Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Idle hands...

It it going to be a very busy... no... I hate that word... busy... it sounds so... so... overused...
It's going to be a little hectic... yeah... I like that one much better... hectic the next couple of months.
All of the boys are playing Soccer for their schools. The regular Rec. season is over... Johnny is
still on an All Stars team, and the school season has gone into full swing.
We are very fortunate that the school my two younger sons attend have a full load of sports for
kids from 3rd grade on up.
So Johnny is on the 4-5th grade team, and Alex is on the 6th grade team. Will, is playing for his High School, while concurrently practicing and trying out for the baseball team at school too.
Needless to say... it's gonna be a wild ride after school in the next 2 months.
With three of them playing, and each of them having 10 games, and all have some home games but there will also be some away games too.
I would really like someone to finally invent a contraption that can make Mama's be at more than one place and a time. I just don't know how I am going to do it.
Sometimes I wish I had spread my kids out in age more. Like... 5 years apart each.
In addition to that... I am this year's baseball leagues Snackbar Nazi. Yes, I raised my stupid hand during a complete lack of sane judgement.
I love all the hustle and bustle... I just don't like the part about us not being to eat together as a family, around our table as much during this time of year.
Here it is only January... and I already can't wait for it to be June, so it will all be over, and we can take our vacations.
While the boys are playing soccer in school, the baseball season for our Little League starts too.
I do this to myself... I realize that.
I am a firm believer that "idle hands are the devils playground"... and the busier (there's that word again) they are... the less trouble they can get into.
On top of all that... they have homework too.
Right about now...it would be great to have the kids become complete and total geniuses
and graduate college this year at their current ages... so we can get through all this stuff.
I shouldn't complain... I have a great life.
I get to chauffeur them all around, and I don't miss a thing they do, ever.
Really... no one knows anyone that made a contraption to split Mama's into three or four Mama's?
The idiot that made up the phrase "Stay at home Mom" obviously isn't a Mama.
My Mama and Papa keep telling me how these years are going to be the best of my life, and one day I'll miss it...
I know they are right.
I already yearn for them to be babies again.
But as we are right in the thick of it... it's hard to see the roses in the thorns.
So I will take a deep breath... look into my childrens lovely, ridiculously long eyelashed eyes,
and freeze them in my minds eye... and tell them what a whirlwind of fun
the next 6 months will be.
That oughta be a good lie. :0)
Wish us luck!


  1. LOL, Good luck! What we need is something like a real life picture in picture. You can keep an eye on one game while being at the other and if something exciting happens in the small box... you can switch... just like that.

  2. LOL..hey you won an award at my site, go get it!!!

  3. Well, dont get so busy you cant blog for us, OK?
    Enjoy the games and fun these next few months will provide for you!

  4. Becky... THAT SOUNDS PERFECT!!!

    bRAJA...yep... I'm in charge of the snackbar this year... stupid me.

    Thank you Mel!

    Mimi... I won't... this keeps me sane-ish!
    Thanks Kate!

  5. oh, I sooooo know what you mean... it is getting to be that time of year again where I will be going and going....and no more sleeping in on Saturdays.... boo!! :)

  6. Good, glad you are not deserting us!

  7. You know what? You're right and I never thought about that. Stay at home moms are never home!


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