Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Novel? you ask?

Okay... my novel... since so many asked.
Yes. I am writing a novel...
As you can see from my Blog Title... I am an Italian (and sooooo proud) Mama and I am going
completely crazy...
My family (extended family) is nuts.
They make a great story.
Always have.
They are the most lovable, funny, quirky, dysfunctional, functional, loving, giving, impatient nutbars you will ever hope to meet.
I have over 6o cousins on my Mama's side of the family, and over 70 on my Papa's.
Italians do thing... well... differently.
I do have to say though... that really only 1st and 2nd generation Italians to this country
are my emphasis. The craziness tends to dilute as we marry OUTSIDE our Italian Heritage.
Which doesnt make for as much writing fodder.
My novels will be a series of books, with someone like me being the Shero.
Stay tuned.
If I tell anymore., it will get stolen, written by someone with waaaay more time than me, and then I'll have to go all Rambo on someone's A**!
Ciao Bella's!


  1. Sounds fantastic and from the little you have told me about your Mamma it will be great. I love Italians and the whole culture!! I also love your slides over on the right too - your boys are the best looking kids I have seen - very handsome and photogenic!!

  2. Lilly, I never ever get tired of hearing how handsome my men are. Ever.

    My Mama and her family are quite unique. My Dad's side are different... but still interesting.

  3. Oh I can't wait! I'm always afraid someone will steal my ideas too... The last one I had was so perfect... then I saw the exact same thing at the book store. It broke my heart. It wasn't stolen from me but it felt like it.

  4. I think your book is going to be fabulous! Can't wait.

  5. It is a GREAT silhouette but I am still inlove with the lemon butt picture!! :)

  6. Your boys ARE beautiful, I know i'v said that before too, but they are...and I can't wait to read a novel from you...get on with it!!

  7. Oh oh I cannot wait to read it...I love your style of writing it always makes me smile...

    I have a feeling you are going to make a huge giant splash in the world of novel writing!! And I will be there cheering you on!!

  8. Sign me up for a copy-can I buy a signed one?
    I dated an Italian guy for many years before I met and married my blond German...
    I stayed around so long with mr. Italian because I LOVED his family!!! His mom was one of 12 (!) Italian children and all the aunts, cousins, uncles, NONNA-it was a blast...too bad the guy wasn't so good for me-
    Can't wait to read your novel-I am a HUGE reader-and I will pay good money to read it!!!LOL

  9. too are right my mom and i both married "outside", and it is diluting especially since i don't live in jersey anymore..but my 3 year old knows how to make meataballs!! my novel is italian too..but don't worry i am not stealing from you..its more women based. the ladies in my family broke some of the italian molds.

  10. LOL, My favorite warning to my family is"careful, you'll end up in my novel!"
    lol Get back to work..I can't wait to read it!;-)

  11. Can't wait to read it. My family is nuts and would make a great novel. To bad I am not much of a writer.

  12. I cant wait to read it! We Italians are a different bunch! But I agree, our craziness gets diluted when we marry non-Italians!

  13. I can't wait to read this novel!


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