Friday, April 16, 2010

Things I learned this week...

1.I learned... that no matter how much I fought it... no matter how long I delayed it... I am a Mother of a driver...
Having never taken a drug stronger than a Tylenol... is Xanax in my future? or Valium?  yikes!

2.  The closer my William gets to driving independently... the more nervous I am becoming.  I want to place a law in place in Southern California... NO CELL PHONES.. NO TEXTING... NO DRINKING AT ALL... NO DRIVING ON THE STREETS FROM THE HOURS OF 5 AM - 8 PM... while he'll be on the road potentially... so he is safe... Dear God... keep him safe!!!

3.  I learned buying our teen son a truck is a much longer process than I anticipated.  He is precious cargo... and it needs to be large, clean, mechanically sound, not too great of a stereo, MUST have air conditioning, and not too old.  I want him safe... I want him to be proud of his ride... but at the same time... I want him humble too.

4.  I learned that I am very happy when my floors are all cleaned... 80% of my home is now tile... and mopping it sucks... but when it's done... it's divine!!!  I love the smell of bleach!!!

5  I learned in the last month... that a person I thought was a friend... REQUESTED that her son not play on my husbands baseball team...  I'm not upset about her request ... she has every right in the world to do that (heck, I've even done that before... but not without telling the coach first... what I'm upset about... was her inability to tell us, or to have given us a heads up last year that she was unhappy with the way my hubby was doing things...  some people are cowards (and she REALLY needs to be careful when she is talking smack about someone and LOOK AROUND because I was three feet from her when she said it to a mutual friend...and I don't take too kindly to having my hubby talked about or my kids)... and choose to do things underhandedly and under the guise of "not wanting drama or confrontation".  Whatever... for that one person NOT wanting him to be his coach... my sweet hubby got 10 others REQUESTING that he be the coach, and dozens of phone calls before the season asking if he was going to coach and if he does, could he please pick their son...
I learned that she is less of a friend than I thought before.  I won't lose any sleep over it... at all.  She can suck it! AND... if she can do better... she and her hubby need to get off their high horses... and COACH... so they can be perfect... and her kid can play the position he wants...

6  I learned that I am happy that I am not afraid of confrontation.  Confrontation does NOT mean yelling, screaming and bashing... but telling someone immediately when a concern arises... and nipping it in the a clear, calm, concise manner... so as not to put the other person on the defensive... I learned that THAT type of people are the kind of people I crave to have around me.

7. I learned that I have three really unique, great, sweet, generous boys... and a hubby that was willing to spend all last evening replacing ALL FOUR OF MY BRAKES until 11 p.m. just so we are safe... I heard my brakes squeak, and he was on it immediately.  I love having a husband that can fix, build, make and create everything!!!!


  1. You learned a lot this week. I wouldn't worry about that "friend" not wanting her kid on your husband's team--no matter what a coach does, he won't be able to please everyone. It speaks well of him that so many others requested him.

  2. You've had quite an educational week. Good luck with the driving thing. That must be terrifying.


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