Friday, February 29, 2008

What a DAY yesterday was... OMG!

There is no barometer to tell us Mama's if we are doing a good job other than what our children do outside of our realm.
I am of the mind that "What you do at home is one thing... what you do outside the home better be exemplary!" Catch my drift?
Yesterday started with the usual "Less talking, more getting ready" rebel yell from me... Dear Ole' Mama. I don't know why my boys seem to have EVERYTHING important to say only from the hours of 6 a.m. - 7:30 a.m. and from 9 p.m. - 10p.m. from their beds. The other hours in between are just not important, I guess.
I get home every morning around 8 a.m. from dropping my men off at school. I RARELY have phone calls from school, unless it is to tell me they need me to volunteer to do something, so imagine my dismay to get a phone call at 8:10 a.m. from THE PRINCIPAL yesterday. Of course, after hearing HIS voice, I immediately think it is worst case scenario, and one of my kids is severely hurt and my heart travels all the way down to my ankles. He has been around the block in schools for 50 years and immediately tells me first thing, Saundra, your boys are fine, I am calling because...
So, I start breathing again, my shoulders relax, my heart makes its way up my legs to it's rightful place, it starts to beat semi-normally, and I sit down... because WHY is the Principal calling ME?!?
Then he says "Saundra, (I require all of them to call me by my first name, Mrs. Mama is my Mother in Law), I have Johnathon in my office, and I regret to inform you that he...
Okay, I am not going to embarrass my kid on the internet and tell you what he did wrong, just rest assured it is something almost all kids do at one time or another, and it was not nasty or anything like that, and no he didn't wet his pants. Let's just say he got a little aggressive with another student, a girl student that persists on terrorizing other students every day.
So he retaliated after she hit him and he was in the Principal's office. You should have heard him crying in the background. Mr. Smith was incredulous. He said Johnny hadn't started crying until he was told I was being called. I giggled. Fear is good sometimes. Fear is exactly what he should have had.
Mr. Smith told me what punishment he was giving Johnny and he was sure I would take care of the rest of the punishment at home. He was right.
So I got off the phone, went about my day, and it was soon time to pick up my little darlings from school. Imagine my dismay when I noticed Johnny AND HIS TEACHER at carpool. Teachers are never with the student when the kids are getting in the car, we all chit chat too much, so the teachers stay with the class and the yard duty people escort the kids to the car.
My first thought... "OH, she is just there because of the "incident" this morning"... I was WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!
Oh! Was I wrong! Yeesh!
She sweetly came to the car... placed my littlest darling in the car and proceeded to tell me he had another altercation with another girl. THIS time, he teacher said, in HIS defense, the little girl hit Johnathon many times and he retaliated in kind... once. Apparently, he captured her flag, she was a poor sport, didn't want to be "out" and started wailing on Johnny. I just slowly turned my head back to him, pursed my lips together, and proceeded to remind him that he has two strikes against him in one day... and did I ever say it was okay to hit girls.
In his defense, this kid really led into him, and he had had enough. He didn't get too punished for it. Girls are so different these days. Not so much the little ladies we used to be.
I certainly don't want them hitting anyone, but I will not allow my children to be door mats either.
So Johnathon, during his brothers Soccer game after school, had to sit in the car and write 200 sentences about his day. That was phase 1 of 4 punishment phases.
We just got settled into our seats on the sidelines, Alex had his water for the game, the other school showed up to play, and I felt like the worst was behind us... when out of nowhere,
a big, blond, pissed off "woman" was making her way to my OLDER son William with her finger pointing at him... yelling at him. William is the official Ref for our games, home and away.
She was a Mom, on OUR side yelling at him that my son called her son a girl.
Our coach was saying that is not what happened and her son told a lie.
My son just stood his ground, was very polite, very adult and listened to this "Christian" woman put MY son down and tell him how stupid he is.
Here's what happened... Three girls on our team this week were captains. Her son, who shall be nameless, to protect him, made a big stink about wanting to be captain. My son said "it is supposed to be the girls turn this week, are you a girl?" The boy then called my son a "jackass". William then kicked the child out of the game. Child then cried to his Mama that William called him a girl, then she went ballistic.
I walked out onto the field, coach ended her verbal blather, and I... followed her to her car...
Yes, I did.
I said... ever so calmly...excuse me, I'm the Ref's Mama, and I would like to know what it was you were trying to prove. Your son called an official a name, and he was red carded. The next time you speak to a 13 yr old child, please make sure his parent is around.
Guess what she did...
Oh no she didn't!
Oh yes she did!
I let her say her piece, them told her my son acted more adult than she is capable of.
She is never to talk to my children again without my being present, and maybe she should be worrying about her son's vulgarities. The coach was totally in William's favor and said he did the right thing. I told him the same thing.
I then told this 'woman' that she needs to take a chill pill and realize what her son did.
She was soooo worried about the other kids teasing her son that he was a girl.
I asked my kids what he is like, and apparently many kids on the playground call him feminine and she is very touchy about it. I would be too... but Puleeeeze! I would not take it out on another child!
She left the parking lot in a huff, and she told me through her window she was taking this to the highest level at school.
I told her this
Today, during Jog-A-Thon, the kid APOLOGIZED to William.
Looks like Mama may have had a change of heart.
So yesterday was a day and a half.
Today I went to the movies with 4 lovely ladies, so see "Fools Gold", took my kids to Chili's for dinner and bought myself 5 new lanterns for my backyard.
I deserved it.
At least that's what I keep telling myself!
So like Letti's new blog title says...
Happily Ever After...If we can just get through this day!"
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Thirteen things I have collected over the years… 1. Penguins _ when I was 15 2. Unicorns - when I was 10 3. Cellulite - still ongoing unfortunately 4. Laundry - Will it ever end?
5. Grapes, all things Italian 6. Boyfriends - those were the days 7. Shoes - it is still an ongoing battle to stop, especially sandals 8. Scrunchies - goodbye 90’s 9. Broken appliances - I don’t know why Bill keeps them… I really don’t 10. Gray hair - they just keep coming
11. Freckles - or are they really age spots now that I am almost 40? I really should NOT have sunbathed using Baby oil... I really shouldn't have. 12. Dustbunnies - where do they come from? 13. Purses - it’s an illness

