Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tribute to Snack Bar Czar's everywhere!

Since I wasn't home last night to watch DWTS, (it's on my DVR) I have decided to
participate, for the first time, in Tuesdays Tribute, with Jay, at Halftime Lessons.
This may be difficult for me, because this post is supposed to be about someone
else but me. Those of you who know me... know how difficult this may be for me... LOL.
My tribute, today, however unorthodox, will be about Every Snack Bar Manager for the Local Little League on the planet.
They should be deified.
They should not be admonished.
They should not be forgotten.
They should be forgiven...
Forgiven when they snap at a customer for asking the SAME question 62 other people just asked, even though the answer is printed on a piece of paper 12 inches from their nose at eye level.
Forgiven for not having Jalapeno's for the freaking Nachos, she has a LOT to shop for, deal with it!
Forgiven for forgetting the bag of popcorn in the microwave that exploded and burned to a black crisp while a customer waited, she was trying to multi task.
Forgiven for looking at her colleagues sitting on the tables, not 12 feet away from her, talking and laughing, and wanting each and every one of them, including her husband, to be hit with a bolt of lightening so powerful it would make them grow curly hair like a werewolf all over their bodies. She just wanted someone to ask if she needed a little help... it was her first day.
The ladies that run the Snack Bar for their kids sporting events
are a breed unlike any other, I have recently discovered.
They are a little crazy.
They are a bit high strung.
They are control freaks.
They like things done their way, or take the highway.
They are organizational wrecks when the Snack Bar is treated like a storage facility for filthy
dirty garden tools.
Have you kissed your Snack Bar Lady today?
I am looking for the Shrine to Lisa, our Snack Bar Manager for the past few years.
If I can't find it, I am going to make one for her, Kinda like a Buddha Shrine complete with candles, and a picture of her, and a kneeling bench to pray.
Thank you Niki, Eileen, Lisa, and whomever else took on the daunting task of the
unforgiveable sin to take on such a feat.
What were you ... crazy?
This is Saundra, signing off, this years local Little League Snack Bar Czar.
yeah, I know.. this was supposed to be about someone else.
Sue me...
Fire me please... from my post!


  1. Oh woman! So sorry! My head would've exploded in anger. They always find the busiest person to do these things. Just count the days and smile a lot. Maybe someone will think you are having fun and want to take over.

  2. And they should bow to you because you could just burn all the popcorn on purpose and tell people that it's a new flavor called charcoal and they can eat it or starve. Snag a hunk of chocolate on me.

  3. Bless you. That job is a thankless, horribly time consuming and stressful position.

  4. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I was actually scared to ask if you needed help. I was very selfish!!! You must know though, that I've been supporting you by saying you are the person for the job!!! You are so organized and you're handling this like a small business!!! I havea no doubt there will always be nachos and I'll bet you never burn (or allow another burnt) popcorn bag. You're the BOMB!!!! You're shrine is next!

  5. I lost my post!!!! Anyhow, on behalf of the selfish parents who are thankful for your volunteer efforts, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!

    I was scared to ask you if you needed help. You had a wild-eyed look about you! ;-)

    I hope you know that I've been supporting you by telling anyone who asks that you are the best person for the job. You are so organized and have all of the skills necessary to pull this together.

    I'll bet you always have jalepenos, always cook popcorn to perfection and, always present a smile from here on out!!

    You will be next for the shrine!! Keep up the great work Miss Saundra!

  6. Oh Kathy... that wild eyed look have given way to drinking... straight from the bottle.

    Some parents don't like change. I don't like those parents.


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