Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random and (gross) shots from Spring Break!

While the boys and I were out and about last week for Spring Break... I, of course, had my camera with me...

Thank God!

There are some pretty strange people in the world... and unless you get out there and see it for yourself... you'll just never know...


Allow me to introduce you to a couple of sick tickets I ran into while fishing and and at an amusement park.

Now... last week was warm.  It was about 85 the day I took this picture... and everywhere I went this lady was right there too.  What she was wearing wasn't so much weird... but the fact that she CONSTANTLY complained that her boots were getting wet was really annoying.
SHE WAS STANDING IN FRONT OF THE LOG RIDE AND WATER SPOUT FEATURE while complaining... helllooooooo.... MOVE! or ... wear appropriate shoes for the weather!


This next one.. I apologize for the vulgarity... but I had HAD ENOUGH!  This dude... bent over right in front of me ONE too many times... and since I had my camera... I HAD TO CLICK...
If I had had a printing dock in my car... I would have printed it out and HANDED IT TO HIM... just so he knew what sort of commotion he causes when he bends over... INCESSANTLY in front of people...
and yes... I do believe he scared the fish away...

You're welcome.


  1. That lady with the boots wasn't too bright, was she? Maybe her feet were so hot that it was cutting off brain power and she just didn't think to move.

    I hate when men can't keep their crack from showing. How funny you actually took a picture of him! It seems as though heavier men seem to have this happen more than thinner ones. I had a guy like this on the bus last week--he even gets on at my bus stop sometimes in the morning when he's running late and then complains to the driver that he thought the bus would never come!

  2. Oh how I needed a laugh today, and this worked!!!


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