Yikes... I missed 2 days in a row!!!

I missed my Wordless Wednesday! I missed my Tuesday Tastings!
I haven't been home, and I hate it!
Tuesday was lots of fun... lots of preparation, but lots of fun. I gave away tons of stuff, and I think my awesome clients had a good time. I also had lots of help and I appreciate it so much!
You made it so much easier for me!
I made a Carrot Raisin Salad... remember that throw back to the 70's? I really like it, and Letti and Angela did too... however it didn't leave the bowl as fast as the Pasta Salad and Caesar Salad. Letti asked me to post the recipe for the Carrot Salad so here goes...
8 carrots shredded in Food Processor on grating disk
1 cup raisins
2 apples diced
Mayo to taste.
THAT'S IT! The apples and raisins make it naturally sweet. I don't like Mayo at all, so I used it extemely sparingly, but you can really do what you like.
The last couple of days have been full of cleaning up, putting away, soccer games at school, meetings for baseball, nail appointments (important) and eyebrow waxing (extremely important... I have TWO eyebrows again!) (more on waxing later)
Today... I am home and will be catching up on my blogging and a little gardening in the backyard.
I will post again in a little while. Gotta take the kidlets to school...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I missed a blog day!

Whew! What a day yesterday was!
I am having my huge giveaway show tonight and I was getting it all ready yesterday... and completely forgot to blog!~ No, scratch that, I was able to check my stat counter... but didn't blog. I don't think I could forget!
I had a bunch of stuff to say yesterday, too... Lot's of things were getting me all geared up to talk about something that has mysteriously left my brain. Now when I try to remember... all I see in my mind's eye is tumbleweeds blowing across my mind.
Right now I have to worry about parking on my street for my clients (there is a gutter Nazi on my street), preparing all the salads,
making the honey butter, stamping receipts, scrubbing my bathroom and breathing. Since I have been breathing for a really long time, I think I have that one down pat.
I don't think it will be a very big crowd tonight... apparently "IDOL" keeps people from wanting free Pampered Chef products. That is actually a reason some people are giving me for not attending. They could just say... 'I can't make it" NO PROBLEM! I understand that not everyone can attend, meeting, games, prior committments, but not attending because of a TV program? Yikes... do they miss their kids games or recitals for it too? I say get a DVR and be the master of your TV set and don't let it master you!
No actually, it is going to be smaller tonight because I didn't invite my entire list this time. I chose who I wanted here, carefully. Since it is going to be held in my kitchen, I have a certain amount of space, and certain clients are remembered. Of course they can bring guests and such, so that may increase the number, but that is always a good thing. New blood and all.
I will take a picture of all the loot.
I'm off to do my job.
Have a great day!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Set your DVR's, the Oscars are on...

And I haven't seen even one of the movies!
How sad is that? I haven't even seen Michael Clayton and I LOVE George Clooney!
So I guess I will fast forward through all the mumbo jumbo and just watch what I deem important.
I just love DVR's (digital video recorders). I can watch a 1 hour show in about 35 minutes, or tomorrow, or next week!!!
I haven't seen a commercial in about 2 years. I don't know what kind of cars are new, what new TV shows are coming up, if there is a new cell phone company or anything!
I have found myself so impatient now, that I barely watch any dialogue and fast forward to only parts I deem watchable. It drives my hubby crazy. He would just as soon watch all commercials. It drives him crazy that I often fast forward too much and have to back track.
I am going to watch while getting food ready for a big giveaway show on Tuesday night. I am making a bunch of salads and have loads of chopping to do.
I wonder if Ryan Seacrest will be wearing a gown or a suit tonight!
OOOHHH, did I say that out loud?
One of these days I want to host a big party where everyone gets all dressed up and
comes over and we have
Bellini's and Cosmopolitans and watch on my big screen (that we do not have).
Then dance like it's the Governors Ball in my living room, and eat small food on huge plates.
I'd put a red carpet on my front driveway and give away gold colored chocolates.
Ahhh dreams.
Let's hope George wins.
At least I know who he is, and he isn't young enough to be my child.
Have a great Sunday evening.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Writers Block, What to do, What to do!

