Friday, February 27, 2009

Small Talk Six...


1. The Ocean... I adore the beach and open water.

2. My kids belly laughing.

3. Babies. All babies.

4. I Love Lucy

5. The prospect of going shopping.

6. Someone else making dinner.



  1. I'll make you dinner if you take me shopping. Deal? Deal. Things that make me happy?
    1. Early mornings and good meditation
    2. Dinner with friends
    3. Swimming in the Ganges river in summer
    4. Flying to the other side of the world every year for a's exciting...
    5. Blogging :)
    6. Giving presents.

  2. 1- Babies for sure
    2- laundry ( I love warm clean clothes)
    3- new jammies on my kids
    4- fresh out of the tub kids
    5- mind blowing sex
    6- my husband!

  3. Let's see:
    1. my boys' smiles (hub. and babies)
    2. a super hot bubble bath
    3. getting a pedicure
    4. being at my cottage in the summer-no phone,no internet-just peace and quiet
    5. a clean, organized home
    6. my husband's cooking

  4. ooh...
    1. My son's eyes light up when I walk into the room
    2. Art classes (I love to paint, but it's so much better in good company)
    3. I'll ditto Ruby Red on a clean organized home ::sigh:: I miss clean...
    4. Hiking on a cool summer day
    5. Biking around the lake
    6. Big family dinners. 20+ people crammed into one house w/ good food = bliss

  5. oh, i love the ocean too....well, I love to "look" at the ocean... but I've always been afraid when swimming in it!! yikes!!

  6. My Cat
    My Family
    The Beauty of a Sunrise
    The splendor of Sunset
    A friend calling or writing to me.
    Receiving fun mail.

  7. Ooh ooh, me!

    1) Silly, fun, bright things my kids do.
    2) Having the house all to myself, even if it's just for 15 minutes!
    3) Solving a big problem at work or finally fixing something that was broken.
    4) My Internet time
    5) A really good chef salad or a heaping plate of sushi
    6) Late-night movie and popcorn with hubby after the kids are asleep.

    Whee, that was fun!


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