Monday, February 2, 2009

Stay Tuned...

Stay Tuned for tonight's episode of
Oh... and for Sue in Colorado or Ohio (which is where your ISP says you are from)
You can just keep your trash talking mouth off my blog.
I welcome banter and opposing opinions... but you are just downright mean and looney.
Okay... that's all I'll write about HER!
I am also going to write about the show right after it aptly named True Beauty.
Holy Cow. If you love watching people get their just desserts, you will LOVE this stupid show!
One chick, Chelsea, has this crooked, wicked, evil smile thing she does with her
face that literally makes me jump back 2 feet from my TV!
These people are seriously delusional!
What fun!
Okay... see you tonight! Right After Bachelor!
I have my home appraiser here... he's measuring my house.
He called me Mrs. Shaver. I told him Mrs. Shaver is my Mother in Law, to call me Saundra,
he gave me a weird look.
Hmmm.... I got "no sense of humor" guy! Lucky me!
No, I'm not moving. We are building a new master bathroom suite and re plastering our pool and extending one of the boys' bedrooms to include a ManCave!
Too cool!
C u 2 nite!
Edited to Add... (I learned that from MamaKat)
I got an award from a loyal reader!
Here it is!

It's from Annie Friedrick... and I can't thank her enough!

Oh...yes I can... hop on over to her site and get a giggle or two!!!

Thank you! Grazie'! Molto Buone Fortuna!


  1. I actually accidently watched that show last week. By accidently I mean it was on while I was pinned down by 2 sleeping kiddos and I couldnt reach the remote. It was interesting to see the interaction of people. Now I cant wait to see it this week! Love your blog!

  2. Help me! Seriously-I was trying to do that %#&* scrapblog!! I was trying to make a header for my (semi-professional) teaching blog...not sure how it ended up on my family blog-it won't post as a header on my other blog, it is at the bottom...What can I do? can you help me, Scrapblog goddess???

  3. I haven't watched the Bachelor this season:( I live in cartoon land lately!

  4. Sounds like an interesting show, I think I'll pass, LOL. I'm restricted from jumping even just two feet. ;-)

    I have service people who come to the house and are all business and no sense of humor.

  5. sometimes i hate blogger i cannot get your button to work on my blog, arggg

  6. Ruby REd... I told you... call my cellnumber that I gave you via email. I'd be happy to help you

    Thanks sassypants,

    Oh Becky... you party pooper... I still love ya though!

    mel, you have to put in the html thingy on your sidebar. Just copy the code in the box below it. hopefully it works that way.

  7. A man cave? That's awesome! You have to post pictures of that!

  8. You crack me up!
    I'm not even going to watch those shows..I'll just read your take..way more fun that way!
    You are "too colorful for tv"!;-)

  9. Hi Friend, I figured out my login if you want to elimate annonymous. ;-)


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