Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wordful Wednesday at Angies Circus!

In the wake or after glow...if you will... depending which side of the fence you are on,
of the Inauguration, I thought these words,
engraved into the cement on the walking path
around a gorgeous bronze statue of
Mahatma Ghandi
at Mission Inn Square were
really appropriate for our times....
The first one just plain, without the correct hands around it, but the words are more easily read,
and after... after I got all Scrapblog on it.
I will be painting these words on a wall very soon,
where we can see it everyday.


  1. This is super cool.... perfect post for such an exciting day!!

    BTW- I love the pictures of you under your blog title!!

  2. You have to show us your wall when you're done painting it!

  3. Thats a wonderful saying to keep in mind

  4. Excellent!!!

    Come on over...today I'm taking y'all on a tour of the Texas State Aquarium via photos!!!! See ya later alligator...Oops, I let the 'cat out of the bag'...Yep, there are alligators. One photo anyway.

    Happy Wednesday.

  5. Oooo I definitely would LOVE to see this on your wall!

  6. Me=Texan=Obama
    Yep, check out my sidebar...I was even on the podium with him when he came to town during the rally. [My campaign photo link]

  7. Powerful words to be reminded of each and every day! :)

  8. I love those words! I want to paint them on my wall too!

  9. What wonderfully powerful words!

  10. Saundra,

    Very cool words that would look great on a wall:)

    I see that you sell Pampered Chef! I was going to parties all the time when my hubby was an Air Force Pilot, but have not found anyone here that sells it.

    I am trying to find a recipe that I made from Pampered Chef...years back...like 10 years maybe. It was a brownie crust, with pudding, bananas, strawberries, and chocolate syrup. Kind of like a banana split. Do you know if it is in any of the newer cookbooks? I have some of the older cookbooks from four or five years ago, and can't find the specific recipe.

    Thanks :-)

  11. Very neat. Thanks for stopping by. I love your new blog design btw.

  12. Oh, now that's special. Just like you. Thanks for sharing it!

  13. I need to join in next week on angie's circus. Great pic!!

  14. How exactly do you do the scrapblog? I went to the site, and can't figure it out. I need to pick your brain on your cool things you do. I also want to make my blog into a book that you talked about previously. You do a great job on everything!!! Love it!

  15. Oh Mi Gosh. I luuuurve your blog. And aren't your boys gorgeous? You have a new fan Mama. Watch out.

  16. What an awesome blog you have! I love your post and what you did with the scrapblog.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!


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