When I first started out writing this blog... I was sure I knew exactly what I would say each and every day.
I was going to be witty, timely, succinct, all encompassing and above all... entertaining, and I would get a book deal in days!
Yeah... Hi! I'm Saundra! Care to share my rosey colored glasses?
I started looking at other people's blogs and I couldn't believe my eyes!
There is a lot of real talent out there!
It kind of started to bum me out!
The more I lurked, the better everyone else's blog was. They had more poignant topics, more to say, more interesting kids (toddlers do so many more funny things than 13 yr olds.) The longer I spent surfing blogs, the more my confidence waned.
It was really weird to see so many other people have the same ideas as me, but truly wonderful so see their perspective on a topic.
I love to read... I love James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, John Grisham,Maya Angelou, Nicholas Sparks etc... and I would NEVER put myself in their eschalon of writing... they are masters of the written word, and I want to be just like them. Successful.
I want ridiculous amounts of money for writing my thoughts and stories. I want to be interviewed by Oprah and have one of my books be her "Book Club" pick. I want to go on book tours, meet other writers and have students "study" my book in college. Is that so much to ask? I mean... really!
Then I stopped myself and said... "Why are so bummed out? You are writing every single day. You are doing what you have been saying you wanted to do forever!"
So I snapped out of it!
I spoke to Letti a couple of weeks ago, and she is doing her blog to have a journal for future generations of her family to enjoy and know who Grandma Letti was.
Sounds good to me!
I have been going about this whole blog thing the wrong way! I think. Oh, I don't know!
I want it to be a creative outlet for me but I also want it to be a journal for my family too!
At the same time, I don't want to keep up with a bunch of blogs.
I like that this one takes up about 1/2 hour of my time a day.
I know, I know, I am rambling. This is how my brain works... all the freaking time!
I have paper all over my house, car, office, garage with notes about topics to write about, stuff about my family life, cool places I've been etc...
I have recently been OBSESSED with Thursday Thirteen topics, my stat counter, my page ranking from Google, and who visits my blog and how many subscribers I have.
And... I ...LOVE...IT!!!
Since January 4th, the day I started my blog, EVERYTHING is fodder for this blog.
So here is my answer to my own dilemma. WHY QUESTION IT?
If I enjoy it so much... does it really matter how many readers I have?
Does it really matter where the readers come from?
Does it really matter if they comment or lurk?
Does it really matter that they like what I post?
Does it? Does it?
I know it shouldn't... but it does!
I care if you like what you read!
I care if you comment!
I care if you came from Turkey or Israel!
I care about what I post!
Did you know that the day I posted my Political affiliation my readership dropped dramatically? Even though I am the same person I have always been, I lost a couple of readers.
So sad, in this day and age.
But I care.
Whew... I feel so much better having written that.
Mr Patterson, Mr. Grisham, Ms. Evanovich, Mr. Sparks, Ms. Angelou... if for some unknown reason you ever mistakenly read this little blog... I think you are the bees knees. I read you like a starving orphan. I lap up every word you write like water to a thirsty desert dweller. If you EVER have a class or hold court to teach, I am so in!
Ms. Oprah...Girl... I will be on your show one day.
I just hope it is for something good and not some ambush or debt probe.
Although I wouldn't mind if Nate Berkus re did my back yard...
Thanks for letting me vent.
I feel much better now.
Thanks for reading... truly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I am going to try my hand at stories in this blog too.
I hope you like em.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Girls in my Circle

When I was little, I used to believe in the concept of one best friend.
And then I started to become a woman.
And then I found out that if you allow your heart to open up, you will be shown the best in many friends.
One friend is needed when you're going through things with your partner.
Another friend is needed when you're going through things with your parents.
Another will sit beside you in the bleachers as you delight in your children and their activities. Another when you want to shop, share, heal, hurt, joke, or just be.
One friend will say, 'Let's cry together,' another, 'Let's fight together,' another, 'Let's walk away together.'
One friend will meet your spiritual need, another your shoe fetish, another your love for movies, another will be with you in your season of confusion, another will be your clarifier, another the wind beneath your wings.
But whatever their assignment in your life, or whatever the occasion, or whatever the day, or wherever you need them to meet you,
with their gym shoes on and hair pulled back, or to hold you back from making a complete fool of yourself... ...those are your best friends.
It may all be wrapped up in one woman, but for many, it's wrapped up in from 6th grade, one from high school, some from the college years, a couple from old jobs.
On some days your mother.
On some days your neighbor.
On others, your sisters, cousins.
And on some days, your daughters.
So whether they've been your friend for 20 minutes or 20 years, tell her you love her, and cherish her and you are glad to have her in your life.
This goes out to Mama, Andi T, Mari M., Letti, Angela W., Kathy C, Annie W, Jamie C, Irma T, Malinda B, Gayle S, Michele R, Holly M, Anna K, Cheri F, Kath B, Denise G, Zia Maddalena...
I love you
I cherish you
Each of you is very special and meaningful to me, each in your own way.
I hope I have given you at least some of what you have given me.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Here's who I am going to be cheering for!!!
Go Yankees!
Alex and Isac coming at ya!


