Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bachelor: No Deanna tonight...

No Deanna with a D,
but there sure was Drama with a D!
Holy Psychohags Batman!
Did you see the train wreck tonight?
How are these girls ever going to tell their one day daughters how to
act around men?
How are they going to show their faces again!
I have a crush on Melissa... soooo cute. Kinda normal.
I saw her on another show when she was auditioning for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.
(My boys were fixated on that show when it aired... hmmmm...wonder why)
Anyway... Shannon.
Holy Moly Shannon.
That dental hygenist, "I know everthing there is to know about you and your entire family", stalker chick Shannon.
Dig a hole, and put your HEAD IN IT! Don't come out until you apologize
to your Mama and Dad for making such a fool of yourself!
Then the whole "I feel like I'm gonna throw up..."
Uh... Shannon... MEEEE TOOOOOO!
Oy Vay!
God I love this stupid show!
Then the 34 year old... Stephanie? The one that really looks 50 with the face lift that a doctor that got just a little bit carried away with the "lift' part of the visit.
He flew her cute daughter in for her... but my, my, my did she just
make my skin crawl... She looks more like a Mama for him...
Megan. Megan. Megan.
She... is a weirdo.
She... is bad news. gonna kick some A&% if she stays another week.
Did you hear what she said during the bust making date?
"I am such a giving person, to go 10 days without someone telling me how I've changed their lives is really hard for me... so doing this for breast cancer was just so awesome"
She did not care on bit what the bust was for.
She needed an opportunity to talk about how fabulous she thinks she is.
Yikes... what a fake!
Look at me! I'm so awesome! I give and give and give... (vomit).
I forgot the gorgeous brunette's name with the HUGE breasts that even I stare at.
The one that was at a loss for words during the bust date, that wore the
gorgeous red, orange and black, cleavage showing gown for the rose ceremony...
yeah... when she came on..I sent hubby out on an errand.
She was too hot for words.
If she stays... Bill is not allowed to watch it with me.
I want Deanna to show up already!!!
Quick... before he gets too serious! Although it wouldn't hurt my feelings
if he chose Melissa. She is a doll.
I bet if Melissa doesn't get chosen, she will be the next Bachelorette.
I'm done with The Bachelor Train Wreck TV recap.
Thanks for joining me on this edition.
Tune in next Monday to see if Deanna arrives!
Until then...
We get a NEW PRESIDENT tomorrow!!!
Wooooo hoooooo!
Bye Bye George... Hello Obama!
Until tomorrow...


  1. LOL, I love reading your take on it, more than I have ever enjoyed watching the show!
    My little girl (6) is so excited to watch today, she was enormously impressed by seeing him painting the walls at that shelter.
    She is very happy to get a "New President" of her own..I guess she just couldn't relate to the "Shrub"! LOL

  2. You should link this up with Two Cent Tuesday! It's perfect. Lori posted her two cents about the bachelor too! Hugs, Jen

  3. me and you are going to becoe the bst of friends now!! My two cents today was onthis

    By the way I am visiting you from tutu's bliss and her two cent's!!

  4. Nikki. You're thinking of Nikki. And I don't think she's hot. I think she's weird.

    And I'm afraid to say anything mean about Stephanie because she has a friend who reads my blog. Not going there.

    And I LOVE that you remembered Megan's quote! She was all "it's really hard to go this long without being thanked or praised..." What a joke.


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