Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Stuff

Well, today was a day!
I had a Pampered Chef show in Azusa, about 40 minutes away,
with hosts I haven't seen in 2 years...
Oh, how I have missed them!
Such a kick in the head!
I did a housewarming show for a young woman who bought a great house ALL BY HERSELF,
and it has a BASEMENT!
Why the capitals? Because almost NO HOUSES in CA. have basements.
This house was built in 1920 and was sooo freaking charming...
I am so proud of you Sandy!
The weather was perfect, we had the show outside in this awesome backyard covered courtyard
complete with a fire pit and dance floor... so amazing!
So I made some money and got 5 bookings all while my Men were
at the Nascar Races in Fontana.
I. hate. Nascar.
But, the hubby loves it... so I keep my mouth shut.
I just don't get it..
Hurry up... turn left.. hurry up... turn left...repeat 500 times! The boys all had a blast, and came home of with lots of stories
about the people they were sitting around.
I have come to the conclusion that my boys are total snobs.
I love it and hate it at the same time.
But my oldest came home with an observation that I think merits mentioning.
He said...
"Mom, you would have died... there was a guy there, with Tattoos all over his body... the art looked really expensive. His clothes were torn up and his shoes were worn,
and for a second, I was feeling really sorry for him and was going to ask Dad to buy him some food... then I saw him plunk down $60 for beer, and a bag of candy... and when he smiled at me...
HE HAD NO TEETH!... Mom... I think he should have spent the money he spent at the races, on some dental work..."
Yes, my boys hang out with Mom a little too much. It was good for them to hang out with Dad today. I needed my estrogen replacement therapy from my show full of women.
Johnny noticed that a lot of the women that should have worn more clothing... weren't wearing nearly enough. He said... "Mama... she was almost showing her boobies when she was jumping up and down!"
So I said..was she pretty?
He said..."Mama... her tank top was really small, and her body was really big"
What an education they got at Nascar today!
I'm so proud!


  1. Possibly not a good childhood out for nightmares, Saundra :)))

  2. Ha Ha oh my that is funny. Your boys are so cute! Oh yes we have those car races here and few clothes seems to be standard dress.

  3. oh i LOVE the "repeat 500 times" comment - how TRUE!
    it so must be a man thing...
    your day sounded much better! hahaha!
    and the toothless guy - i think my sister dates him.
    enjoy the day!
    kisses and cupcakes,

  4. Excellent on the bookings!! And my dad is a huge NASCAR fan, has been since before it was big...i am glad you had a great time while your guys did too!!

  5. Oh dear!!! Your boys are so sweet! They may notice things that are not well done of people, but they mention it in such a polite way that you couldn't take offense!
    There are a lot of homes with basements in my town, but then we are not that prone to earthquakes as much as the bay area, maybe that is a factor.

  6. hahaha! I love the assessment of "was she pretty" hahaha oh man. Yay for 5 bookings!

  7. Do you know how much I would love to have you do a party for me? It would be awesome!

  8. How neat about your Pampered Chef party! I own about 3/4 of a catalog, and I don't even cook-that is sad!
    I also hate NASCAR-and so does my husband-but my boys-that is a different story!Ugh!


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