Just 13 of many favorite memories
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Cracking olives with my Papa when I was little. We would cure them ourselves. Going on Picnics all the time with our friends, the Saccos Auditioning for Dance programs all over California. Babysitting jobs I had with really tiny babies. I never put the babies down. I held them until the parents pulled into the driveway. Helping my Papa build our third house. It was thrilling seeing the inside of your home built by the man you love. The day I met Bill. I was absolutely sure he was "it" for me from that night on. The day after our wedding day. We had such fun preparing for our Jamaican honeymoon. We took off at midnight and he hired a limo for us to be taken to LAX. We didn't live together beforehand, so it was exciting getting ready in "our" house. May 10, July 27 and June 4, the days my babies were born. Making my Mama’s second husband miserable everytime we saw him. He was a terrible man. It was fun letting him know he wasn’t gonna win. Don’t ever mess with my mama. Feb. 7 1998 the day of their divorce. July 2005, doing a Kitchen Show Live at National Conference in Chicago. It was sooo much fun! The day I put on a new pink Easter dress, I was 7 I think, I went out to the garden where my father was pulling weeds and I walked out there in my dress, and he was such a babe, he stood up, wiped his brow, leaned on his rake, and whistled at me and said… "Youa looka very prettya”. I was over the moon. My Papa wasn't very demonstrative, so that was the living end to me. The very first time I was proposed to by my little boys.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


"Whata doa youa meana she'sa nota Italiana??"

"Youa makea mea PATSA! (CRAZY)!"

"Whoa mea? I nevera saida I noa likea youa becausea youa nota Italiana? Youa nota Italiana?"

"Look Ma! No cavities!"

And so ends another Wordless Wednesday.

Grazie Tutti.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Ever heard the term "Classically overscheduled child"? You know, when all those "experts" try to make all us parents feel guilty for not giving our kidlets enough "downtime" to just sit and be and think? They tell us we have our children in too many "extracurricular" activities.
I gotta tell ya... we took the last 2 months "off" which means we didn't have any other sport except Tae Kwon Do 3 nights per week. It was great... but if we didn't have those three nights, we would have gone stir crazy! The weather has been bad, the sun goes down at stupid o'clock, we don't get home from school until 4:30 most days! What got my panties all in a bunch was listening to a bunch of Mama's at the beach complaining while they were watching their little darlings sun bathe on the roof of their RV.
I was at the beach this past weekend and I was ear hussling again.
I heard these Mama's complain that their children were too involved in too many things after school and they needed some down time, so last year they took their kids out of everything they loved. One Mama was thrilled with what it did for her family. What I failed to hear from her, (I remind you, she wasn't talking to me, but to her friends, loudly, and I was in a chair a few feet away "reading" my book) was what good it did. She kept going on and on about all the different things SHE was able to do now that SHE didn't have to chauffeur her kidlets around. She was taking a cake decorating class, reading books, eating out more with her hubby, got a tutor for her kids, etc... The other Mama was amazed at how wonderful that seemed and audibly wondered aloud what her "family life" would be like if she pulled her kids out of everything too.
Well, you know me... I am not one to keep my mouth shut. I knew I would be seeing these Mama's for the next couple of days while camping, and our kids liked digging huge holes together. So I kept listening, but not listening, know what I mean? A couple of times, they even looked at me like they were talking to me, and I just smiled and kept "reading". I knew my time was coming.
During the course of their conversations, (they had girls and boys, I just have boys) I noticed that while their young "ladies" were up on the RV sunbathing, that their daughters were on the phone with what I was absolutely sure were boys. It was so funny, because the Mama's were certain that their daughters weren't interested in boys and while they (Mama's) were away at all their new found hobbies, their daughters were home doing homework and going to bed early.
Then one of them slipped off her bikini top and and was sunbathing topless.
Yep, I was the one to point it out.
I simply said... "Excuse me, I believe one of your older daughters just took her top off. I have sons and would like to keep them as innocent as long as possible, you might want to let her know this isn't a nude beach." She was pissed. AT ME! She got off her cute little chair, put on her cute little sandals, adjusted her cute little shorts and hat, and called her cute little daughters name on top of the RV. Her daughter sat straight up, covered her ample bosom with an arm and had her other arm firmly affixed to her ear with the phone. The little darling said "Brian, I have to call you back... threw on a T shirt, and came down the ladder to her cute little Mama.
Boy, am I glad I have a strong bladder.
It took everything I had not to burst out laughing.
I leaned over to the other Mama and said... very simply and slowly...
My Nonna always said... "Little children, little problems, big children, big problems... keep them busy and keep them off the streets"
She knew EXACTLY what I was talking about.
She and I gathered the rest of the kids and went down to the water and let the other Mama, "handle" her adventurous little darling 14 yr old daughter.
Mama's have such a special bond. We all love our kids so much it hurts. But we can all be a little snide also. I admit, I wasn't at my best when I giggled inside, and I felt bad afterward... I believe in karma.
I was a complete stranger and she just let loose a huge load of information about her friendship and her feeling of inadequacy in comparison to her friend.
All I said to her was... "If that is what UNDERcheduling is like, give me overscheduled ANYTIME."
Now, don't get me wrong... I don't for one second think that just because my kids play everything and do everything that they are going to be the world's best kids... but I ask you...
How many gangbangers do you think played Little League Baseball, or took a music lesson?
How many kids were active in sports when they were small and cute, and when they got older and stronger and opinionated their parents gave up, did stuff for themselves and then the kids were left to fend for themselves?
Yep, I will continue to sign my kids up for whatever floats their boats. We'll let 'em try anything at least once, (short of bungee jumping, base jumping, and parachuting).
Whoever said "Idle hands are the devil's playground" were right on the money.
Later that evening, my older son decided to pay the "topless wonder" a visit to see how she was. Our motorhome was just across the way, a he doesn't yet have a volume control (ah naivete!) we heard pretty much the entire conversation. THIS time were weren't ear hussling.
Do you know that that young girl tried to convince my son that the 7 month old baby at their campsite was HERS? (We knew it wasn't.) I can't for the life of me understand why she would think for one second that that would be a GOOD thing to say? I remember hearing her say how cute she thought my son was, so if she thought she was being cute trying to convince a boy she was a Mama, her Mama has her work cut out for her in the self esteem dept. Yikes!
William came back to camp shortly after that conversation, thankfully, with a bewildered look on his face. God, I hope he doesn't get married until he is well out of college!
That's my Saga for today! I'm sure there will be more tomorrow!
Until domani!

