Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yes!!! The Fireplace is ALMOST finished!  Bill is going to design a cool sheet metal hood and stack for the top, then we are going to apply the Meditteranean/Tuscan touch of slapping on some stucco to make it look super rustic...
It's a two way fireplace... see through, with an option to close either side...  The back side will have seating for about 6 comfortably... and the front (this side) is comfortable for about 10-12 in front of it.
One side will hold the wood... the other will hold the cooler or fridge...

Ahhh... the pool is allll done!
We got a grey plaster and the water looks like a turquoise jewel!
Bill fixed the lights, and as soon as the fireplace is done, we start on the cascading waterfall into the pool we are building ourselves... yes... I mean "we" this time...

It's all finally coming together...

I better go make my bed and show you my new tiled bedroom!
Rob Doran!!! YOU ARE A MASTER!!!!


  1. Okay, that pool looks so inviting it isn't even funny. I am moving in with you for the summer!

  2. Love the new pool. Your back yard is going to be the best party place on the block!

  3. So cool! You are going to be the most popular family! Can I come over? Please?

  4. I'll be over shortly. Forgive me in advance for the bikini.


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