Monday, January 5, 2009

Jason and Deanna... together again???

Okay...I am NOT a romantic girl...
I don't need/want flowers (they die){I'll take 'em if they have roots, cuz then I can enjoy them all the time} I don't need/want my hubby to tell me he loves me all the time,
I don't need tons of hugs and kisses, {I love 'em... just not ALL the time}, he doesn't HAVE to buy me gifts for holidays or birthdays...
grand gestures don't do it for me... I'm a simple girl... if he is in my bed every night, and
we talk like we are friends AND lovers, and we do nice things for each other
and we LIKE and not only Love each other... I'm good. I do, however, always appreciate something sparkly and shiny that gets mined, but it HAS to be his idea... I would NEVER remind my hubby about a birthday or anniversary... ever, I just don't play that game.
THAT being said... imagine my hubby's surprise that I MUST watch grown women and men make complete FOOLS OF THEMSELVES on THE BACHELOR/BACHLORETTE series, with all the fake laughing and compliment giving. It would never occur to him that I would like a series about hopeless romantics. {Bill likes romance... he is very much the opposite of me....even though he is a big bad construction contractor)
O. M. G!!!!!
Tonight was the first one of the Jason (dumped by the fabulously beautiful, and oh so stupid Deanna) and 25 women.
I Tivo'd it... and jumped ahead to the juicy parts I wanted to see, and skipped a lot...
(read horrifying).
People... this is one of my guilty pleasures.
DEANNA comes back!!!
I was SCREAMING at the TV last season when she said no to Jason!!!
I TOLD her she made a mistake!
That snowboarding dude was NOT FOR HER!
I really wanted to believe she loved... what's his name... see! I can't even remember his name!
But I just didn't SEE it!
I know... I know... the economy is crappy, people are losing their jobs, the homeless are cold and hungry... and here I am gesticulating about some dude on TV who has the
enviable position of choosing one of 25 drop dead gorgeous women to marry him...
Or should I say... get engaged to him for a minute and a half just so I can read about the break up 2 minutes from then.
That stupid DVR is the wonder and bane of my existence!
Oh!!! What is Jason to do!
Does he take Deanna back?
Does he engage himself to someone else... only to break her heart and call Deanna on the phone at the last minute to say he wants her after all?
Does Deanna fly overhead in a helicopter trying to stop the final rose ceremony and pledge her love to Jason in a flight suit with a bottle of Champagne?
Oooooh... this season is gonna be good.
I have grown impatient with TV and only watch the parts I want to...
so if I miss anything ... let me know!
Call me dumb... but I hope he chooses Deanna again. They just made a great couple... and I really think she loved Jason and not Snowboard Dude.
She was just being contrary...
Sure makes for interesting TV...
Okay...I feel better now that that's off my chest...
Hubby just got home... I can't wait to show him the train wreck!


  1. LOL, you have to go over and read Mama Kats post... you are both in for a ride.

  2. I loved every minute of it last night. I am in TOTAL agreement with you...the chick made a mistake. And now she comes back??? WTH??

  3. I don't watch the show - looks like I might be missing out on some good fun. Thanks for the tip :) - I love your pics on the sidebar - I WISH I could get my boys to pose for a daughter, well that's another story.

  4. Oh my, last season was the first one I missed,
    and now I am out of the loop! :-(
    My DH was watching it in another room last night, and I kept hearing.."yeah right",
    "how much are they paying these beautiful women to let this guy choose one of them?"
    "Eveyone knows the women chooses!" LOL
    He's upside down, beside himself confused
    and arguing with a tv.

  5. I have never watched that show but your description makes me think I might!!

  6. Well for me this is the first season I have actually desired to watch, personally...I think the whole series is kinda of a waste...I mean how many ACTUALLY stay together? Having said that, Jason intrigues me and when heard about the mistake Deanna made I went back and watched some of last season. I think he knows better than to allow her back into his heart.

  7. I dont watch but you are too funny and make me want to know all about it. I will have to make sure to check your blog for updates on it. How was your New Years?

  8. I don't know what any of this means, I just know I love you :))

  9. This is why I can't start watching this season. I can't fit any more horrid TV into my line up.

  10. Too funny. I've never watched the show...we don't watch a whole lot of TV if it isn't sports related. Funny post, though.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  11. Okay...I'll admit I watch the bachelor too. But only to you!! Love your word by the way!!

    Funny part...I read your last sentence as "hubby just got SOME...(not home)" I had to read it twice before I read it clearly. By then I was LOL. (I was thinking, "wow, that Saundra really doesn't hold anything back!") He, he!

  12. holy cow Adrian!!! LOL! I do hold SOME things back!!!

    Yikes! Can you imagine if I really wrote that???

    Talk about TMI!

  13. U need to watch Momma's Boys. I can so picture you on that show.......I thought it would be a dumb show but it is kinda of interesting...Cheri


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