Life is too short...

Life is too short for drama & petty things, so… kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly .

Monday, February 18, 2008


Our home away from home.



Just before our bye bye bonfire!

We had a ball. It was short and sweet but still fun. No traffic either way, and we had guests come visit us, which always makes for more fun! Angela and her boys graciously gave Bill and Alex a lift to the beach, and the boys had fun riding the beach boardwalk to Huntington Pier. Then it was chili dogs and a marshmallow roast around the fire.

The next day, my friend and PC cohort Michele Rossi came for a dinner visit with her hubby Victor. I always make plenty of food... just in case we have visitors.

It was cold, but great, and yes, my crazy kids went boogie boarding. I don't think they have nerve endings!

Now we have the lovely task of emptying the rig. BUT, that's what the boys are for!!! Free labor! Gotta love it!

Talk soon!


Friday, February 15, 2008


I, Saundra, did not write this piece, but I sure wish I had. It was an email sent to me years ago and I kept it. After what has been happening on college campuses and in our schools in recent years I thought it was appropriate to bring it out... I hope you see some value in it.
I will be offline for a couple of days. I will see you back here on Monday with new posts, more crazy pictures and I'm sure, lots to talk about!
The other day, someone at a store read that a methamphetamine lab had been found in an old farmhouse in the adjoining county
and he asked me a rhetorical question.
"Why didn't we have a drug problem when you and I were growing up?"
I responded that we did have a drug problem when we were kids growing up on the farm or in the city.
I had a drug problem when I was young: I was drug to church on Sunday morning. I was drug to church for weddings and funerals.
I was drug to family reunions and community socials no matter the weather. I was drug by my ears when I was disrespectful to adults.
I was also drug to the woodshed when I disobeyed my parents, tolda lie, brought home a bad report card, did not speak with respect, spoke ill of the teacher or the preacher.
Or if I didn't put forth my best effort in everything that was asked of me. I was drug to the kitchen sink if I uttered a profane four letter word.
(I do know what soap tastes like.)
I was drug out to pull weeds in mom's garden and flower beds and cockleburs out of dad's fields.
I was drug to the homes of family, friends, and neighbors to help out some poor soul who had no one, to mow the yard, repair the clothesline or chop some fire wood, and if my mother had ever known that I took a single dime as a tip for this kindness, she would have drug me back to the wood shed.
Those drugs are still in my veins and they affect my behavior in everything I do, say and think. They are stronger than cocaine, crack or heroin,
and if today'schildren had this kind of drug problem, America might be a better place today.
Author Unknown

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I hate it when people say "ValentiMes" and not "ValentiNes". Children are excluded from my scorn.


Cook a meal
Write a poem
Leave a note
Put gas in the car
Do the shopping
Send flowers
Send a telegram
Take a picture
Make a card
Use Sign Language
Make a sign
Make reservations
Open your mouth and say "I Love You!"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Italians can "speak" without saying a word.
"Kisses to you too! I lovea youa!"

"Dida youa justa liea toa youa Mama??"

"Oy Dio! Whya Goda Whya Mea!"

"Oha! Youa boughta mea jewlerya! Youa Lovea mea!"

Tune in Next Wednesday! Ciao!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm playing catch up...

Okay, so Alex is playing Soccer for his school right now and last week was our first game against Valley View Christian Academy. Alex made the very first goal, but we lost in overtime play. He is the Captain of the team, and leads well. I've said before, I think I gave birth to 3 first born children. I would have chosen more pictures of the team and such, but I haven't asked permission of the parents if I can post pictures of their children on the internet. So you are stuck just lookin' at my kid.
Today, my Papa came over to "show" me how to prune my fruit trees out back. He just had knee replacement surgery, and here he was..."showing" me. He did all my trees, that sweet guy, and he helped me clean out my backyard refrigerator! Am I the luckiest girl... or what!
Isn't he cute?

Monday, February 11, 2008

"Just another Manic Monday"

