Monday, February 23, 2009

Ugh...The Jason, Melissa, Molly, Deanna debacle!

I like to think of myself as a fairly level headed person.
Don't laugh... it's true... it's my fantasy... don't spoil it for me...
Okay... so I'm a crazed lunatic most of my life... but on some days... I can be downright
inspiring! (Okay...once was July 1985, and another time was December 1992)
So tonight, much to my chagrin... I watched the Bachelor. Reality Steve really ruined it for me.
Notice the lack of exclamation points. Yeah. My heart wasn't in it.
I kept looking at Jason with distain and ugly thoughts.
My mind kept asking questions like...
"Was Steve right? Does he dump sweet Melissa on National TV?"
"Only to turn around and ask Molly to marry him?"
"Then does he really tell Melissa that he was cheating on her with Molly on the weekends she didn't go to Seattle?"
You know... I don't even care anymore if Deanna comes back.
They got me hook, line and sinker... and that is something I won't forget.
They use and abuse... that ABC, and I know what a boycott is... they better be shakin' in their Manolo Blahniks and Bruno Magli's.
Oh... the pain... the wretched... wretched pain. (still no exclamation points.)
Tonight was the "Tell All" episode of this truly trainwreck season.
They practically asked Jillian to be the next bachelorette... but if this season goes down the way Reality Steve put it... the entire Bachelor franchise will be seen only in hell.
I, for one, will be outraged if Jason knew ahead of time that he was to dump Melissa, for ratings, even though he really wanted Molly. It would break my cynical heart! (there's one)
The end of tonights show was a close up of Chris Harrison (the host)
and his disclaimer that the Final Rose or After the Final Rose or whatever it was
was so sensitive, so hush-hush, that they "wanted to give the threesome the privacy they deserved" or some mish-mash talk like that.
Hmmmm... how much PRIVACY is there when you are taping it for NATIONAL TV?
If they don't see us... does that mean we don't really exist?
Hellooooo! (there's another... I'm gettin' all warm 'n tingly now...)
Melissa is gonna get royally dumped and then be told she was cheated on!
Oh man, I hope Steve was dead wrong! (ohh, another)
Stephanie didn't look nearly as old as she had in the past. She looked very lovely tonight... not all shiny and pulled back with duct tape.
Stalker Shannon's teeth were in rare form.
and EWWWWW when she was picking her nose and wanted a kiss from Jason right after...
on second thought.. if he dumps Melissa, then Ha! He deserved it!
(oh the exclamations are flowin' now!)
The chick that thought she was so gorgeous and worth it.. looked tore up from the floor up!
And while Naomi was talking... all that was seen was a set of twins...
behind her very large head.
Naomi was asked a lot of questions. Of course.
Boobs = ratings.
Welcome to America.
So... Next week, the truth will come out.
If it all comes down the way Steve says... I will never watch that stupid show again.
But... I have a terrible suspicion that Steve will be correct.
I just hope he isn't correct in thinking Jason was in on it from the beginning.
That would really suck.


  1. I think it is just as Steve said it is. The women tell all episode was actually filmed last week (our local news team headed down there to interview Jill... and another segment for tonights episode.) Anywhoo did you notice that Chris asked if Jason was "happy"? Not engaged? etc etc... That to me is telling and right on spot with Steve's horrific nightmare!!

    I too could care less about DeAnna... also did you notice that he only talked to the last 5 voted off? That never happens. Usually there's some random question from the second or third voted off... it was very weird.

    Very different from previous Women Tell All episodes. Jason was barely out there for 15 minutes! DeAnna was even grilled longer than that. Bleh - sick sick sick of it all... unless Steve is wrong ;-)

  2. As a non-fan I'll be very interested in how this all pans out.

    Love your resistance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL ;-)

  3. I sure hope he isn't right...If so I think we all need to hunt Jason down adn tell him what a piece of low life disgusting piece of sleeze bad garbage he is!!! I thought last night was pretty boring...maybe it is because i am think the worst of Jason right now?

  4. I even watched part of it last night...after watching reality
    Did feel like they were setting up the departure of Melissa though...hmmm.
    I sure hope I get to watch next week while they preserve the privacy of those involved.
    Can you feel the eye roll?

  5. I definitely believe reality steve...especially after what Chris said last about "keeping it private because of the sensitivity of it all"...and for that Jsaonis a creep!!
    But I have felt that Molly is the one for a while now (well, after Jillian was eliminated) because they are trying to hard to make it look like Melissa is the one!!

  6. I watched it last night and thought of you yelling at your TV the whole time like I was!

    I too saw only the twins when Naomi was talking (of course the husband did, too).

    If he doesn't pick Melissa, I'm gonna throw my TV away. Molly is so gross, wears waaaaay too much makeup and is not nearly as cute as Melissa. You could tell that all Jason had to say about Molly was that she had pretty eyes. Gotta have more than that goin' for ya, girlfriend!

    And keeping the last elimination a secret is just dumb. They signed up to be plastered all over America's televisions, so suck it up and show us everything! Surely once all the hype is over (3 weeks, max), they'll be left to live their lives out of the limelight, but they can't deprive us of what we've been waiting on all this time!

    Okay, I digress... :)

  7. If Jason does do it like Reality Steve says, he's just as big a douchebag as Brad!
    Somehow, I believe it!

  8. Oh no, you watch that? Argh- just kidding. I watched one season a long time ago. I can't believe its still running seasons. Your blog is too funny and you have nice looking boys!

    Six Feet Under blog

  9. I havent even got to watch it yet... I'm like you - the fun has been let out of it... like a sadly deflated balloon... how quick I changed - from loving Jason to wanting to punch him in the gut! We'll see next week!

  10. Ha! You took pictures of your TV cause ABC hasn't been posting episode pics. That's funny.

    And I have a bad feeling reality steve is right. Maybe he'll be the next Bachelor.

    And I agree that Stephanie looked 100% better tonight. Softer. More real.

    And Natalie and Lauren are bitches.

  11. I wanted to not believe what Reality Steve said...mostly because jason has a child and the thought of his child having a father who would agree to do something like that, but after I saw the announcement about no studio audience...I knew. I knew it was all true.

    However, I still plan to watch because, I mean, it's very very intriguing.

  12. Enjoying the updates. I had to go check out Reality Steve to see what you were talking about. I'm pissed. I used to like Jason....

  13. I could not wait to read your blog today. I knew it would be fabulous. It was you didn't let me down. Unlike Jason, the nogood son of a gun. Goodness, I do not like him anymore, I used to. I know that if this show pans out the way Steve is saying they might as well take it off the air because no one is going to be watching.
    Well at least I won't be, and my sister. And yes Stephanie looked like a human last night and not a stepford wife. (shame on me) maybe she deserved nicer things than what I said about her. She just looked so fake before.
    I would like to think jason wouldn't hurt Melissa the way Steve thinks he is going to. Especially to plan it. If he does then shame on him for even introducing Ty to Melissa. Talk about confusing a little guy.
    Well have a great week, I will stop back by next week to be entertained. Lord knows I am not entertained by tv on monday nights.

  14. You're right about Stephanie. Less shine works for her.


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