Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

The week in Review...
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Johnny was the lead in a play... he had to play a blind man named Simon, from the Bible,
And had to sing two solos... and if I ever figure out how to upload the video I took, I'll do that... This is Braja... my friend in India, who was in a horrendous car accident in Mayapur. She and her husband have undergone many surgeries, and her husband is still in critical condition... prayers are requested. Yes, she is a red head, from Ireland, ended up in India, by way of Australia... She is fascinating. This is a plate of cookies I was trying to send to a friend in Boston... that the mail mart wouldn't take. Weird huh? Wanna see more? Head on over to Angies by clicking on the flowers above!


  1. Hi Saundra, great pictures of the week. I will put your friend on my prayer list. I am also 40 and loving it and love being South African.

  2. Prayers for your friend. I so remember plays and parts played in Church!

    You could unwrap the cookies then, and share with your W W visitors!!!?!! Yes?

    Mine is all about sisters today if you'd like to stop by and read the story along with viewing the photo. Happy Wordful Wednesday Wishes to YOU!!

  3. Since when can't you mail cookies? I've been praying for Braja and her hubby too. So sad.

  4. Those are great pics. Healing thoughts for your friends.

  5. Love your pictures, I follow Braja blog too, do you know how she is doing now?

  6. I'm not sure what just happened with my comment......

    2 solos? He must have an amazing voice.

    Thoughts and prayers are with your friend!

  7. These are awesome pictures Italian Mama!!
    I love to see snaps of children......especilly in plays for the Church.
    Wow...2 solos? That's wonderful.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  8. oh I hope you get the video uploaded and I will add your friend to my prayers!!!!

  9. Lovely pictures. I remember doing plays like this when I was young.

    Your friend is in my prayers. I wish her an easy and quick recovery.

    Happy WW!

  10. What great pictures! I remember having so much fun doing plays when I was a kid - great memories for your kids! :)

    I've been keeping Braja and her hubby in my prayers, too.

    Happy WW! :)

  11. I love bible plays!!!

    I'll be praying for your friends hubby!!

    And lastly, you can send those goodies to me!!! :)

  12. Those cookies look yummo.

    Your boy is adorable as blind Simon.

    Prayers for your friend.

  13. I'll take the cookies! They look yummy! LOL! I wonder why they wouldn't take them???

    How cool that your son sang a solo! So sweet!!

  14. Those are cute pictures of your son, you must have been really proud!

    I will be thinking of your friend. I hope she continues to recover and her husband reaches a stable condition soon.

  15. OOOooo... I would love to hear your boy sing.

    Um... I'll take those cookies. Yum!

  16. The cookies look yummy! Sending some prayers for your friends:0)


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