There's a fungus among us... No, we don't have a disease... ha ha, we are doing
Science Fair Projects in the Shaver Household, as I am sure many of you are.
While my boys are responsible for doing all their own written, research, and journaling work, I like to take charge of the "Decoration" of the board.
Any suggestions on how to simulate mold, mildew and fungus on a Project board, without actually using said disgusting items?
Our back refrigerator looks like a penicillin farm!
No worries, everything is encased in heavy duty plastic.
It's kind of funny checking a refrigerator every day and HOPING for fungus! Sick and twisted, huh? We aim to please!
I could never be a biologist or botanist. I get too grossed out too easily. My boys, however, feel that the more disgusting the better.
I remember having to dissect a frog in 10th grade and a cat in 11th. Do they still do that?
I remember looking at the tag on our cat, who we affectionately called 'Humphrey BoCat", and reading that the cat was "certified" non house broken and died of natural causes. Yeah right.
I always liked science. In college, one of my Physiology courses took a field trip to a morgue and watched an autopsy (my professor was an assistant Medical Examiner). I fainted. Smelling salts smell REALLY TERRIBLE! Did you know that?
Oops, off on another tangent... back to the boys. So, yeah, we are trying very hard to grow some fungus and see which food group grows it the fastest. It seems to grow so quickly when you don't watch it, like all the time in the fridge... but this is taking a long time.
So I'm off to the craft store to buy some pukey color paper, and maybe some green slime, and some little patch of fur to make it look like fuzzy growth on the board. UGH!
Oh! I just looovveee being a Mama to boys. They have the best stuff!
They find the most happiness out of the simplest of disgusting things!
Hey, Let me know what your kids are doing for Science Projects!
We are doing Fungus
and Simulating Cyclones.
Have a great evening!
Buona Sera!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finally, new bedroom for the boys.

Holy Cow!
What a day! What a weekend!
Hubby and Oldest were sick. I went to Lowe's to buy a bunch of new cabinetry for the two younger boys room, Hubby was sick with sniffles AFTER baseball tryouts, so I went to Lowe's for all the stuff for the room, FINALLY. The boys had been begging for years. Pardon the sarcasm, but ladies, you know how it is when we are sick... we still cook, clean, chauffeur, launder,nurse, and everything else... and the men get a sniffle and the world is ending! He napped, needed soup, moped, you know...
I had to miss a Surprise Party on Saturday Night because of the "illness".
Truth be told, I have the bug now too, but I am armed with Zicam and the will to be able to cope. I'll get everything done.
So I took before and after shots of the room, but the new bunk beds aren't in yet, so I will wait for the unveiling via photo.
Our house is sooo small, and everyone is so cramped in, so when I have photos posted, it's gonna look like a LOT of furniture, but there are two kids in this one little 10x 9 space. Our bathrooms are so small, I always joke that you can sit, take a shower and wash your hands at the same time. But you wanna know the sad thing? It's no joke!
BUT, it's ours, and I don't have the big bad wolf knocking at my door, so I will choose to be content.
Growing up, I lived in a house that always had everything just so. My Mama like living in a pseudo museum. My Dad was a master finisher. He never left anything undone. So I have this terrible tendency to assume that everyone is like that. Boy was I wrong!
Oy! This post sounds so Anti Hubby! I am going to leave it though, because it's my journal, and its honest. BUT, if you've ever seen my kitchen you know what a master my Hubby is too!
There, points FOR Bill, lest I receive many "poor Bill" comments from those who know him.
I'm gonna go drink tea now, and mope, and whine...
Have a good rest of the night.
sniff sniff

Friday, February 8, 2008


By now... my loyal 7 readers know how much I love Fridays, and today is even better
because I am not mad at Bill anymore... and ... it's not raining!! So the possibilities seem even more endless than usual!
But I don't. I just simply say... hmmm, let's see if we can make that happen.
Their school just added 18 clubs to join at school, and I think William joined every single one of them. So tonight he wants to attend the inaurgural Bowling Club Night.
I have been hit up to start a Cooking Class at the school for credit for the Junior and High School students, so I am working on a proposal for that right now too. Should be fun. I know all the kids, and they want me to do it. The best part, so do my sons. They can't wait for me to be on campus. SEE? BRAINWASHING DOES WORK! Everynight, while they are sleeping I whisper in their ears... "Your Mama is cool, your Mama is not to be shunned, it's okay to kiss your Mama's cheek in public, your Mama is cool." over and over and over again. So far so good.
Of course, I also slip in things like... "Don't ever do drugs, no drinking allowed, no smoking, make sure your girlfriends have always been girls, you will stay close to home so I can do you laundry when you go to college, you will not move more than 10 miles from Mama... etc..."
What! I never said I WASN'T a control freak! Anyway!
We are going camping next weekend for the three day weekend. Taking full advantage of the box sitting beside my house. So this weekend will be spent emptying the youngers boys rooms for all new furniture and cabinetry like Will's room. Bill finally has a weekend off. So, of course, I make him work. So sad, but, I don't know how to do it, and if I keep telling him how cute he looks in his tool belt, he will keep working. hee hee. I'll just feed the men and keep them happy.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. See you at the park? See you in cyberspace?
I need to write a syllabus, recipe list, tool list, etc...
Anyone know what the state guidelines for "fire" in a classroom are? I guess we'll find out soon enough, huh? I sure hope they knock a couple of bucks off of tuition for us when I do the class... that would be really nice. William is in High School next year... yikes.
Ciao Bellas!
Buona Sera!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random "Why" Things

