Monday, January 12, 2009

What IS that!

Holy Frijole!!!
We're back from an entire weekend spent sitting on the sidelines of our kidlets sporting events!
4 baseball games and 3 soccer games in 2 days... and I am pooped, and I didn't play!
Those of you with wee ones... enjoy the downtime at home... cherish it...
eat dinner together as much as possible... play board games, savor it!
When the kids gets older and want to explore their sport/activity/art/ whatever desire...
get ready to put a "For Hire" sign on the car and paint it yellow.
I'm not complaining... I actually love it, but boy... does it make for a tiring weekend.
I heard on the radio this morning that there is a new bill the higher ups are trying to pass in California, that would prohibit ANY talking AT ALL, on ANY DEVICE, even a bluetooth
in a moving vehicle.
Well, you know now I felt about texting, reading or applying makeup while driving...
but not being able to have a bluetooth in the car?
That's going just a bit too far.
Talking on my bluetooth is WAAAAYYY safer than what I usually do in my car while "talking" to my boys.
At least, when I am on my earbud, I am not looking behind me threatening lives for
"touching, looking at, invading one's space, etc..."
At least on my earbud... I am looking forward... where I am supposed to.
If anything... they should ban children from cars while parents are in them.
That would cause a LOT less accidents, I think.
Can you tell this morning, the 10 mile drive to school,
I choose to make everyday, was a doozy?
Some mornings we have a great time singing to bad songs on the radio... rather badly...
and this morning... well... they were in rare form.
I think they were tired from all the commotion, sports and earthquakes this weekend.
Whatever... they are all at school now... I have the house to myself...
and it is...
Ahhh, bliss.
Oh... wanted to say I got a chance to check out a Fresh N Easy store this weekend.
We are supposed to be getting one in our city soon.
I was NOT impressed at all.
First of all... self check out.
What IS that!
I hate that!
The store is sparse... the prices aren't good, and the decor was lackluster.
Give me Trader Joes ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!
They have PEOPLE to check us out... they hire cute workers... and they snazz up the stores in the wonderful nautical/hawaiian motif I adore!
I hope Fresh N Easy actually doesn't come to our fair city... and Trader Joe's takes me up
on the one millionth phone call and e mail I have made to them asking them to
try out my city. I would be their best customer ever! I live at the ones I have to travel to!
Come Trader Joes! Don't let "Not so" Fresh & "Not so" Easy take over!
We need you... I need you... here... where I live!
Okay... shameless begging over...
Mama... out.


  1. Boy I am in that Mom's Taxi business with ya! When do you get time to clean and do laundry?

  2. I'm right there with you on the sidelines during baseball season. They absolutely can not ban talking while driving. That is the only time I can get any work down. I guess it is a bad habit to talk and drive but I have perfected it. God help me.

  3. We are loving our time at home with our little ones, but are looking forward to soccer and tumbling coming soon! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the present. :)

  4. Oh yes...I hear ya! I was actually glad to have football season done with and now I am thinking baseball season is coming up TOO SOON!

    I log endless hours in my "Burb" tooling around town during sports season.....I think it would be tough if I had no access to my phone.

    I LOVE...."Trader Joe's".....have you tried their "fresh blackbean and roasted corn salsa?"

    It is ADDICTIVE:-)

  5. I have not ever been to a Trader Joes or Fresh and Easy. I'll take your word for it though.

  6. Yikes!!! Take it easy!!!! I think I will have to limit the activities! I dont like to be away so much! Trader Joes ROCKS, I agree. Do you like the Goat Cheese pizza?

  7. Carole... clean my house... you are TOO FUNNY!
    That's why I had KIDS!!!

    Mimi.. I love their soups, cheeses, milk, fruits, veggies, dried mangoes, and cereals.

    Rachael... yes, and it IS divine, so is their tzaziki.

  8. Saundra? SAUNDRA?!!! Let go of that steering wheel, I'm trying to talk to you!!

    Ahh...Trader Joes. One reason of two I miss America. The other is Whole Foods :) hehe...I said Miss America :)

  9. Saundra? SAUNDRA!!! Get your hands off that steering wheel, I'm tryin' to talk to you!

    Mmmm...Trader Joes: one of the two reasons I miss America...the other is Whole Foods!

    Hehe...i said miss america :)

  10. I love me some Trader Joes - so glad I have two close by! :) (Not to rub it in or anything...)

  11. OMG! I so love Trader Joes. I was completely and totally addicted when I lived in Tucson! I would have to drive at least 3 hours to find one around her... :( So sad. There should be one in every city! :)

  12. Ooh, and I actually checked to see if they do online orders, no such luck :(

  13. I have 2 Trader Joes within a few miles of me... but I WANT ONE WITHIN A FEW FEET OF MY HOUSE!!!


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