Thursday, April 15, 2010

Writers Workshop 4-15-10

Writers Workshop at MamaKat's
"Write a letter to a Reality Star of your choice"


Here goes.

Dear Kate,  Having NEVER seen an episode of your "reality" show John and Kate plus however many, I don't have a lot to go on as far as history.  All I know about you is that you have a gaggle of kids, your picture was splattered all over the place for a while, you are getting divorced from John, and now you are dancing on one of my favorite shows... Dancing with the Stars.

YOU... are a hag.  If you acted like that on your show... I GET why you are getting divorced.  Having a bunch of kids does NOT excuse you from having basic good manners.  Need I remind you that YOU chose to put your life on camera for the world to see... why are you now surprised that Papparazzi are all over the place?

I haven't seen one smile on your face that looks real.  It's like you are incapable of feeling actual feelings.  I sure hope you do differently with your kids.

Never mind the fact that you can't dance, and you are incredibly rude and narcissistic with Tony, I can't figure out why you haven't been voted off!

I hear from people that you are worrying about how to raise your kids.  Here's a clue... YOU RAISE THEM... the best you can... no matter where or how much money comes in.  Money doesn't determine how well your kids turn out...

To me... you got celebrity for doing nothing more than having a bunch of kids.  I know lots of people with a bunch of kids, that don't have TV shows, that have to scrimp and save, and JUST DO IT... that aren't totals hags.
Quit whining and get on with being a Mom!
You might have to get a real job...!!! 
If you treated your husband the way I keep hearing the way you did... you should have thought of what it would be like raising the darlings alone...before you bashed him.

I hear he's not such a peach either... and I have to no respect for a man that takes the crap the way you shoveled it.

It's getting more ridiculous these days... making celebrities out of people that do horrible things.  Tiger Woods mistresses are being made out to be celebrities and given photo shoots, and talk shows....


Go raise your kids Kate... be the Mom you say you are... get off the TV... and... bye bye...


  1. Yes! Yes! I agree. She's a complete cow on DWTS. They cutey Australian was booted this week and SHE'S STILL THERE!
    The public is fascinated by train wrecks is the only reason I think of.
    Good letter!

    stopped by from Mama Kat's

  2. Let me know if she writes you back. Oh, wait, you aren't paying her anything....


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