1. Why do people in California KEEP the snow on their car when driving from the mountains? Are they cooler than us low dwellers? My cousins from back east wonder about that every time they visit. They live in Canada, NY and Pennsylvania, and they scrape every bit of snow from their cars, and can't understand why our people don't.
2. Why doesn't Britney Spears just stay in the hospital? Does she really need to be driving our already crowded with crazy people freeways?
3. Why do we drive on a Parkway, and Park in a Driveway?
4. Why does my hair have to grow so darn quickly now that I am (almost) 40 and don't want it to because of my gray hair? Where was this growth when I was young, cute and thin!!!
5. Why can't I stop cutting my hair. Is that a form of "cutting?" Am I a cutter?
6. Did someone come to my house and switch out my lovely first born for another child the second he turned 13?
7. Do I HAVE to live in the same house as my teens, when they are all teens? Is it okay for me to parent from... oh, I don't know... Hawaii?
8. Would it be okay to tell my teen that his eyeballs will fall out if he rolls them more than 10 times in a day?
9. Can you tell I am having teen issues today?
10. Is there any way I can freeze my 8yr old so he stays 8 and will always ask me to marry him?
11. Am I the only wife that play practical jokes on her husband? Like... to be funny, switch the sugar for salt in the sugar bowl? I am? Hmm. That explains a lot.
12. Is it okay that I refuse to fold the DH and the oldest's clothes anymore, because I keep getting ostracized for mixing their clothes up?
13. Do Doctors give "Off Mom Orders?" like "Off Work Orders?"
Bummer... I didn't think so.
Have a lovely day all! I'm off to get some more ammo for posts!
Ciao, Ciao!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday (well almost wordless)

Here are some Typical Italian Gestures displayed by Italian Parents in public, when loud voices aren't used...welcome to my childhood!
"I'va hada ita. I'ma soa mada, I'ma gonna bita my fingera offa! Madonna Mia!" "Ifa youa don'ta stoppa nowa, youa gonna geta ita... I meana ita!"
"Oy Dio, Mama can'ta takea mucha morea... I feela fainta"
" Oh No! Nota Mya Bambino!"
More wordless Wednesday next week! Hope you enjoyed it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

California Primaries!

Two commenters today used a great word. Dee Dee and Cindy used the word PRIVILEGE.
I loved it!
It was a PRIVILEGE to vote today. Yes it was! We get to do what so so many wish they could.
While I once again enjoyed my experience... I was a little, teensy, tiny bit baffled by one thing I saw at my polling place today, and after talking with my Father In Law, it seems many experienced the same dismay.
When I walked up to sign my name on the signature page, I was handed, by a lovely teen, a
RIDICULOUSLY, HUMONGOUS, OUTRAGEOUSLY OVERSIZED sheet, no, piece, no, blanket, yes! an BLANKET of paper!
I took one look at that thing and instantaneously wondered how many trees perished to make it.
Now people, I, I am ashamed to say, am not a student of recycling... yet. DON'T GET ME WRONG, I'm trying to recycle now, reuse where possible, I watched An Inconvenient Truth, it got to me!
What I mean to say is... even I know a waste of a tree when I see it!
I couldn't believe my eyes!
Did you see it? I didn't even need my glasses to read it! A blind person could have seen that thing!
When I was done with it, I asked the nice lady where I could lay it down for the next person, you know, to recycle the 52 trees it took to make it... and she said "Oh, no, we have plenty, you can keep it." What for?
I joked back to her... "No thank you... I don't have a bicycle to wrap tonight" It was so big, it barely fit on the voter table while voting.
I wonder if the printers saw Al Gore's documentary. I'm guessing no, from the size of that paper.
I read it and it was our privacy rules and such. Yeah! Privacy because when you opened it, no one could see you!
Okay, Okay, I'm off my soap box now.
I wonder what happened to the electronic voting systems. Do you think the Documentary on Diebold Voting Systems had something to do with our going back to fill in voting forms?
Hmmm. Curious... very curious.
I made sure not to press too hard... I didn't want any pregant chads ruining my vote. :)
Alright...I'll stop.
OMG!!! I will be writing all night tonight.
I did it again... I cut my freakin hair again!
I'm sick. I can't seem to stop. I'm also cheap and don't want to ask my mom to cut it... well, you remember why...
More tomorrow...
Ciao Tutti Bella

