Monday, February 2, 2009

Deanna... I can't seeeee youuuuu! The Bachelor...

I'm getting juussst a little ticked off right now.
They teased and teased and teased and teased...
They said she would come back.
The stupid show is almost over...
{{gaining composure now}}
Well... it was yet another fun filled night of too much makeup (Stephanie and Naomi), wispy, floaty southern accent voices, loads of concealer (Stephanie), incomparable cuteness (Melissa),
bad ponytails (Molly) and semi guard down of (Jillian), who is my second pick for Jason.
Two hours of my life I will never get back.
Since Shannon, Megan and a couple of others left... it was sorta boring tonight.
On part of the show really got my dander up.
Why... and I mean WHY... would ANY parent ask ANY child if they want them to go out?
'Yes Daddy, please go and have a great time... I'll just be here sleeping while you go boink 5 hotties.'
Holy Cow!
This whole movement to give kids "power" is ridiculous!
OOps... off the subject... back to TRAINWRECK TV!
Except... only semi trainwrecks were left... Naomi and Stephanie... well, until tonight for OLD
I felt so badly for her. I really did.
I was going to make fun of her blush application technique, and her love of talking like she was in
a Jane Austen novel, her shiny face and the fact that SHE IS NOT 34 yrs old!
But I won't.
She left with grace and dignity, and she really is a sweetheart.
Maybe she'll meet the man of her dreams now... some rich 50 year old, with grown daughters, to spoil her and her daughter. OR, some young, hot, 34 year old who wants more kids, and doesn't mind having them with a woman 15 years his senior.
She really was a trooper though. She didn't break down, or say how wonderful she was... she was all about others.
That was nice.
Not good TV... but nice.
Naomi... a totally different story. Was it just me...or did I miss the entire Naomi past discussion?
What she a hooker in the past? What she a drug addict?
What! They didn't talk about it!
But then Chris brought up the past and I was like... WHAAATTT!
I still love Melissa for him.
Ohhhh! and did you see??? Next week her parents don't want to be on camera!
Dun... Dun... Dun..
{{That was scary music}}
Will that be the end for Melissa?
Is that the opening for Deanna?
I don't like being lied to.
ABC better get their act together and bring me my Deanna return...
Good, bad or indifferent... she had better show up!
They said she would!
OMG... things are looking good for Naomi next week... her looney Mama... yes, and fellow Californian... wants him to bury a DOVE with the family, and MAKE HIM SAy THE EULOGY of said Dove.
Now THAT'S good Trainwreck TV!
I have to wait 6 whole days for the next one.


  1. I heard Chris say that this was going to be the most dramatic rose ceremony ever. I've never heard that before. The thing is: it wasn't.

    Deanna Pappas come out, come out, wherever you are.

  2. My husband and I were out last night and I realized that I forgot to set the DVR (we got a new one, so all of my old settings were taken away with the old DVR). I about freaked out. It was pretty sad. I ended up calling my mom, who was babysitting for us and watching Fox News, and got her to change the channel. She was not too happy. LOL

    I am in TOTAL agreement with you again! I thought Stephanie left with dignity as well. I liked her...she was a little over the top, but I always thought she was a good person. I think that is why Jason kept her on so long.

    Will Deanna ever come? I think ABC has no intention of showing that part. We all fell for it hook line and sinker. Biting my nails until next week!! Man, my life is sad. LOL

  3. Awww, sorry you were all feeling let down.
    I saw a few moments of it last night while DH
    was channel surfing...the one woman was talking on the phone to her kid (Stephanie?)..
    it was supposed to make you feel warm towards her or something, but it didn't do it for me.
    She was a bit pathetic. Hope your gal
    shows up soon!

  4. I think Deanna will come back when there are three left. Personally, I can't stand her...but that's just me. I look forward to next week.

  5. Naomi is toast. She will be the next to go. She is too imature. Do any of these girls have any experience with children??? Are they ready to be second place in this man's life?? Because it is pretty obvious that the boy is number one.
    Deanna is out there lurking I saw the clips in the beginning as well. I agree with the previous post when there are three she will butt in. That woman makes me crazy.

  6. I have a soft spot for Deanna... I don't usually have soft spots... being heartless and all... but I just think she made a huge mistake and wants him back.

    In the back of my mind though... I think, like Mamakat's sister says, she will just come back to offer advice... I don't want that to be the case... but I can't help but think that's it.


  7. Does no one know Stephanie's real age? If she is 34, then I am 15!! She looks like her face hurts because it is so tight! I liked her but for some reason I just couldn't figure out her face so I always felt a little off by her! I think she thought because she was also a parent that she would have a leg up....oops you know what they say about assumptions!! I'm pulling for Melissa or Jillian but you know Deanna will be back probably right before he hands out the final rose to put a crimp in his decision making process!

  8. I fell upon your blog - I don't even know how... :-)

    I agree - disappointed! I think "steph" left with dignity. Which was a nice change of pace. BUT serious the chick has not ONE line her face. What is that about. I am all for a nip or a tuck when needed - but come on - your face is supposed to move when you smile. Something about her has been bugging me - and it took me till last night to actually figure out - she has NO LINES!

    Naomi - come on.

    I want Melissa to end up with him

    Although I really don't think anyone of them have any clue what being with a man with a Child really entails. Good luck to them with that one. Also - has anyone even ASKED HIM - hey is your ex in the picture? What role will I play?

  9. OMG I can't wait to see the Dove getting buried. The look on Jason's face is like WTF am I doing here!

    I agree, WTH ABC where is DeAnna, it better be worth the wait. All this build up I better not be let down!

    I see Melissa in the end or {dun dun dun} (scary music) DeAnna!

  10. OMG BTW The Cougarette really had me laughing!

  11. Thanks Amy... and Don't hate... I want Deanna to steal his heart again.

  12. I look forward to your commentary. Makes me laugh. I so agree with everything you said....except I dont want him to be with Deanna. Your comments crack me up.

  13. Naomi's past they were talking about was how her mom and dad split up and how it affected her. Relationship baggage.

    I originally thought Deanna was only coming back to give advice to Jason and meet the other girls and tell him what she thought. And that when Jason cried he was really crying cause he missed his son or something.

    But someone said Deanna really does come back to steal him away. I dunno. We shall see.

  14. First time here and I love your post! I was just talking about Jason today with a friend and we were wondering the same thing 'where in the heck is Deana?' She may be the suprise at the end and wouldn't it be a hoot if she were the one he chooses. I can hardly wait for each episode.(can you believe I am a Grandma , well a young one :) I will visit you again

  15. I think DeAnna will make her appearance after the home visit next week. What else can they do?? They'll bring her in...getting us all worked up and you know what...I BETTER NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!! I was some serious DeAnna tears and apologies and make out sessions. For reals!


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