out that he did INDEED make the baseball team at school! Last week was difficult time... we learned he didn't make the team, and we were all kinda shell shocked. They went from having him try out for Varsity, telling him what positions they were excited for him to play... to cutting him from the team. His baseball class coach, the Varsity team, the Athletic staff, so many people were dumbfounded when they learned he had been cut. But... I am a firm believer in the tryout system and don't like it when "Everyone makes the team" and needed to respect the decision made. So I said nothing... we accepted the it, and moved on. I did say this to my son the day he learned he was cut and said... "This is a bad decision, they made a mistake... you watch... they will call back and realize it... you just wait." You know what? Those were the EXACT words the Athletic Director of his High School used, to tell me William was on the team. The. Exact. Words. I got on my knees right after that phone call yesterday. Thanking God for letting it happen this way. In the past week. WE have learned a lot about who we are as a family, and what we stand for. We sacrificed a lot for Will to try out. There were weekend games, 4 per weekend, in the rain, wind, heat, dust storms... you name it, all over Southern Calif. The younger boys were dragged all over. We didn't come home from school until 6 p.m. most nights, because Will had practice for baseball and a soccer game on the same night. Will was CRUSHED when his name wasn't on the list, but boy, did he handle himself with dignity and grace. In a lot of way... he is more of a grown up than I am. I was flummoxed. Someone knocked the wind out of me. I swore he was a shoe in. He's played since he was 5 yrs. old. Made All Stars twice. Hit homeruns over the fence. Seemed to stretch 2 extra feet when he played first base. We. didn't. get . it. But we accepted it, and moved on. And now he is back on the team. Congratulations William! Dad and I, and Alex and Johnny ALWAYS KNEW you had the right stuff!


  1. Congrats William!!

    I am sure you are one proud Momma... and you should be, too! I am so happy for both of you. :-)

  2. Wow, are gifted in the garden!!

    I think that my outdoor work might have you crying in pity and disgust...
    Happy WW!

  3. Congrats William! That's great!
    Saundra, your flowers are so pretty I could cry. There is no life in my yard yet and I can't stand it. I must be patient I guess:0)

  4. Congrats on making the team!!!! i am so glad it worked out for him since he tried so hard!! all your pics are just so pretty... we had a little bit of spring and then snow!! :)

  5. flowers up already - we still have snow on the ground

  6. That is soooo great! And what a wonderful lesson he learned through it too.... that things do work out in the end. Congrats to him and to you!

  7. CONGRATS WILL on making the team but also for how you handled it when you thought you did not.

    Excellent job mom!!! love your photos

  8. Congrats to your son!!! What a beautiful yard you have. I also did blossoms this week my Italian twin!

  9. I'm jealous of your springtime blooms! They're gorgeous. Congratulations to Will on making the team! Yeehah!

  10. I saw my tulips peeking through, which means this winter stuff is almost over!

    Congrats, William. You're lucky to have such a proud mama!

  11. Beautiful garden. Glad your sone made the team.

  12. I am so glad it all worked out. What a way to be blessed for having the right attitude/response.

    I can't wait to see those glads in bloom. Amazing the way those things grow.

  13. Way to go William! And Mom and Dad! It sucks sometimes trying to raise responsible kids but rewards like that make it all worthwhile. I'm proud of all of you!

  14. Your trees look great we just moved into our house and I need to get working on a garden!!!BTW I'm a new reader and I abolutely love your blog I think I found you through Sandi's blog who I also absolutely love!!!

  15. Oh my your blossoms on your trees are gorgeous! All those plants from one bulb? You are amasing. CONGRATULATIONS to your son for making the baseball team.

  16. wow-jealous of the blooms! i want spring so bad-seems like its taking forever!

    congrats on him making the team!!!

  17. Hello, Thanks for stopping by my place the other day. It was great to have a new face. I am so happy for your son that is great. You told him what you felt and that is great. Thanks again. Have a great day.

  18. YAY!!! He's on the team afterall!!!

    I'm so glad you liked the card AND put it on your blog. Really cool beans!


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