Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Night Prep!

What's been cooking around here???
Well... first... let me say... THANK GOD my kids can cook... because I didn't cook ANYTHING for 7 days while I had my weird fever thing going on.
I'm all better now.. and have begun my Sunday night Prep.
Four loaves of Sweet Hawaiian Breakfast Bread...
These should last all week long, if I just allow one per day out of a hiding place.  My men love toasted it and eating it with a little butter and jam or sometimes... just plain!

Aren't they pretty?

And... today, for our big lunch... we ate William's prized Rainbow Trout... He was so happy to see it all dressed up... after I finished gutting the thing...

Salt, pepper, onion, lemon, fresh parsley... YUM!
It's all ready for the oven!

15 minutes at 375 and we will be in business!!!

Now I'm off to chop my onions for the week, get some beans soaking, make all the lunch sandwiches, and brown up some chicken!
Then... all week long... all I have to do is put dinner together!  All the hard stuff will be done!


  1. You are an awesome mom!!! Please adopt me!!!!

  2. More info, please! Did you bake the trout like a submarine sandwich like in the picture? Covered or uncovered? Wrapped in foil? How did you brown up your chicken? Whole pieces or frozen breasts? This warm-up leftovers cook needs detailed instructions for these gourmet dishes.

  3. OH! Can I please, please, please come to your house? I could almost smell that bread baking!


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