Monday, January 12, 2009

Jason and Deanna... is tonight the night?

Holy Cow... Monday is finally here!!!
More of the train wreck that is The Bachelor is going to be on tonight.
Since I hate commercials and am extremely impatient, I have to wait for the show to go
on for about 1/2 an hour so I can skip all the commercials and just watch all the stuff I want.
Is tonight the night Deanna Makes her appearance?
Ohhhh, I hope so!
Those other girls have nothing on her... except that maybe they didn't BREAK HIS HEART
IN FRONT OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE... but I still like her for him.
Who among us hasn't done something really stupid and lived to regret it?
Granted... it didn't happen in FRONT OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE... but I digress.
Those in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones... and all that.
Let's all breathe... in... out... in ... out... and channel the energy that is the love of the Bachelor Series of trainwrecks, and wish happy thoughts to the
contestants. May they all find the loves of their lives... just not Jason.
His heart will hopefully belong to Deanna.
I do hate to see a grown man cry.
Those of you who think this whole thing is mindless drivel, not worth wasting time on...
skip this post and move along. I'll be back tomorrow... back to normal... but on Monday's...
Monday's are for exercises in futility.
Monday evenings are for my guilty pleasure that is The Bachelor.
Long live Trainwreck TV!
Please feel free to leave me a comment on who you would like Jason to end up with...
I love friendly banter... I won't hate you if you don't like Deanna for him.
Okay... show is over... and the cat fights began tonight! Sooo stupid!
I just want to slap these girls... I don't dare use the word... ladies, or women... they are just
too insecure for words!
I do, however, adore little Melissa. She seems the most... do I say this... the most
nonevasive at this point. The tall one with the little girl, she is scary.
So is Shannon... the tooth fairy one. Who tells a guy you know EVERYTHING about him... and expect it to not sound like you are crazy! Yikes!
If I had a daughter, and she wanted to go on this show... I would move out of the U.S.
Holy cow!
For all the girls out there dating and wondering why Mr. Right hasn't come along... watch this show and if you act or do any of the things these girls do and say... start doing the opposite.
Nuff' said. I'm going to bed now.


  1. I'm watching it right now and some of these girls frighten me.... I'm not sure what I think about Deanna yet. I want to see her and get a read on whether she's there as a gimmick or not.

  2. Blue... ohhh...good thinking... I never thought of that. Those hollywood people do tend to decieve... Thanks for the comment! I have to wait 3 more hours!!!!

  3. I guess it wasn't the night...but I love stephanie...she is totally my favorite on the show!) I still can't believe i am watching this season.

  4. I don't watch the Bachelor. Right now I am letting Reid watch "Secret Life of a teenager" because according to her all of her friends watch it. Totally chessy show.

    Love the new look of your blog. I swear you don't your blog backgrounds collect any dust do you?? LOL!

  5. Deni... I actually don't like the show either... but it's something I HAVE TO WATCH... I just don't understand why.

    Michelle... no...I have never let my backgrounds stick around for too long... I haven't found one I love so much I couldn't part with it... yet. I might keep one with Grapes on it if it ever became available.

  6. Hi! I saw you on Rachael's "Boys Will B Boys" and loved your blog name! I'm married to an Italian man and know each and every one of your hand! I'll have to check your other food blog too as I love to cook!

    Hugs, Pat

  7. My vote is for Stephanie-the 34 year old or Melissa. I hate that they are bringing DeAnna back. I don't doubt that she may be the girl for him, but I don't like that played out on national tv, especially since there are other girls involved. I guess that's not much different from the premise of the Bachelor, huh? :)


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