Monday, February 2, 2009

What is a ManCave you ask???

I have been asked, via email... what a ManCave is.
Well, my definition of a Man Cave is this...
"A place where all persons of the testosterone persuasion can congregate to play such things as
video games, darts, air hockey, pool and lift weights... all outside the confines of
Mama's space... which is all the decorated areas of said home."
To clean the area known as the ManCave... I will need only to shut the door.
I will not be responsible for the odor, funk, messiness, or condition of the ManCave.
If the odor permeates the Mama area of the home, Mama will have no other option but
to decorate and organize the ManCave as she see's fit... thus relegating it also as Mama's area.
If this happens... the person's of the testosterone persuasion will be asked to
"Play nice somewhere else..."
I am very excited for the ManCave.
I think all men need a place to call their own.
I promise never to step one pedicured foot into it, if it stays somewhat clean.
So... that... my friends... is my version of the
ManCave that will be built soon, in addition to a super duper luxurious new master bath suite. and a walk in closet,{the MamaCave}
Calgon... take me awaaaaaayyyyyyy!


  1. Yup - Master bath and walk-in closet...the men can have the rest of the house as far as I'm concerned. Hope the mancave works out...keep us posted! :)

  2. My DH wants a man cave.....maybe one day.;-)

  3. WOW, A man cave sounds like a scary place to me! I best keep out! Master bath suite sounds divine tho!

  4. My husband has a mancave. My only gripe is that even though he's got the big screen t.v. in said mancave, he quite often will camp out in the living room and watch that one instead. Hmmm, he can keep the living room and I'll turn the mancave into a studio... yeah, that's it!

    Enjoy the super duper luxurious master bath suite when the time comes!

  5. How come the first thing that comes to mind when I think of mancave is "stink".

  6. Man cave? Wherever he wants, but not in my space, buddy...


  7. How exciting!!!! I can't wait to stop by and see it when it's done!

  8. So that's a man cave. I had one of those here before the son got married. It smelled like feet and taco bell.

  9. I love YOUR definition and cleanliness rules for the mancave!

  10. My son watches the "man cave" show and thinks it's the coolest thing ever. Then he runs down and tell my DH about it; then my husband cries a I do want him to have his own man cave one day. The family room is somewhat man cave'ish (all his sports collectibles; signed jerseys, footballs, banners, bobble heads) but it could be "cooler".

  11. Fabulous definition of a man cave. :)

  12. You are the bomb woman (yes that dates me) you must write a series on the ManCave, actually I see a sitcom in your future with that one.

  13. Here's to the funk staying where the funk belongs, in the man cave. So I love that you love being italian! That's funny. Don't tell me, you live in Queens right? LOL And oh my word, I am so glad you a word verification free blog, so am I, I can never get those stupid letters right.


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