Monday, March 9, 2009

Memories on Monday

Memories on Monday
I remember going into restaurants and being able to eat a meal with my family
without having to hear some idiot talking loudly into a cell phone...
Remember pay phones? Those big, black dinosaurs outside every establishment that you put a measly dime or quarter into to make a phone call? Outside... where the rest of the diners
couldn't hear you?
Oh... how I long for those days.
I love my cell phone... but during a meal? Not so much...
I was taught to not talk with my mouth full... and that included on the phone... I think.


  1. Me too! I remember the days when there were actual Phone Booths on the downtown street corners also...ala Superman. I always loved those as a kid, even though it was totally glass, it was like a little secret place in the middle of the bustle.

  2. Me too! Kids now don't even know what a pay phone is anymore. Remember going to the movies and your parents making sure you had change so you could call them to pick you up later. Now they all have cell phones.

  3. my 7 yr old saw a pay phone and was dumb founded as to what it was. Why was there a phone "Just there" LOL times have changed havent they. OH and he couldnt believe you had to pay for it!


  4. Thank you. I feel like I'm the only one these days who steps outside to take or make a phone call. It's unreal.

  5. Yes, I hear ya on this one. Its rude. Also I never used to hear the "F" word thrown around either, but I do now... not what I want my kids to hear.

  6. Yes, I remember the black dinosaurs. That was back in the day when my parents would say "Always make sure you have a dime in your pocket!"

    I worked at an office in a school a few years back that had an old rotary dial phone. A kid came into the office to use the phone and he didn't know how!

    I'm with you, cells in a restaurant - RUDE!

    Thanks for sharing a memory today!

  7. Oh, I am TOTALLY with you on this!! I miss the pay phone days...and having to search for a quarter to make a call.
    I hate being in a restaurant and seeing a couple sharing a nice dinner together, while BOTH are on the phone... go figure!! :)

  8. Nothing annoys me more than hearing someone elses convo. Well, unless it's a good one! LOL

  9. Speaking of memories, did you ever see this?


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