Friday, April 30, 2010

Things I learned this week...

1.  That Doctors don't actually "check in" with patients in person... they 'call in" on their patients...  Nurses need to get paid a LOT more.

2.  That if the Doctor is hanging around the patient... that's a BAD thing... thank God... there wasn't a Doctor for miles around my Mama this week...

3.  That my Mama having surgery was a huge distraction to the fact that I was without one child this week... Thanks Mama... great planning as usual!  LOL

4.  That you should NEVER, EVER, EVER flip off an idiot that almost sideswipes your car on the freeway... EVER...
Why? Because it MAY just turn out to be YOUR SON'S PRINCIPAL!!! (Did I mention he goes to a CHRISTIAN school? Yeah... I'm toast...Oops... my bad... AND... I'm human... sue me for being crude... it's been a hell of a week... glass houses... people... glass houses...

5.  If you scratch it... it will get infected... duh!!!

6.  That my sons truly miss each other when they are away...

7.  That I am NOT ready for my sons to grow up and become independent people... just yet...


  1. Lol about the bird. Go figure! You probably don't even do that very often.

  2. Dee Dee... yeah... you're right... I rarely do things like that... but it's been such a week... I'm stressed...

  3. LOL, flippin' the bird made me laugh! We are all guilty once in awhile. Glad Johnny will be home soon (maybe he already is)...I had to watch 2 ball games this week without seeing Johnny-boy, and that was pretty bunk. :)

  4. Oh, Saundra, NO! The principal?!?! Yowsa! I hope he has a good sense of humor. :)

  5. Awww thank Kelly... it is soo nice to know someone else thinks my kids are neato burrito...

    ChiTown... no... he doesn't... Christian School... We'll see if they let me re register... since I'm such a heathen...

  6. So sweet that your boys miss each other when one is away!

    Thanks for the note about flipping the bird. Gotta remember that...

  7. So true about doctors being there only if it's bad.

    Nice your boys get along so well that they miss each other when they are separated.

    Hopefully, the principal didn't see enough of you to recognize you.

  8. DH said, just apologize and tell him how embarrassed you are. It was a crime of passion, not premeditated. We got a good laugh out of it this morning. Nice to know we are the only ones doing things like that......and regretting it.

    I vote for more money for nurses too!! LOL


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