Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo Story Friday

PhotoStory Friday Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek
I don't know how many of you watch Top Chef, but in Season 2 or 3,
My cousin, Frank (also known as Frankie the Bull)
was on the show!
My Mama and his Papa are brother and sister...
So after the show... like a good relative, I called his butt up and
asked him to do a food demo for my Pampered Chef downline and some crossline
We had people coming out of the woodwork... and it was a great evening!
He ended up staying the night and he, Bill and I had the BEST time talking
and laughing about when we were little and some of the fun times we had...
So here he is... Frankie Joe, as we all know him.
He was the one that threw Marcel's stuff across the room. He gaves us all the inside scoop about that... and Marcel TOTALLY deserved it. Of course, the editors never tell the full story...
My two youngest, Johnny was Franks Asst. Chef And he let him go up on stage with him! He made two INCREDIBLE dishes in minutes, and then took questions from his audience of 100 people. He has a book out, and is also featured in the Top Chef cookbook. I am so proud of him, and I just want him to know I hope he returns from Nigeria soon, we all miss him. He is right up there, for me, like my other cousin Lorenzo. Even before he became a big bad celebrity!


  1. Oh that is soooo cool!! We don't have cable, but I have watched it at my mom's before! She loves that show!!

    How awesome!!!

  2. That is so cool! I love top chef, I am really torn this season...

  3. Yeah, I am a huge fan of Top Chef!

  4. I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!! Okay, I'm new here but you've got a fan LOL. Looking for new blogs to read, came upon yours and lucky for me, struck some gold. Nice to meet you

  5. How exciting for both of you! I used to do pampered chef ( along time ago) I'm just no good at being a sales person!

  6. I see Ms Bern has graced you with her presence...lucky you :) And why doesn't this post surprise me? cooking much run in the family...

  7. Now that must have been some "Pampered Chef" party. Must have brought you up a couple of notches with the sales group!

    Looks like Napa is a popular Virtual Girls Getaway! Oh, to dream....

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I don't watch the show regularly but I have seen it before. How neat that your cousin was on it and how sweet of him to perform at a PC event. :)

  9. Love the story behind the pictures. Awesome to see the kids involved. What fun and very cool!

  10. Now that is just so cool! I LOVE Top Chef! Very neat that your cousin was on there-Italian chefs are the best :)

  11. That's family when you all come together and have something special. Even better that his cooking is amazing! Italian anything is the best right?!

  12. That is cool! Looks like it was a fun evening.


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