Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pet Peeve

Hubby had to work all weekend long in Woodland Hills, so the boys and I took full
advantage of the time and baked Daddy's favorite cookies,
breads and appetizers for his arrival home today.
He fell asleep in front of the TV watching the Steelers vs. Ravens game.
Daddy's home.
I adore my hubby, and I even miss him when he is gone, from time to time.
However... when he tells me ahead of time he will be away...I do a little
secret happy dance in my head.
Mean? Horrible? Rotten wife... you say?
If you had to "sleep" with the window shattering, wall shaking, bed rattling
SNORE MACHINE... you'd be doing a happy dance too.
I was so happy to see him when he walked in the door, tired and worn out of 18 hour days, on a roof, while a helicopter whirred its angry blades at him while setting an
HVAC unit on the third floor rooftop, I really was... happy I mean.
He works so hard so I can continue to be an at home Mama...
then he fell asleep, and little itty bitty bits of mind numbing snoring started to waft through the air. Then the sawing started... then it could be heard all over the house...
even from in the garage.
That's when I wanted to slowly put the pillow over his sweet bearded face,
and put him out of MY misery.
Oy Vay!
I wonder how many women are in the State Penitentiary for killing her hubby
because he snored incessantly.
I didn't get a pillow...instead... I gently shook him and asked him to go to bed.
What did he say?
You've all heard this before... I know you have...
"HUH? Oh, no.. I wasn't sleeping... I was just resting my eyes..."
Why do they say that?
One morning we woke up and I said in a cheery voice...
"Oh man... that was a great night of eye resting!"
He was not amused.
I, of course, laughed hysterically.
So I asked him what just happened on the TV and he couldn't tell me.
So I swooped into his face, and tried with all my might to see the
'see through' eyelids.
Again... he was not amused. Yeah... I laughed.
I don't understand why he is unable to admit he was asleep.
In 18 years, he has never admitted that he fell asleep on the couch, floor, recliner, chaise, outdoor chaise, towel at the beach, whatever!
Every. single. time... he only says he wasn't asleep... he was resting his freaking eyes!
That is one of my pet peeves.
Ridiculous huh?
Yeah.. I know.
That's why I pull the antics I pull now with the sarcasm and the "eye resting" comments.
It's for my own enjoyment.
I am a very light sleeper.
I haven't had a good nights sleep in 16 years.
His phone accidentally called me at 5 a.m. Saturday morning.
I made a voodoo doll that day.
Tonight, I'm going to ask him if he neck, right arm, nose, and tongue hurt.
Hey... I'm sleep
Oh... and P.S. those adsense ads??? yeah... I don't pick 'em. My last name is Shaver, and one of them is an add for removing pubic hair...ewwwwww!
So don't be offended... it's supposed to post things 'relevant' to my posts...
I don't remember posting at the stuff... 'way down there".
Just so you know!


  1. Oh my hell. I can't even comment on the snoring now that you pointed out the ad. THAT IS CLASSIC! I blog about the removal of pubic hair! It's not pretty, but you are welcome to read it.

    I have no idea if that will work or not. I am not good at links, but I am great at hair removal!

  2. Oh gosh they are all the same!! I tell you!!

  3. I ditto your entire post... except My Love usually gives in and goes to bed. I was laughing through your whole post.

  4. LOL!! Thomas totally did the same thing just last night during the game too. I talked to him, I was at the table working on a picture, and he got MAD at me. For waking him up...but he wasn't asleep - I just startled him.

    Men are all the same....God bless 'em.

  5. LOL, Same here big surprise.
    Now I must follow that link about..umm
    hair removal @ sandi's.LOL

  6. UGH it aggravates me to NO END when Big C does that!! I mean seriously. I have been with you for almost 12 years I.THINK.I.KNOW.WHEN.YOUR.SLEEPING!

    Jeesh. So yeah you could say that is a pet peeve of mine. Or when I wake hime uo and he says"In a minute" then goes back to sleep. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten so mad and just left his butt sleeping wherever he is. Of course that is almost torture for me since I sleep alone so much as it is. He knows that too. Grrrrrr MEN!

  7. Oh No!!! Do earplugs work at all? Thats gotta be the worst. And ya know, my hubby too says "I am resting my eyes" it makes me angry when he darn well knows he was SLEEPING!!!

  8. Oh my gosh, Saundra! I gasped when I heard you say snore machine. I have one too! Only the thing is that my snore machine actually is hooked up to a snore machine now and sleep does come to me eventually now. (I have a post planned about all of this too.) I feel your pain, I do, I do, I do.

  9. My pet peeve too...what is up with not admitting you fell asleep?? It's not admitting weakness...just say is so odd...I know what ya's to a good night's rest for you soon...Hope you get it :)


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