Friday, March 6, 2009

Oy Vay... William the loser of expensive things!

So yesterday... William had a pretty bad day.
Yesterday he lost his cell phone, backpack and a high zoot scientific calculator for Geometry.
I'm beginning to think that Alzheimers starts at a very young age!
So I did what lots of parents would do... I reamed him.
I talked to him till I was blue in the face about respecting his property, putting his backpack
INSIDE THE LOCKER, not beside it, not assuming that just because he goes to a Private Christian High School, that things don't get stolen... they do.
This year alone he has "misplaced" a watch he got for his last Birthday, 3 cell phones (which he paid to replace... I was NOT going to do it) a 1st basemans glove, a pair of Oakley sunglasses,
and yesterday, another cell, his backpack and the calculator.
I am happy to report, that his morning, even though he doesn't have school today, I took him to school to dumpster dive, and he FOUND THE BACKPACK, AND CALCULATOR. No, not the cell phone. He found them in an unlocked locker near where he left it out.
Tiny bit of redemption.
We rejoice in small things around here.
We have to.
I have no idea why he can't keep his hands on his cell phones...
To be fair... he was pushed into our pool last summer by Johnny and one of them was ruined that way... who knew water and cell phones don't mix!
So I have Will home with me today, his teachers have In Service. I am making him fold the mountain of clean laundry I did yesterday. He will also be sweeping and mopping the tile floors, vacuuming, and scrubbing toilets.
Yeah... part of his punishment for being neglectful again...
The other part will be not getting another phone until the term is up on this one.
Then he will be buying and paying for his own service. I am done.
He umpires baseball and refs soccer so he can afford it.
Maybe if he pays for it...he won't lose it so easily.
I'm a harsh Mama.
Never have been easy on my babies.
The world is a tough place... and nothing is handed to you on a silver platter.
The sooner he learns that... the sooner he will appreciate the value of things.
He's a really great kid. Great grades, helpful, smart as a whip, but he just
can't seem to remember that he owns a cell phone.
That cell was for MY convenience... my life line to him.
Now we have to go old school and if I want to tell him something while he's at school,
I have to call the office. So 80's! LOL
On another note...
Do you have a Facebook page?
Email me the name and we can be FRIENDS!!!
I have contacted 90 people from high school that I haven't spoken to in 25 years!
It is soooo cool to see their kids, and families!
I talk on a daily basis to all my family in Canada, New York, Pennsylvania, and Norther California!
It is soooo awesome!
I've had the account for over a year... but didn't do anything with it until last week.
I. Love . It! ***
Won't you be my friend?


  1. Good for you on the cell phone. Usually they'll respect it more if they have to spend their own money. Guess you at least got an excuse for some good child labor now! ;-)HeeHee.

    I FB too! I'll send you an email

  2. I never get on facebook. At first, I thought it was kind of neat, but then it weirded me out-
    Is Will your second son? My second son will lose anything-his most prized possessions, and then cry. It breaks my heart, but there is nothing I can and should do for him. He just took his favorite bear backpack to school today-I warned him that I didn't think that was a good idea-I prepared him that it might not make it home...we will see!
    (You have my e-mail-you can add me as a friend for facebook that way, right? You can sure add me, but I may not do much with it!)

  3. I dont think your a harsh mom, I wish more people were like you. I am so scared for this next generation who's parents have pampered them, given them awards for everything, and celebrated 1/2 b-days for them....dont get me started. I could go on and on. Can you imagine the work force in then yrs?

  4. You're doing just the right thing with your son. He has to learn some responsibility. Good for you, Mama!

  5. He sounds just like me, I lose everything!!!
    I will w-mail ya, I love, love, love facebook!

  6. I have the same problem with my kids too.... always losing EVERYTHING!! i am constantly giving the "have to be responsible" talk...arrgghh!!!
    BTW_ i am addicted to Facebook too... e-mail me your facebook name and I will find you!!

  7. kids kids kids!! My daughter has been gorunded from her phone more than she has actually gotten to have it!! lol

    I an FB junkie too!!

  8. I love FB. I will e mail you.

  9. I'm not a "nice" mommy either. And it's good to know that I'm not the only one out there. I'm really not looking forward to the days of expensive toys. I still have issues with them losing hats and such....

  10. Redemption indeed, when does that kinda stuff happen? Only when you're you, Saundra :)

    Facebook? Meh...I'm fencing it....

  11. I'm so with ya. I tell the kids that they better straighten up or 'Monster Mom' is coming out and she is very old school! It's the way I was raised..and after a lot of therapy I turned out all right! LMAO!

  12. When you're a mom, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    I'm afraid to FB & twitter. One addiction is enough for me.

    Oh, I know Tom.... I'm old enough to remember Magnum PI!

  13. You sound sensible to me. Good on you. Nah, I just do not have time for Facebook, Twitter or any of them. I think though that if you get something out of it go for it! My daughter loves it!

  14. I think your parenting is right on par with my own style. Good for you. Seriously, I think your son is going to make a great hubby one day b/c of you.

    Facebook? Don't even get me started. LOVE IT!!!

  15. Oh go on Twitter, much more addicting. Saw you on the SITS roll call. morning!

  16. LOL, My little brother was the same way..he loses his wallet..kept taking it out of his pocket to play frisbee etc. lol
    He has only lost his cell once, but he breaks them. Good for you being "strong"..helps grow that boy into a Good man!!


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