Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DWTS, and stuff

My Melissa KILLED it last night...
Once again...Holly who?
The judges gave out 3's! Jerks!
Come on!
I'm surprised the judges didn't start cussing at them and kicking them in the shins while they were at it. It was cruel!
That French dude... Ohh la la!
I was mesmerized by Shawn... she was wonderful!
I had another PC show last night... It was great!
Over $600 in sales and more orders coming in.
Really great people too.
The microwave wouldn't cook the chicken at all... it TOOK FOREVER!
It was actually funny.
I've been doing this business for 9 years, and there is still
something to make me laugh at myself about... at every show.
Ya gotta think on the fly in sales, when things don't go as planned.
I was definitely kept on my toes last night, with that stupid non cooking microwave.
It was a comedy of errors, that, I think, helped me book a ton of shows.
By the way... where is everyone?
I have 82 followers, and maybe a handful of comments.
Are we all off on fabulous vacations for Spring Break?
I miss hearing from all of you... lurkers and all!
Is my content boring?
I don't think I'm offending anyone... wait... {sniff, sniff} (checking under the arms) nope...
I shower every single day!
In 5 days, I start working our Little League Snack Bar 6 nights a week... I'm gonna need
you all for sanity and support...
Come back!!!
Come Back!!!
Whereever you are!!!


  1. I'm the same way - my comments have been slow... maybe everyone's out in the Spring Air...or Spring Break is what I too was thinking...

    But yep - 3's... I was so mad... Denise was WAY worse than Apple Man & they gave her 6's... seriously? I thought Denise was worse than anything I've ever seen... & at least Apple-dude is trying!!! He's having fun - no need to bust his bubble & call him out! And what is with Karina giving him the "WORM" to do...

    YIPEE for Melissa!! Totally gave her all my votes! But yummm-o for Gilles - & how cute is Shawn! Going to be a good year!

  2. Totally with ya on DWTS! I'm loving me some Gilles though..I was 'gyrating on my seat' as Len would have said!

    I was just wondering about my comments also so I'm glad it isn't just me. I don't have nearly the followers you do but I've only been at this for 2 full months now. Still, the comments are the best part for me.

  3. I think everyone is out playing with the kiddos in the nice weather. OR all the stay at home moms went completely insane over Spring Break! I can always offer support but not so sure on helping with the sanity part!

  4. I'm here. What else matters? Although I've noticed a decline in comments on my blog, too. Sniff Sniff.

  5. Girlfriend I'm here. I have just been swamped with my crazy life. But I have been reading. I am still trying to think of a comment for the post about being married. It rattled me.

  6. I missed DWTS last night...darnit!! My favs are Melissa (of course... I have to support my favorite Italian Mama's "daughter"), the french guy & Steve-O (just because I support the fact that he cleaned himself up & got sober)
    BTW- how can I check and/or buy some PC stuff? I used to be WAYYY into it, but don't know anyone (until now) who sells it...

  7. I'm around, been busy and I will admit, I'm not the best at commenting!! Haven't had a chance to watch DWTS yet, but maybe if the judges were a little easier, then maybe the stars wouldn't be getting hurt so bad.

  8. It was good seeing your family Friday. Sorry we couldn't catch up but it was really the time or space. Did you take any other photos you haven't shared, I would love to see them. I took ones of our funny outings after Frankie's. We will have to get together.

  9. I'm busy sneezing my frickin head off.

    Go Melissa!!!! Go Shawn!

  10. Are you frickin' kiddin' me? You shower every day? wtf???

    Melissa, in spite of being a bachelor reject, can dance. Shawn's body gives me the creeps. I can say that because I'm a long, tall, willowy, size 2. That's so not true and I don't shower every day either!!!

  11. Same with me on the commenting thing. Must be the weather... Everyone's out trying to enjoy it.

    Over the years I've gone to a few Pampered Chef parties. They are always a hoot. I can imagine yours must be really fun...

    I'm off to try and comment on some blogs. Everybody seems to be feeling the same way about lack of comments.

  12. I'm here all the time, aren't I?

    I felt really bad about Steve W. last night. He has such a happy spirit and that was just mean.

  13. I am here!!!
    I think Melissa is doing an amazing job on DWTS! Holly-not so great, and neither is Denise...

  14. BTW- how do I change my comment replies so that it says my actual e-mail adress and not the "noreply" thing...?

  15. I'm here! NO need to worry... I have not abandoned you. My comments are dragging also. I don't know what it is lately... But I still love you!


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