Monday, February 4, 2008


Tomorrow is "Super Tuesday"!
Please exercise one of the last few freedoms we have in this country
and make your voice heard!
Whichever way you vote, your conscience, your paycheck, the way your parent's voted, to cancel your parent's vote, JUST DO IT!
Having children is NOT an excuse to skip voting.
Take them with you! What a civics lesson!
I have been bringing my boys since they were in diapers, all three of them. I want it to be common place to them, like, "We are supposed to do this, this is normal"
A very close relative of mine, who shall remain nameless, recently told me she was not going to vote at all because our votes don't mean anything. I replied back to her that people in other countries would give their LIVES to vote, and have, very often.
I am of the belief that if you don't vote, you cannot complain.
How many of our Mama's and Papa's would have thought that in their lifetimes there would be such diversity in the ranks of Presidental Candidates!
I hope all those people that wanted segration in the 60's are squirming in their seats.
I hope all the people that think a woman can't do the job are squirming in their seats.
I hope all the people that think a man that was a POW can't do the job, are squirming in their seats.
I hope all the people that think a God fearing man can't do the job are squirming in their seats.
I just hope the seat squirmers vote, otherwise they have to keep their mouths shut.
Yeah, that was pretty PC of me. If you want to know which way I bend, just ask me. I have nothing to hide.
This is just the primary. Just think how exciting November is going to be!
Tomorrow, as you vote, come back here and comment... "I did it"!
Have a great night! I might post again tonight, so stay tuned!
Ciao, Ciao!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I have officially seen it all now.
Not only is the world OBSESSED with celebrity and such, but now the SUPERBOWL has a red carpet?
What... are they going to start asking the players..."Hello, Tom Brady, who are you wearing today?" Is there gonna be a "Cleat Cam?"
I am not a huge sports nut... but come on!!! Even I can see that Ryan Seacrest does not need to be the MC of EVERY MAJOR TV event, let alone the Super Bowl! I like the guy okay... but can you say
He's on my morning Radio Show, he's on my favorite TV show, we had to watch him for the New Year, we have to see him during awards shows... WHERE DOES IT END!!!
You know... if George Clooney or Matthew McCaughnehottie were to take some gigs, it would be much more palatable. Don't you agree?
I wonder what Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw, or Troy Aikman think about all this red carpet stuff. I wonder if they think it got a little "feminine".
Oh Gosh, please, all the feminists out there, (of which I am one) don't e mail me and yell at me. I love sisterhood and all that. Go Girlpower! I just mean that not everything has to be so "mainstream". One of the things I love about these sports days is the way my men gather together on the couch and laugh, joke, hoot, holler and make sick jokes with each other.
It's fun to watch men be men.
I guess they are trying to make the Super Bowl appealing to the masses. I know LOTS of women that are very into the Super Bowl. I like it too!
I make a big deal about making certain "Super Bowlish" food, sit with them, hoot with them, them go take something out of the oven for them.
It's time for the half time show soon. I'm gonna go now.
I'm back!!! NY won!!! Yahoooo!
Boy, that Manning family has some talent, huh?
Red Carpet... Football game. What next? Nascar? OOHH! Red carpet Olympics...with Carmen Electra as color commentator and Britney Spears as play by play!
Feel free to tell me what you think. I'm sure I ruffled a few feathers.
To all the Seacrest admirers out there... sorry...not! ;)
Didn't Jordin to a FABULOUS job??? The best!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Had a tough week emotionally. Could be PMS, could not. Either way... I'm tired and crying over everything this week.
I am choosing to end the week on a positive note. So here are a few things that make me smile.
1. Babies. I love them... especially newborns. Babies are such a great way to start people.
I don't know anyone with a newborn right now. If I could hold a newborn every day, life would be grand.
2. Surprises... I adore them. I love the not knowing part, and all the puzzle pieces getting put together after.
3. Being in my house when everyone else is asleep. It's a little slice of heaven when everyone you love most in the world is snug in their beds, and you can just be.
4. Cherries, fresh or frozen or dried. I love them.
5. Public speaking, performing, being "on". Give me a microphone and I am in heaven.
6. Crocheting. It relaxes me unlike anything else. I can even do it without looking.
7. Writing... duh...I would love to have assignments for like magazines or newspapers and such.
8. Driving alone. I love it. It soothes me. Life seem limitless behind the wheel.
9. Listening to the kids tell me about the kids at school or their day. It is so cute to see something so important to them. Oh, to have those problems again.
10. Sunglasses. I have to wear them to see, mine are prescription... but I love that I don't have to wear makeup when I am wearing them.
11. Shopping for decor for my house. I am a quick shopper too. When I see something I like.. I don't hesitate.
12. Buying my Mama presents. She is truly thrilled every time I give her something, so I do it often. My rule of thumb is, I just buy 2 of almost everything, and give her one.
13. Laughing. I mean belly busting laughing. I wish it happened more often... I hear you burn 3 calories a second laughing. I'd better start laughing every second of every day! Quick tell me a joke!!!
14. Listening to my music all day. I love my Ipod blaster.
15.Green Tea. I drink it every single day. Oh! and Chamomile tea too!
Okay, tell me your favorite things... I tag Kathy C, Charmed, Angela, Michele, Andi, and Holly!
You're it!!!
Ciao, Ciao! for now!

Friday, February 1, 2008


Yikes! What a day!
I finally got my own car back, I was driving a rental for the last month. My car was getting painted because the factory paint wasn't holding well. It was free, so was the rental... too cool!
I had my wedding ring dipped in white gold last week. Took it to Helzberg, where we bought it, and picked it up today. It looks much more modern now with the white gold. So clean and shiny. I didn't know it was an option, I took my ring in to get cleaned last week while waiting for Williams glasses and she accidentally asked me if I was waiting to be helped with dipping my ring in white gold!!! I was intrigued, and did it!!!
Went to the bank... I think they are going to meet me at the door one day and say... "Saundra, we don't want your business here anymore... it costs us more to print the paper for your deposit than you put into this bank!" ha ha! It's my business account. Haven't worked in a couple of months... will start again soon, but the funds, they are a dwindlin'!
Tomorrow are baseball tryouts, and my little guy has a fever of 103.5!!! Poor baby!!
The boys haven't been sick for almost a year, so I was out of everything! No Tylenol, no Nyquil, no nothin'!
How am I supposed to cure the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever stuff without Nyquil!!!
Anyway, tried to make plans for the weekend, and just stopped as soon as I took Johnny's temperature. Boy, that kid really knows how to turn "it " on too. I am a sucker for a baby that's feverish.
We are all on Zycam now. That stuff is a miracle in a bottle. Have you ever used it? I will do an entire blog on it one day. Just go buy yourself some and use it every time you feel the tiniest little tickle in your throat, every 4 hours and you will be truly amazed!! It is completely holistic, just a bunch of zinc, but it works, works, works!
My friend Terri turned me on to it, and it is amazing.
Okay... well, gotta go medicate Johnny again.
Have a great night, and talk to you tomorrow!!