Monday, February 16, 2009

My favorite room...

MamaKat had a video tag about the favorite room in her house.
She then tagged all of us...
I don't know how to post video to my blog... so i am just going to post pictures of my favorite room.
We just completely remodeled our kitchen/family room/dining room about 4 years ago,
and it is my most favorite place to be in the world!
So here are the pictures...
I made a Scrapblog that is about 25 pages long to show the 9 month long process, and I chose 3 of my favorites.

Above... before any demo, before anything was touched. About 3 seconds after this photo, I took a sledge hammer to the one drawer that fell out every time we tried to open it. I really showed that drawer whose boss...

This was terrifying and satisfying, all at the same time. Ahhhh... the 2005 photo is the day Bill finished with the large structural stuff, the 2008 is after the decorating and the beautiful hood he made for over the stove. So... that's my favorite place... our kitchen. Where everyone gathers to eat, talk, play games, and just chill.


  1. there is a video button right next to the photo button on blogger, or you can upload your video to You Tube and then take the embed code and put it in the edit section of your blog.

    love the kitchen

  2. HOLY COW! Total transformation! Looks awesome!

    PS love your blog background! ;)

  3. Amazing job, Bill is very clever. Love the purple too! And your new background on your blog.

  4. Thanks everyone... yes, purple is on every wall of my home except the boys' rooms.

    I'm obsessed with gray and purple together.

  5. What a man what a man what a man what a man what a might fine maaaaaaan :))

  6. Love your kitchen! My favorite room is NOT my kitchen-that is the only room we need to re-do, and now with the econ. in the shape it is-that is not looking good for the kitchen...I am very envious of yours, though!

  7. Amazing! I don't know how you survived during construction. I would have pulled my hair out. But MAN it looks like it paid off. That would be my favorite room FOR SURE! Beautiful!!

    ps DeAnna totally does not come back tonight. Tonight is the New Zealand trip and during the previews they said "and later" (meaning later in the SEASON) "DeAnna Comes BACK".

    Just watch. You'll see. And when I'm right you owe me twenty bucks. Because I said so.

  8. Wow! Now those are some befores and afters. It's beautiful. I wish I had the guts.

  9. What to say! I am blown away by your fabulous site! The layout! The humor! Your gorgeous sons! Your favorite room is now mine too!

    I'm also Italian (but I look Irish) so I love you even more.

    I'll be back for more of this!

  10. Your kitchen looks wonderful!! That's awesome he did it by himself!!

  11. Absolutely amasing work. Well done!


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