Thursday, February 12, 2009

My oldest Son is in Like.

I have been hearing the name Samantha*(name changed to protect the girl) around my house
Oh, Samantha and I read this book at lunch today... or Sammie was cold today, so she is wearing
my new jacket you bought me Mom... sorry, I'll get it back tomorrow...
Hey Mom, did you know Sammie was on the debate team at school and she won?
So I asked him a question... and Thank God I got the answer I was hoping for... but still
don't know...
I asked him... "So, this Sammie, is she your girlfriend?"
To which he replied..."Oh, Gosh no Mom, we are just super good friends... we were walking down the hall together at lunch today and and someone else asked us the same thing, and we both said
"No! Just friends!"
MMMmmmm hmmmmm.
YOU know and I know what "just friends" can turn into... right?
Yes, I'm talking to you... my blog buddies...
Last Friday, William asked me to wait for a minute after school, he wanted me to meet someone...
and it was Sammie.
She is adorable, tiny, very polite, smart and, I could tell, completely smitten with my son.
I can't blame the sweet girl... and I can plainly see why he is smitten with her too,
you just can't help but be drawn to a bright girl like that.
William will be 15 in May. In some ways, he is worldly, grown up, beyond his years, and in other wayS, the ways of the heart, he is naive, new, unsure and clumsy... THANK GOD ALMIGHTY!
Bill and I haven't allowed him to "have a girlfriend" yet. He has said as much to 4 girls this year at school. How do I know? The girls parents actually came up to me and thanked me for being strict with my son. Their daughters were writing his name all over their books, and taking pictures of him with their phones, and they werent' allowed to date either... it wasn't stopping them from acting like they could.
It was very flattering, sorta, to hear this about my son, but kinda weird too.
I was never as pretty as this kid is handsome... ever.
He is completely oblivious to his power and his looks... THANK GOD AGAIN!
When these girls were throwing themselves at him, he told them he couldn't date yet... and they spread the news throughout the school.
We didn't care.
It's a private Christian High School, they won't think it's too weird. and they didn't.
But the time is fast approaching when he will be needing to have outings and experience with girls, appropriate experience...I mean it.
I felt compelled to have several mini-talks with William while we were in the car alone together on the way home from school, or when he is off at 1 p.m. on Fridays and we have 2 hours to kill before getting his brothers.
The talks have gone rather well, with him telling me absolutely everything about Sammie, and the other girls he knows like him. He only has eyes for Sammie, it seems. He wanted my advice as to how to tell the other two girls he isn't interested, without just blurting it out, and without
Sammie knowing he likes her, because he doesn't want her to know he likes her...
(like she doesn't know) please!
My heart was singing! He is a caring, loving boy... who isn't a player!

Let's hope it's always that way...

But I decided that it's time to let my manchild know he can come to me for advice without laughing or minimizing his feelings he will feel.

I want him to know that I have gone through the same things, and that I was once a 14 year old girl, and we aren't all that different, even after 25 years. I would hope that he would appreciate having a female perspective on some matters... since I am the only female in our home. So today, I wrote out some things I want to be sure to talk to him about, and I thought I would write them down in numbered format for him to peruse at his leisure.

I know... you all think I am a nutjob for thinking my son would ever read something like that...

but as he gets more aclimated to the boy/girl dynamic... I see his is listening to me more intently when I ask if he would like my advice on a matter of the heart.

Part 1 over...

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow...

This post was getting entirely too long.


  1. Your son seems really sweet. We need more of those. Good job raising him. I have about 8 more years (I hope) before I have to deal with hormonal preteen girl and I am already worried. Yikes. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Now I think that is great idea because well where do our sons learn about women hopefully from their moms. So a list is great and yeah he will probably read it but maybe not tell ya!!!

    Teens ahh me...

  3. That is so nice to hear.
    My P is six, and has (to hear her tell it)
    already decided on her husband.
    He is also 6, and my friend's son.
    They are fiercely protective of each other,
    and they both tell everyone she is marrying him
    after they grow up and finish "grad school".
    lol She picked him, because "he's nice,and smart, and keeps him room neat".I said, "he's pretty cute too," and her response.."yes Momma, but his heart is beautiful..that's what matters". If only I had her common sense at 18,lol.

  4. You are such a great mom. How wonderful to have an open honest relationship with your boys. You are doing a fantastic job, obviously. And how precious is it that William wanted you to meet Sammie? So sweet and scary too.

    While reading this post I began to wonder if any of these girls know about your blog? Then they wouldn't have to use their phones for pictures, LOL!


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