Friday, January 16, 2009

Photo Story Friday

PhotoStory Friday Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Rec. Soccer is over... and now it's time for School Soccer.

Johnny and Alex are on two separate teams at school.

And they each have away games on the same day!

How am I going to split myself into threes? (Will has games on the same days, for his school)

Ahh. Motherhood.

NOW I understand the need for some people to practice polygamy.

Oops... yep, I just said that out loud!

For a laugh...people... for a laugh...

Any takers on being a sister wife? Without the fringe benefits of actually

sleeping with the hubby... just watch the kids games and cook dinner.

Oh wait... that's a nanny... hmmmm.


Up close and personal.

Johnny had never met a comb he liked. This one is trying to either impersonate Dinero or Nicholson. Yes, that is red spray stuff in his hair. Some "cool" Mama on the team decided it would be "fun" to spray red dye into the kid's hair... without asking permission of course, and this was his way of telling me he got away with having color in his hair. Whatev!


  1. You have darling boys. Too Cute! word of advise on the nanny. My ex husband is married to my ex nanny. Screen them well!

  2. LOL! I'll pass on being anyone's sister wife......however it does sound mildly appealing! :)

    I hate when my girls have games at the same time. The problem is that I would prefer to watch the older daughter play because their games are more exciting! Don't tell Kate I said that.

  3. Sandi... I was sooo kidding! Lol! I have never even had a babysitter before... much less a nanny. IF I WAS EVER to get a nanny, she would have large hairy warts, cankles, no teeth and be over 80 years old...

    Michelle...ummmmm I'm teeelllliinnnn!
    I feel the same way about the boys games too.

  4. I want a cook and a laundress.....all the rest I can handle.

    Do you have the amount of laundry that I have with 3 boys? Or is that a stupid question??? hahahahaha

    Actually, a driver wouldn't be bad either....

  5. My son wants to do soccer. Good thing there is only one of him.

    LOL about the ugly nanny

  6. Saundra, I just love your photos....yours and Sandi's always rock. For different reasons, Amy at Bitchin' Wives also...hers sounds like an adventure script that leaves me breathless :)) But yours and Sandi's are just so much fun; your kids look so damned happy, and that last shot is precious. I don't have kids and I'm not "kid-oriented," so when someone starts flashing their photos around I tend to get a bit bored, y'know? But yours and Sandi's, I just love it when photos pop up on your site. I dare say it's a reflection of mummy coming thru the kids....which is why i say so often, you rock Saundra :)

  7. ps: send me your address? I got somethin' for you :)

  8. thank you! I am going to go try blurb right now. And...Im trying bagels this weekend. I'll let you know if I was successful. (on both counts!) THANKS!!

  9. worked beautifully. They must have changed the server to access blogger.

  10. I love your blog! Your photos are fantastic and your writing is amasing.

  11. LOL I have said the same thing. Except I would like an extra wife that cooks better than I do and likes to clean. I do love Italian food....
    Hugs, Jen ;)


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